Have you really got what it takes to make network marketing (MLM) work?

Network marketing requires a combination of face to face networking and a good online marketing strategy. Selecting the right company is only part of the equation. Assuming you’ve found a good company, with leaders you can work with and products you like, then you need to ask yourself some searching questions.

Remember, network marketing is NOT a get rich quick scheme, it’s quicker than the conventional 40 year day job plan which leaves 99.9% frequently redundant and still poor, but it’s still a long-term commitment; 3 to 5 years is a typical time-frame. So you have to be SURE you have what it takes.

Some key questions to consider are:

1)      Are you coachable? In other words are you willing to let others who know the business well, teach and coach you even when you ‘think’ you know better?

2)      Are you open-minded enough to embrace personal growth and being flexible enough to do whatever it takes (without compromising your values of course) to be successful?

3)      Are you self-motivated and disciplined? Can you work when there’s no one ‘cracking the whip’ to MAKE you work? Your team leaders will only work with people who WANT to work! It’s not their job to get you to work.

4)      Have you got ‘staying power’ or are you always on the lookout for the next ‘best thing’? If you are the latter, move on, MLM is not for you! If you’ve picked a good company, there should never be ANY need to look elsewhere. Essentially, as long as the company doesn’t let you down (go bust!), all good MLM companies are the same, if you can’t make it in this one, you’re not going to in the next until YOU make the personal changes necessary to be successful and you can do that in ANY company.

5)      Are you serious about making money from a home based business? As I’ve already said, this is not a get rich scheme, NOR is it a game. It takes time to learn the business, time to grow your confidence with it, time to learn how to do it well and time to see results. If you are an instant gratification junkie, move on.

6)      Are you convinced despite the evidence to the contrary, that network marketing is a scam? Evidence? The industry has been around for over 50 years now; there are many highly respectable, mainstream companies with decades of successful network marketing trading under their belts. They are regulated and recognised by governments all over the world and the industry is worth hundreds of billions of dollars in annual turnovers. If you STILL think, despite the facts, it’s a scam, it’s not my job to persuade you otherwise and it’s not for you. Obviously.

7)      Finally, once you have done your ‘due diligence’ and found a company you’d like to partner with, what are you waiting for? There’s NEVER a right time to start a business like this in terms of your own personal situation, and for most people, it’s all too easy to dither! Don’t think, don’t stall, don’t put it off for another six months, just do it!!

Remember, if you want change in your life….
The Change Begins With YOU!

Robin J Emdon

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