Robin J Emdon

Are You A Schmuk! Which Do You Need, A Job or An Income?

by Robin J Emdon
When I was a schoolboy I was told… “Get a good education, get a good job and you’re made for life!” But as an adult I learned… 95% of people who die,( according to government probate figures), officially die broke or with assets worth less than £5000! Now, aside from my age, that’s a shocking statistic and it made me feel like a total schmuk for ever believing my teachers! And what of the remaining 5%?… 3% inherited their wealth 1% created their wealth through business and 1% got it from their jobs Let me repeat that last sentence…. 1% […]

Why Are You Looking For A Job Centre Website? Isn’t It Time You Took Charge Of Your Life?

If you are seeking the job centre website then it doesn’t require a huge leap of the imagination to suppose you might be looking for a job? (I worked that out all by myself!) First, let me wish you most sincerely, good luck with finding what you are looking for. And secondly, I have two questions for you… Even if you find a job how long, in this dire economic climate, do you think realistically it will be before you are looking for another one? And is it job you need or an income? Who knows what the answer to […]

Jobs From Home For Mums

by Robin J Emdon
The traditional problem with jobs from home for mums has been that they are low paid, repetitive and mundane. Often, with pay being linked to productivity, the effective rate per hour can be derisory and significantly lower than the minimum wage and let’s face it, if you are trying to work around young children it’s very challenging to work productively when you are constantly distracted by your children’s needs and demands. But the fact remains that as the recession bites deeper and household incomes are being squeezed, more women in particular who were staying at home with their children are […]