You’re Going To Need A Good Email Direct Marketing Tool Because The Money Is NOT In The List!

When you are looking for an email direct marketing tool, there are number of very good providers out there.

However, in this article I am going to challenge a well known maxim of the direct selling trade that;

‘The Money is in the list’

What direct selling marketers mean when they say this makes perfect sense. Using an email direct marketing tool, you communicate with your list and IF it’s a ‘responsive’ list, you have the potential to earn a great deal of income from that list.

Over and over again!

However, just to say ‘The money is in the list’ is missing out some very critical information you need to know!

Namely, the ORIGIN of the list makes a HUGE difference to it’s responsiveness to you AND the HOW you communicate with your list can alienate the people on it or make them feel more kindly and appreciate of you!

Some people try to ‘buy’ their list from other list providers who have used specialised campaigns via their own email direct marketing tool to harvest names to sell on to others.

The problem with this is that the people on these lists have never heard of YOU!

They don’t know you.

They don’t care about you.

And they certainly have no clue what you do or what your field of expertise is.

If you buy a list from someone else, prepare yourself for a very rough ride!

Every time you email them, your email direct marketing tool provider is going to get complaints.

Too many complaints and you’re going to get ‘slapped’ by the provider. Not good.

Worse, you open yourself up to ‘angry’ replies from alienated people who, as I’ve already said, have never heard of you, but they now realise their information may have been sold like sheep at a sheep market!

Not a nice way to treat people!

What you want is people popping onto your list WILLINGLY from all over the place!

You can make this happen using the principles of attraction marketing (see the complimentary videos here).

Or you can simply ask people if they would like to be added to your list. A friend of mine says to people she meets all the time “have I got your email address? Give it to me and every time I put out some new information you’ll get it right away!”

The acceptable automated way is to use a tried and tested ‘funnel’ that offers them some high value content in the form of an article or a video in exchange for their details.

As long as the content is genuinely high value and isn’t just a ‘sales pitch’ with no intrinsic value by itself, this is a very good way to get people willingly onto your list.

The next step when using your email direct marketing tool is the critical one – build rapport with your list!

Now stop and think for a minute…. isn’t that what you do with people in real life before they would even consider doing business with you – leave alone before you even consider using your email direct marketing tool?

Why treat your email list differently. Just because it’s a list of emails and anonymous names…. there are REAL people opening those emails you send them!

So… take the time and trouble to build rapport with them.

I suggest you use your email direct marketing tool daily.

I know that may sound excessive, but seriously, in an age when people’s inbox is filling up with dozens of emails every day, if you send out say an email a week or a month, the chances of it even being noticed is very small.

The risk you run with daily messages is people will get tired of hearing from you and unsubscribe.

That’s ok. We don’t mind that.

As long as your emails were delivering high value content and was not offensive, then you’ve done nothing wrong!

You can afford to lose a few people who might object to emailing them ‘too often’ – because the payoff is that those who don’t object, begin to feel they can trust you. The rapport is beginning to build.

Don’t make every email a sales pitch! Save those for ‘special occasions’!

Keep your emails friendly, HUMAN and offer them some free content. Like a link to your latest blog or just some simple, yet powerful advice within the email itself.

Of course you can put links in your email to your ‘stuff’, whatever that may be. But the point is, don’t try to ‘sell’ to them every time.

They’ll begin to respect you for that and be more inclined to see what you have to say today.

When I use my email direct marketing tool to broadcast to my list, I always open with a sentence or two about my ‘real life’ day.

I’ll talk about my kids, or the weather, or a visit to the dentist. ANYTHING to make them understand I’m REAL!

I keep it brief – but I always do it!

Then I hit them with my message for the day.

Remember, we are BUILDING RAPPORT!

So communicate with them like you would any other decent human being!

It takes TIME to build rapport just using your email direct marketing tool, so BE PATIENT!

It takes time to build rapport in real life too. Why should email be different?


NOW we will have achieved TWO things!

One, you’ve mastered ways of getting people to WANT to opt-in via your email direct marketing tool to your email list.

and Two…

You are constantly working to build rapport with your list by constantly adding value to them and showing them you are decent human being too!

NOW the money is in the list!

Because now you will talking to a RESPONSIVE list!

People who WANT to hear from you!

People who feel they KNOW you!

People who TRUST you!

People who will BUY FROM YOU! (eureka!!)

And that is why we need a good email direct marketing tool!

Contact me for my recommendation of the best email autoresponders to try out.

Remember, if you want change in your life….
The Change Begins With YOU!

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  • Jacs Henderson

    Robin, this is a fantastic article – absolutely full of cutting edge TRUE facts which are not ‘written on the tin’ and I love that I can hear your voice talking to me, especially the sentences with the exclamation marks!! Great Honest Info – Bravo Robin 🙂
    P.S. how did you get your signature bow onto BN?

  • Muhammad Falah

    That’s really something Informative it was nice to read it

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