Forget The Four C’s Marketing System and You’ll Never Make A Dime Online!

Sometimes it’s just worth being reminded of the absolute basics of a good marketing system!

Sadly, there’s still one or two (million!) folks out there who just don’t understand… so here’s a straightforward recap of the Four C’s marketing system for remembering what you have to do – to generate leads and monetize them.

Hey, it’s really NOT rocket science, but until we all stop getting spammy messages on our Facebook, Twitter and email a/c’s – we just gotta keep pushing messages like this out there!

The Four C’s Marketing System

Step One of the 4 C’s Marketing System:  COLLECT

This just means become a COLLECTOR of people!

Offline this means people you MEET through work, social activities, shopping, going to the gym – in fact the list is almost endless because it covers all aspects of your life. At this point you may only know their name and the place (or circumstance) you met them.

In the online world that means connecting with people in social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus etc. It also includes advertising, forums, comments left on your blogs, videos, articles and so on.

Step Two of the 4 C’s Marketing System: CAPTURE

This is simply the technical step of capturing their details.

In the offline world that includes business cards, telephone numbers and emails.

In the online world that can include ‘adding’ them to your Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus etc. Accounts and getting their email address, phone number.

BUT just like in the offline world where you have to be good mannered and careful as to how exactly you go about getting this information… Online,  you MUST do this too.

In practise this means DO NOT try adding dozens and dozens random people you don’t know to your ‘friends list’.

a)      On social media sites like Facebook this is considered very rude!

b)      Facebook and other sites will CLOSE you down if you do this!

Every social media site has their own policy on this – and it’s very unspecific – Facebook for example – stick to between 10 and 20 a day – and stick nearer the 10 than the 20! There’s still no guarantees you won’t get banned mind you – so be prudent!

Step Three of the 4 C’s Marketing System: COMMUNICATE


Find out what their problems are and try to help them out by sending them value-based solutions e.g. webinar recordings/invites, newsletters, articles  etc.

Communicate with them via emails, phone (yes it IS still the best method!), your blogs and articles you write and so on.

But unless they are practically banging down your door, begging to know about your primary MLM – do not think that telling them up front about your primary MLM is going to ‘add value’ to them.

Ultimately for some it will! Of course. HOWEVER, be honest with yourself, it YOUR needs you are trying to serve here or theirs?

Ninety nine times out of a hundred, before you can still hitting them with your primary MLM you need to demonstrate via effective communication that you are a cool guy/gal to go to for information and knowledge about problems they are having with say… lead generation, talking to people, what is the Four C’s marketing system? etc.

If you’re not sure how much value to offer – the answer is simple… you can’t overdo it!

And if you’re not sure you even have the kind of answers they might need, use the free webinars and trainings you get from the system I personally use, My Lead System Pro (MLSP).

Henry Ford is famous for the fact that he was not well educated and actually knew very little about cars! But he had on his desk a telephone switchboard – and he knew that anything he wanted to know – all he had to do was pick up the phone and call an ‘expert’ and that information would be forthcoming.

Step 4 of the 4 C’s Marketing System: CLOSING

This means if you’ve done steps 1 to 3 of the Four C’s marketing system properly you should;

a)      Find some of your new leads are now more receptive to being shown around your Primary MLM (so you are ‘closing’ the lead generation loop here) AND

b)      Since they now know, like and trust you, IF they think your Primary MLM might be a good fit for them too – you can ‘close’ them and get them started.

No difference here between offline and online – just that online remains much easier because you can use the online tools of presenting your primary MLM to them, signing them up etc and you can do this for many, many people than you would ever have time to reach offline.

So there we are, a recap of the Four C’s of the most basic, but powerful marketing system ever!

Collect – Capture – Communicate – Close

That’s surely got to be the simplest ‘Success Marketing System’ out there!

Over to you now… if you want to take a look at the system I use to ‘ADD VALUE’ when I’m communicating (something that’s highly duplicatable – an essential for MLM!)

Remember, if you want change in your life….
The Change Begins With YOU!

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