Profit Ascension is a great little training package, for a very modest cost, that packs a lot of punch. In this Profit Ascension Review I'm going to explain you exactly what it is. What the one-time-offer upgrades are and the exclusive bonuses you will get if you purchase by clicking through from this page.

I will state right from the start; yes, I have a vested interest in writing this Profit Ascension review if you take my advice and buy it. However, I also guard my reputation jealously. And I simply will not recommend or promote something that I don't think is fit for purpose and could add value to you, my valued reader.

Profit Ascension was one of several products I am currently looking over and it's the only one so far this week, that has 'ascended' to the top (coughs!) as being good enough to warrant a full review from me.

Like so many of these trainings lately, right from the get go, the initial cost is very, very reasonable. It's really a no brainer to just buy Profit Ascension and see it for yourself. However, as you are here looking at my Profit Ascension review, let me take you by the hand and walk you through it.

For well, well, well under 20 bucks you get the entire Profit Ascension system, delivered in short but concise step-by-step video trainings. There's a couple of inspiring case studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of the system, a cheat sheet and bonuses that offer additional live support.

The Profit Ascension system is delivered in an uncomplicated modular way and boils down to this. Using Bing, Google, Facebook ads and email marketing, Profit Ascension teaches you how to cheaply buy leads in your target market and add them in to your mailing list.

As the boys who produced this point out. The real money they say is in the list, but actually, it's in building relationships with people in your list. Which begins by delivering real value to them in the form of valuable and useful information, right from the start.

People are pretty sophisticated these days when it comes to being marketed to. Just sending them straight to a sales page and asking for their business, isn't going to work. First you have to prove that you are happy to add value to them and are reliable and responsible expert in your field.

The Modules You Get With Profit Ascension

For this Profit Ascension review I went through every video in the review copy, which I think was all of them. At first I have two observations to make from this experience.

First, there are assumptions made about the knowledge you bring to the table. If you are completely new and literally know nothing about affiliate marketing, then I'm going to suggest you pass on this course. There are better introductory courses out there that explain the very basics you need to know.

Second, this is very much a 'do as I show you' system and not much explanation about a) what you are doing and b) what the potential pitfalls might be. I don't personally have a problem with that as you will learn as you go and I think that's really their point. But as someone who's fallen in to some of those pits, I can say that not everything will run as smoothly as the video trainings might encourage you to believe.

Over The Shoulder Training

That's not to say the information is mis-leading. It's not. Just be thoughtful and intelligent about what you are doing and you will be fine.

The makers do have a natural bias to their favourite platform, 'Clickfunnels' from Russel Brunson. For this Profit Ascension review I'm going to state this. If you are new to affiliate marketing or even a seasoned affiliate marketer who has yet to break through into significant financial profit, do NOT get Clickfunnels. Not yet at least. It IS excellent, but it is also very expensive if you are not already making money.

Personally, much as I am a fan of Clickfunnels, I use a MUCH cheaper, yet still powerful alternative. You'll find more information about this on the bonus page you'll get a link to should you purchase Profit Ascension through my link.

Profit Ascension Testimonials

But for now, let's get back to this Profit Ascension Review and what you will be offered by way of one-time-offers as upgrades.

At the time of writing this Profit Ascension review, you get all the modules for under 13 bucks. That's a no brainer! Add into that the valuable bonuses you get exclusively from me (see below) and I think you're onto a winner here!

There's a $27 upgrade of a done-for-you (DFY) mega pack of proven Profit Ascension campaigns that they have tested and profited from and including full case studies of everything they did, for you to copy. I like this idea and recommend if you can afford it, that you get it. It could be the difference between you spending 13 bucks on a training you lack the courage to try and actually doing it and making money!

The next upgrade is a more advanced training that they claim will get you faster and better results. Since I have not been able to review that training, I'm going to suggest you don't bother, rather than risk your money.

Upgrade number three will set you back $197 and there's no downsell price that I'm aware of. They are promising limitless traffic for a full year with DFY campaigns that LASER target super active traffic for you.

Again, I've not been able to review this upgrade, but honestly, at less than 17 bucks a month! I think it's worth a punt, don't you?

The Profit Ascension Sales Funnel - What Offers You Can Expect When You Decide to Purchase

This has been one of my easier reviews to create for you. The modules are easy to follow, slickly produced and it's clear what the Profit Ascension system is all about.

Will it make you rich by itself? No. Will it generate badly needed, profitable cash flow, yes, I think it has the potential to do that. I wouldn't be recommending it to you if I didn't.

Bottom line, for under 13 bucks, just get it! If you can afford the upgrades, certainly give some serious thought to the DFY packages, but without more information, I can't say whether the 'advanced' training is worth it or not, so for now, I'm going to suggest you leave that.

In this Profit Ascension review I've given it 25 hats out of 30. 8 hats for ease of use. Not 10, because I think you may well have to track down some other basic trainings, depending upon your current understandings and abilities. 9 hats for value for money! Missing out on 10 because of my previous comment about you might be needing extra training.

Overall impressions; I gave it 8 out 10 hats because I think it a well made training product. I've seen a lot more information packed into other packages that sell for under 20 bucks and a lot less. More is not always a good thing.

Profit Ascension actually teaches some quite sophisticated methods in a very simple way. That's a good thing! Go get it and see for yourself!


You Also Get This Exclusive Bonus Package:

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