Robin J Emdon

The Top 3 Facebook Marketing Tips That Will Destroy Your Reputation and Your Business!

by Robin J Emdon
There’s no shortage of Facebook Marketing Tips out there! Social Media marketing is booming and unless you’ve been living under a rock you can’t miss endless promotions for how to promote yourself on Facebook. However, not all tips were created equal and some are downright outrageously destructive. Now this is by no means an exhaustive list of ‘don’t do’s’ for Facebook marketers… but these are my top 3 Facebook Marketing Tips you must avoid! Bad Facebook Marketing Tip 1. “Don’t allow your Facebook Fans to post on your wall. Facebook is a SOCIAL network! What do you mean… DON’T allow […]

Why Loving Your MLM Products May Be Clouding Your Judgement And Costing You Thousands In Lost Income!

by Robin J Emdon
If you’ve been around the network marketing industry for a while then you’ll know that whenever people look at your opportunity they want to evaluate the products first. Your MLM business teaches you over and over, love your products! You want to fall in love with them. You DO fall in love with them! Granted, it’s important that your products should be of a very high quality with evidence of a strong market place. However, if your MLM business has been around a while you can almost take it as read they did their market research long before you came along. Your opinion […]

Discover Online Network Marketing Lead Generation Without Costing You Your Shirt!

by Robin J Emdon
By now, you’ve probably tried haranguing, then harassing, bullying, begging and pleading with your family and friends to look at your totally fabulous network marketing business. You’ve frozen at the thought of cold calling and you’ve realised that you need to learn quickly more about network marketing lead generation, preferably at low or no cost and definitely, HIGH quality leads! In my own network marketing company I am constantly reminded that the ONLY difference between the people making the most money and the people making the least, is that the ones with the most have spoken to MORE people than the ones with […]

How To Have A Powerful Facebook Marketing Strategy Without Alienating Your Friends

by Robin J Emdon
In the age of social media, if you are an entrepreneur and you don’t have a powerful Facebook marketing strategy you are missing out on one of the biggest market places in the world. In the UK for instance there are 26 million registered facebook users (out of a population of 60 million!) and in the immediate area I live in, a small town non-city environment, there are some half a million people on Facebook. Facebook says that on average 60% of its registered users log in for 20 minutes a day! By any standards, this a marketplace you can’t afford to […]

Are You A Schmuk! Which Do You Need, A Job or An Income?

by Robin J Emdon
When I was a schoolboy I was told… “Get a good education, get a good job and you’re made for life!” But as an adult I learned… 95% of people who die,( according to government probate figures), officially die broke or with assets worth less than £5000! Now, aside from my age, that’s a shocking statistic and it made me feel like a total schmuk for ever believing my teachers! And what of the remaining 5%?… 3% inherited their wealth 1% created their wealth through business and 1% got it from their jobs Let me repeat that last sentence…. 1% […]

Why Are You Looking For A Job Centre Website? Isn’t It Time You Took Charge Of Your Life?

If you are seeking the job centre website then it doesn’t require a huge leap of the imagination to suppose you might be looking for a job? (I worked that out all by myself!) First, let me wish you most sincerely, good luck with finding what you are looking for. And secondly, I have two questions for you… Even if you find a job how long, in this dire economic climate, do you think realistically it will be before you are looking for another one? And is it job you need or an income? Who knows what the answer to […]

Jobs From Home For Mums

by Robin J Emdon
The traditional problem with jobs from home for mums has been that they are low paid, repetitive and mundane. Often, with pay being linked to productivity, the effective rate per hour can be derisory and significantly lower than the minimum wage and let’s face it, if you are trying to work around young children it’s very challenging to work productively when you are constantly distracted by your children’s needs and demands. But the fact remains that as the recession bites deeper and household incomes are being squeezed, more women in particular who were staying at home with their children are […]