Video Blogging is Simple if You Have a Smartphone

by Robin J Emdon

Video blogging needn’t be complex! If you have a smartphone and not much time in your busy day you could video blog in the nooks and crannies of your hectic schedule.

Here’s how to do it…

Making a Video Blog on an Android phone

In the camera app on the phone, select video camera. In the upper right or upper left depending on the phone orientation you will see a little video camera icon next to the flash icon. Press that and select self recording and it will record using the front facing camera so you can see yourself on the screen as you are recording.

Once you’ve shot your video blog upload it to YouTube

Upload from Android

The easiest way to upload your video blog  from an Android device is to use the YouTube app.

  1. Open the YouTube app by tapping the YouTube icon from a Home or All Apps screen.
  2. Tap YouTube at the top left of the screen, then your Account name.
  3. Tap the Upload icon at the top of the screen and select the video you want to upload.
  4. Tap Upload.

Upload from iPhones and iPads

The easiest way to upload your video blog from an iOS device is to download and use the YouTube Capture app.


Video files can be very large! So make sure your phone data allowance is sufficient or you have a WiFi connection before uploading.

And that’s all there is to it!

Just go into your YouTube account when you can and check everything is the way you want it.


If your handheld video blog looks a bit shaky, YouTube has an ‘image stabilizer’ – I’ve used that in my video blog posted here. See what you think?

My Video Blog posted on YouTube via my Smartphone!

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  • Hi Robin,
    We should have combined our blog posts. I mentioned in mine how easy it is to do a video blog post with your smart phone.
    Good job. Your image is really sharp!
    Can we expect more videos from you?
    Good to see you and hear your voice.

    • Hey Tonya,

      Yeah my ‘image’ was sharp – it’s just my face that was fuzzy! LOL

      Thanks for dropping by Tonya – I appreciate it!


  • Donald

    Hi Robin,

    I thought I would return the favour by visiting your blog. I appreciated your comment on mine. Can I ask, how did you come across my blog. I must admit I’m impressed with yours. Full of info. I’m considering taking you up on your free 30 min session. Could do with a kick up the backside…lol.

    As for your blog post, I’m afraid I ahven’t tried video yet. I have been practising using free software. Not that impressed with the results…lol. I do have an old machine and think that has something to do with it or maybe I’m just not up to it. The thought of hearing my own voice….cringe.

    Can I ask, when I first came on to your site there was a message regarding cookies. Is that a plug in. I believe you have to have something on your site re that.

    Anyway, must dash. Got an eBay listings to get sorted. Take care and thanks again.

    Kind Regards


    • Hey Donald!

      Thanks for you comment – lots of questions! 🙂

      Was happy to visit your blog Donald. I probably came across it whilst ‘comment surfing’ by coming across your comment on someone else’s site.

      Happy to do a 30-minute complimentary consultation Donald. I’d like to find out exactly what your needs are. It might be coaching, it may be you need other things. Until we speak naturally I cannot know.

      Message me directly with your Skype ID and the best time of day/week for us to chat. I’ll check my diary and come back with a couple of schedule suggestions.

      I loathe making videos Donald, however, it’s part of the business and I hope my blog illustrated how very simple it can be! We are of course our own worst critics and if I’ve learnt not to take myself so seriously and just get on with it! LOL

      Cookies? I use a plugin called ‘Cookie Law Info’ – it’s one of several good ones out there. Better to be compliant I guess.

      Thanks again for your comment and I look forward to chatting with you soon.


  • Bee Venom Skin Care

    Hi Robin,
    Your blog post is really nice, I like your video blog post. Your voice and picture is very clear.

  • Hi Robin,

    I use an external cam to make videos. I never tried making a video for my blog from a smartphone. I think I can give it a try :).

    Thanks for putting this idea out.

  • Beth Hewitt

    Hey Robin,

    Great post. Video blogging really is easy. Doing more videos is part of my plan this year and I have done a few via my tablet, which come out really good. Technology is really great isn’t it.

    Love the video,

    Thanks for sharing,

    Beth 🙂

    • Hi Beth,

      Yes absolutely! It’s never been easier to make videos and post them online. That much is well known by anyone with a smartphone or a tablet. What is less well known is just how much impact a video can have on your marketing reach.

      Thanks for your comment.


  • Hey Robin,
    Nice post on the ‘how to’s’.
    Of course, I’ve left the Apple world, skipped the Android world, and use a Windows 8 phone (Nokia 920, and I love it if you’re interested)
    Of course, there are some little things missing, like a youtube app, so there’s an extra step or 2 for me. Save it to the computer and then upload via browser.
    However, since I’ve come to understand that the actual file name used matters to youtube/google, it might be worth is to take the extra time to save to your computer before upload so instead of uploading “Wp-0198440-001” to your youtube channel, you can change the name to something more meaningful like “Video Blogging with your Smart Phone”.
    Just my $0.02

    • Hi Jon, 🙂

      Very good point about the file name Jon! In fact, I’m preparing a short video post for SEO on Youtube that will include that very point! Top tip my friend!


  • Great article Robin J Emdon,
    I feel that video blogging is the future of blogging and we should start for it from now itself. And YouTube stabilization works great.
    Thanks for helpful article. 🙂

    • Hey Gurwinder,

      Yes, video blogging seems to be the way things are going… so much so I have taken to using a tool that speeds up their playback speed! (I’m a fast reader too! LOL)


  • May I add a couple of thoughts/questions! 🙂
    First, if you’re thinking of a SEO info product/article on youtube, one thing I’d love to hear addressed is this – I see so many running a blog, but their entries are nothing more than videos embedded. Since Google likes articles of 300+ words, HOW does this benefit the SERP of the blog at ALL?!
    Second, if someone is considering video blogging, keep it short. Attention spans are about 3-5 minutes, and since video blogging is exploding, there’s only so much time and patience people have to sit and let you drone on for 30 minutes. Honestly, if you’re browsing 10 blogs a day, you’d have hours upon hours of just watching video. I can read faster than they can talk – and watching even very informative videos is not a Income Earning Action!

    • Hi Jon!

      Amen to keeping the video short Jon! I’m with there 100%! I confess, I’m not a big fan of video marketing for that very reason. It’s just too darn time consuming!

      As for ‘fast reading’ – well, I use a cool gizmo that allows me to do ‘fast viewing’! A piece of software called ‘Myspeed’ that allows you to view videos at up to 3 times speed. There is a cost unfortunately and if anyone comes across a free version, that’s got to be the way to go!


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