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Network Marketing – It’s Not About The Products Stupid!

Why are the products the LAST thing you should look at before joining a Network Marketing (MLM) company? This is one of the HARDEST things for people new to MLM to understand. It doesn’t matter whether you market jungle juice, holidays (vacations for my American readers!), health and beauty products, cleaning products, legal pre-paid or whatever… NONE of these are the MAIN product of MLM companies. I used to be a retailer with four high street type stores and I sold a lot of the above. And absolutely, I would have picked something from that list and said THAT is […]

Why Network Marketing IS A Scam!

by Robin J Emdon
“It’s that ‘pyramid selling’ thingy isn’t it?” “My ‘friend/brother/next door neighbour/cat’ tried this and they lost a fortune!” “Only the people in at the ‘top’ make money!” Sighs… if I had a penny for every time I heard comments like those when telling people about network marketing (MLM – multi-level marketing – same thing!), I would have been a very rich man just from that source of income alone! Fifteen to twenty years ago, this was a really hard (and common) objection to handle. The problem was that with a couple of notable exceptions, not enough legitimate network marketing companies […]

Have you really got what it takes to make network marketing (MLM) work?

Network marketing requires a combination of face to face networking and a good online marketing strategy. Selecting the right company is only part of the equation. Assuming you’ve found a good company, with leaders you can work with and products you like, then you need to ask yourself some searching questions. Remember, network marketing is NOT a get rich quick scheme, it’s quicker than the conventional 40 year day job plan which leaves 99.9% frequently redundant and still poor, but it’s still a long-term commitment; 3 to 5 years is a typical time-frame. So you have to be SURE you […]

Is The Recession Your Biggest Challenge or The Greatest Opportunity of Your Life?

The potential for the current recession to turn into a global ‘depression’ that could last for years has by no means passed. On the contrary, many analysts far more ‘in the know’ than I are saying the danger has not yet passed. So, where does that leave you and me? How do we survive a deep recession? Well, whatever you currently do for a living, doesn’t it make sense to be involved in an industry that traditionally ‘booms’ during a recession as opposed to an industry that traditionally recedes? It’s perhaps easy to forget, since the last boom lasted for […]

How to Create Unlimited Supplies of Free MLM Leads

Discovering genuine Free MLM Leads in unlimited quantities has to be every network marketers dream! There’s no shortage of so called services out there offering to ‘give’ away Free MLM Leads – but there’s always a catch (usually they want YOUR lead data) and the quality of the leads you get? Well frankly, calling random names out of the phone book would likely be just as productive! But we’re brighter than that aren’t we? We want QUALITY Free MLM Leads don’t we? People who might actually want to talk to us! So how do we set about getting the very […]

Forget The Four C’s Marketing System and You’ll Never Make A Dime Online!

Sometimes it’s just worth being reminded of the absolute basics of a good marketing system! Sadly, there’s still one or two (million!) folks out there who just don’t understand… so here’s a straightforward recap of the Four C’s marketing system for remembering what you have to do – to generate leads and monetize them. Hey, it’s really NOT rocket science, but until we all stop getting spammy messages on our Facebook, Twitter and email a/c’s – we just gotta keep pushing messages like this out there! The Four C’s Marketing System Step One of the 4 C’s Marketing System:  COLLECT […]

The MLM Recruiting System Your ‘Upline’ Doesn’t Know About (and is too scared to find out!)

If you are still looking for the perfect MLM Recruiting System online, more than likely it is because your upline either doesn’t know about it – or is too scared to find out. I was talking to a friend in another MLM company the other day. BUT the leaders in that company got where they are by using a MLM Recruiting System that works well OFFLINE. The minute you mention ONLINE to them, their eyes glaze over and they start telling you to ‘just follow the system’ we teach and stop worrying about the ‘fancy’ online stuff. ‘We did it […]

MLM – It’s Not About The Products Stupid!

Why can’t you join more than one MLM/Network Marketing company and market ALL their products? No, it’s not because it’s in their terms and conditions. It usually IS by the way, in some form or another, but that’s not why YOU shouldn’t do it. No, it’s not because you’re not allowed to sell a ‘Jungle Juice’ natural remedy from one company and an energy utility package from another. That’s called ‘Retail’, and whilst I don’t recommend it, that’s not the reason why you shouldn’t join more than one MLM. The answer is simple and is just two words… ‘LIFESTYLE FREEDOM’! ‘Lifestyle […]

Why The Best MLM Marketing System Has Got To Include Online Marketing – Part Two

In the first part of this article about the best MLM Marketing System I covered that basics of what you need from a good MLM Company and the first two of three MLM Marketing System methods for online lead generation (See part one here) The third method is to join a MLM Marketing System that is self-funding and uses a compensation plan that has similarities with network marketing income i.e. it encourages you to build a downline from where your income will come. This is a very ‘popular’ and trendy method at the moment because it’s getting a lot of […]

Why The Best MLM Marketing System Has Got To Include Online Marketing – Part One

To Have The Best MLM Marketing System You Need Two Things… First a strong Multi-Level Marketing (network marketing) company and Second – an ONLINE lead generation and recruiting system. This two part article is aimed at people who are SERIOUS about using an MLM Marketing System to build a strong, residual income that has the potential to grow and last for generations from their MLM (network marketing) company. So, first things first… Your need to join a strong upline* with a sound MLM Company Find out…Are the leaders in your upline accessible to you and the people you bring in? […]