Robin J Emdon

Let Go of The Haters and Losers – Fire Your Upline and Achieve Your Potential!

by Robin J Emdon
Leaders Are Created, They Are Not Born! It doesn’t matter how old you are. It doesn’t matter what your circumstances are. It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve failed in the past or how much you’ve failed in the past. What matters is, are you ready to step up now and become a leader now?   Haters and Losers Experienced marketers will ALL tell you they have had more than their fair share of ‘haters’ and ‘losers’ giving them grief about whatever. To folks new to marketing, it’s always a shocker and it’s a big reason people quit before they realise it’s just a minor obstacle that is easily overcome. […]

Have you really got what it takes to make network marketing (MLM) work?

Network marketing requires a combination of face to face networking and a good online marketing strategy. Selecting the right company is only part of the equation. Assuming you’ve found a good company, with leaders you can work with and products you like, then you need to ask yourself some searching questions. Remember, network marketing is NOT a get rich quick scheme, it’s quicker than the conventional 40 year day job plan which leaves 99.9% frequently redundant and still poor, but it’s still a long-term commitment; 3 to 5 years is a typical time-frame. So you have to be SURE you […]

Video Blogging is Simple if You Have a Smartphone

by Robin J Emdon
Video blogging needn’t be complex! If you have a smartphone and not much time in your busy day you could video blog in the nooks and crannies of your hectic schedule. Here’s how to do it… Making a Video Blog on an Android phone In the camera app on the phone, select video camera. In the upper right or upper left depending on the phone orientation you will see a little video camera icon next to the flash icon. Press that and select self recording and it will record using the front facing camera so you can see yourself on […]

Wake Up and Smell The Coffee – Your MLM Business IS Worth a Fortune!

by Robin J Emdon
in MLM
A very simple but powerful message for you today. Even if you don’t have a single person in your MLM business, if you’ve yet to get one retail sale, do you really understand what you have at your fingertips? Let me quantify it for you. I’m going to work from two assumptions. First, you want a long-term RESIDUAL INCOME from your Network Marketing business (i.e. your MLM Business). i.e. you want an income paid to you for the rest of your life regardless of whether or not you are working the business anymore. Second, you are prepared to do whatever […]

Illegal Pyramid/Ponzi Schemes Vs The Real Deal – Can YOU Tell The Difference?

by Robin J Emdon
Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last few months you cannot have helped but noticed the plethora of business opportunities and making money investment schemes that are constantly sweeping through the internet. But how can you tell the difference between a legitimate MLM (or Network Marketing) business, and a Ponzi scheme OR an illegal pyramid scam. First things first. There IS such a thing as a booming, healthy and LEGAL (Multi-Level Marketing) MLM industry. It’s vast, (estimated to be worth $100 billion per annum)  it’s powerful and it’s highly lucrative for anyone who takes the time and […]

What a Life Coach Can Do For You!

by Robin J Emdon
When you work with Life Coach Robin you have entered into a collaborative partnership. The synergy of coaching and client will spark your creative processes to add value at low cost. The support you get from Life Coach Robin maintains your momentum and you learn strategies to accelerate your success! As the client you set the focus and timescale of the coaching sessions. With coaching you have a success tool that gets you results faster and you work with your life coach to create the perfect life for you. Life Coach Robin encourages all his clients to create balance in […]
Ray Higdon

EXCLUSIVE! Number One MLM Earner Ray Higdon, Admits Making Money is Easier Than Making Breakfast!

by Robin J Emdon
News has reached us today that Ray Higdon, the number one earner in his network marketing company has conceded that he finds making money easier than making breakfast! After a particularly difficult morning for Ray which began with him kicking over the dog food bowl, he attempted to make breakfast for his wife, Jessica… “So after dropping an egg, kicking over the dogs food bowl and flipping a spatula full of eggs onto myself, was finally successful in making my wife breakfast (this cooking stuff is hard!)” said Ray Higdon on his Facebook page. Ray Higdon joined his current network […]

Is Your WordPress Blog at Risk From Hackers? Probably!

by Robin J Emdon
What’s the security of your WordPress Blog like? Mine was dreadful! It’s a MIRACLE my blog wasn’t hacked and my server bandwidth not stolen! This easy to install FREE plugin can stop the hackers dead in their tracks, simply by encouraging you to make the most basic of changes to your blog’s behind the scenes setup. If you’ve ever been hacked, then  you will know its no laughing matter! And if you haven’t – trust me – it’s NOT an experience you want to go through! Install this plugin (or an equivalent!) IMMEDIATELY and make sure you have it on […]

The REAL Maths of Network Marketing Exposed – The Diamond in the Rough!

by Robin J Emdon
The Real Maths of Network Marketing They Were Too Scared To Tell You! By now you’ve all seen the maths of network marketing? The exponential growth? You know… recruit 5, who recruit 5 – that becomes 25! Duplicate – it becomes 125 and again and it becomes 625 and on and on it goes. You also know in the REAL world, it never works out like that! You might only recruit 3, two of whom drop out and the third only recruits 2 and so it imperfectly goes on! But you KNOW THIS! It just proves the model isn’t perfect […]

Is The Recession Your Biggest Challenge or The Greatest Opportunity of Your Life?

The potential for the current recession to turn into a global ‘depression’ that could last for years has by no means passed. On the contrary, many analysts far more ‘in the know’ than I are saying the danger has not yet passed. So, where does that leave you and me? How do we survive a deep recession? Well, whatever you currently do for a living, doesn’t it make sense to be involved in an industry that traditionally ‘booms’ during a recession as opposed to an industry that traditionally recedes? It’s perhaps easy to forget, since the last boom lasted for […]