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What To Look For In A Home-Based Business Opportunity…

by Robin J Emdon
There are literally thousands of home based business’s out there, how do you choose? It makes sense doesn’t it to have some idea of what to look for? If you are someone who’s always looking for the next ‘big’ thing, then this is probably not for you. Not only is it important to know what to look for in a home based business, but it’s important to ensure that what YOU are bringing to the table is an attitude and beliefs that will ensure your own success (more on this in another blog to follow). For now though, here are […]

Why Do So Many People Fail In Network Marketing?

by Robin J Emdon
in MLM
Actually, there are several reasons people fail in Network Marketing. Some you will already know, some, if you’ve already ‘failed’ up to this point you may feel uncomfortable owning up to, and some just happen because the training was just not good enough. First off, let’s kick the ‘scam’ argument out the window. People do NOT fail because Network Marketing is a scam! It isn’t! Listen, I’ve had first hand experience of scamming plumbers, builders, car mechanics, retailers, ebayers… in fact, you name it, ANYTHING that provides a product or service has its scammers!  True, there are scams within the […]

Network Marketing – It’s Not About The Products Stupid!

Why are the products the LAST thing you should look at before joining a Network Marketing (MLM) company? This is one of the HARDEST things for people new to MLM to understand. It doesn’t matter whether you market jungle juice, holidays (vacations for my American readers!), health and beauty products, cleaning products, legal pre-paid or whatever… NONE of these are the MAIN product of MLM companies. I used to be a retailer with four high street type stores and I sold a lot of the above. And absolutely, I would have picked something from that list and said THAT is […]

Why Network Marketing IS A Scam!

by Robin J Emdon
“It’s that ‘pyramid selling’ thingy isn’t it?” “My ‘friend/brother/next door neighbour/cat’ tried this and they lost a fortune!” “Only the people in at the ‘top’ make money!” Sighs… if I had a penny for every time I heard comments like those when telling people about network marketing (MLM – multi-level marketing – same thing!), I would have been a very rich man just from that source of income alone! Fifteen to twenty years ago, this was a really hard (and common) objection to handle. The problem was that with a couple of notable exceptions, not enough legitimate network marketing companies […]

Eufeeling – The Art of Creating inner Peace and Outer Prosperity

by Robin J Emdon
Will ‘Eufeeling’ be the classic must read book of the 21st century? Chances are… you haven’t heard of it (yet!) But having reviewed two 20th century giants of literary genius, ‘The Science of Getting Rich’ (SOGR) and ‘Think & Grow Rich’ (TAGR), the question is what will be the classics of the 21st Century and for me ‘Eufeeling – The Art of Creating Inner Peace and Outer Prosperity’ by Frank Kinslow, absolutely qualifies as one! Building upon the core themes established a century before by Wattles in SOGR and Hill in TAGR Kinslow takes his cue from other contemporary authors, […]

The Secret of Think and Grow Rich

by Robin J Emdon
What do you think ‘The Secret’ of Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill is? Is it the same as the secret revealed in Rhonda Byrne’s movie ‘The Secret’?  The Law of Attraction! Surprisingly…. NO, it isn’t! Over the years there have many reprints of Think and Grow Rich, but did you realise that the publishers methodically removed ‘The Secret’ from the 1960 2nd Edition and EVERY reprint thereafter. In total they removed around a 100 pages of the 1937 original classic and in truth, to some it is a hard read with old fashioned language and with racial and […]

The Science of Getting Rich

by Robin J Emdon
“Getting rich is the result of doing things in a certain way” says Wallace D. Wattles in his timeless (and still in print) classic. ‘The Science of Getting Rich’. Published over 100 years ago in 1910, only the very bravest of souls would dismiss this great work out of hand. This seminal work was the inspiration for Rhonda Byrne’s highly successful movie ‘The Secret’ and when I tell you that it has NEVER been out of print, hopefully you might sit up and smell the coffee! This is a book, if you haven’t already, you NEED to read! “There is […]

Get More Blog Traffic & Leads on Autopilot with Blog Engage

by Robin J Emdon
Are you tired of blogging to your cat? Would you like more people to see what you have to say and offer? On one thing ALL experienced bloggers will agree… you have to get your blog seen if you want to get more leads that create for you, more profit! It’s called ‘syndication’ and it’s something that journalists have done for decades. A column printed in one newspaper is copied and printed in another and another and another. A really good or topical article via this process of syndication can reach millions of readers, very rapidly. Blogging is no different, […]

Seo Youtube -7 Tips For Optimizing Your Videos for Best Ranking

by Robin J Emdon
In this video Robin explains his top 7 tips for optimizing your You Tube video for SEO in their valuable search engine.  SEO YouTube is an invaluable tool and these 7 tips are a good place to start! If you have more great tips, feel free to share them in comments below! 🙂     SEO Youtube tip number one:  Put the keyword you want to rank for in the video title. Ideally put your keyword first. YouTube search engine will see that first. If for example your video is about ‘How to do Fly Fishing’ and your keyword is […]

No Excuses! There’s Always a Way!

by Robin J Emdon
There really are No Excuses! – There’s ALWAYS a way! In this video Robin J Emdon explains how using this incredibly simple mindset tool, you can completely transform your life accomplishments! Never give in to mediocrity, when you have the opportunity every day to be even more extraordinary!  If you have enjoyed reading this article please leave your comment below. Remember, if you want change in your life…. The Change Begins With YOU!           Robin J Emdon Life Coach & AttractionMarketing Professional Skype: lifemaestro Email: [email protected] Read Me: Follow Me: Facebook LIKE Me: Hire Me: [email protected] […]