Discover 3 MLM Marketing Secrets That Will Transform Your Success!

The top three MLM Marketing Secrets to be a success online are…

1)      If your business is not growing fast enough, it ALWAYS comes down to… You are NOT talking to enough people!

There’s really no getting around the maxim that network marketing is a ‘numbers’ business. The more people you talk to, the faster and bigger your business will grow!

Top MLM Marketing Secrets key takeaway:

“Talking to people” is NOT the same as pitching, spamming, nagging, harassing, begging or otherwise generally haranguing people into looking at your business or products! NO!!! …

“Talking to people” – means building relationships with people; communicating with people; discovering their needs, their wants, their wounds and maybe, JUST MAYBE, when an opportunity arises and ALWAYS under the umbrella of ‘rapport’, you could offer them a chance to look at your business/products as a possible solution for their needs, wants and wounds.

 This is one of the key MLM Marketing Secrets they nearly always forget to mention!

MOST people you talk to you may NEVER get as far as you deciding to show them your business/products because…


2)      Be REALLY fussy about who you do business with!

I know this may run contrary to your instinct to ‘sign-up’ as many people as humanly possible into your business, but honestly… you have to think about this logically!

You are a business owner… when you sign someone into your business you will be investing your time and money in them. Why put this down to chance? Be intelligent about it.

If for example their facebook page is full of ‘gameville’ type games is this someone who is serious about working? I don’t think so!

Are they self-actualized? i.e. do they need pushing to work or do they just get on with it? Do I really need to spell out why this matters?

The late great Jim Rohn a master of MLM Marketing Secrets, once said he was going to help all the people in his downline who for one reason or another were not working, to become successful, even if it killed him! AND…. It nearly killed him!

Top MLM Marketing Secrets takeaway:

Only choose to work with people who are fired up, ready for success, HIGHLY coachable and demonstrate all the characteristics of someone who is a hard worker and NOT a quitter.

As opposed to… someone who self sabotages, who needs constant encouragement and is unwilling to fight their own demons that have been holding them back!

Bottom line…. it’s a HUGE market out there! Why deliberately target your marketing at people who are going to be HARD WORK and odds on favourites to ultimately fail, when you could be targeting people who are already successful, driven, coachable and eager to get on with it?

I’m not trying to sound uncompassionate here. I’m just being practical!


Bonus MLM Marketing Secrets tip:

Listen, if you feel strongly that you would LIKE to help people succeed who otherwise have not been successful, ask yourself this question…

Can you help people like that better when you too are struggling or when you are earning in excess of 10,000 a month from building your business?

In other words, are you going for the ‘blind leading the blind’ solution or are you going to wait until you can show them the way? (and by the way, which is more attractive for them – following someone in the same boat as them or following someone who’s bought a bigger boat and if offering a supporting hand?)


3)      Build your OWN list and systemically market to them!

I don’t mean buy someone else’s list. They DON’T KNOW YOU which by definition means they can’t like or trust you!

 I mean, use a tried and tested system to build your own list!

I don’t mean nag your friends and family and talk to total strangers!

Talk about ‘How to Lose Friends and Alienate People’!

 I mean, have a system for how to approach people in the RIGHT way, online!

I don’t mean spam and pitch anyone and anything that moves!

I mean, have an attraction marketing system that means people come to you!

Top MLM Marketing Secrets Takeaway:

They say ‘the money is in the list’ – No!!

The money is a list you have built YOURSELF and cultivated a strong, valuable relationship with.

In other words the people on your list, VALUE being on it and LIKE hearing from YOU!

Now in this short article I have given you my top three MLM Marketing Secrets, I hope you noticed (because I tried very hard to make it obvious!) that the HIDDEN MLM Marketing Secrets were that you need a SYSTEM and you need to make that system ATTRACTIVE to the RIGHT kind of people!

If your system sucks in a lot of tyre kickers, self-sabotaging, here today onto the next ‘best’ thing tomorrow type people, then you are going to make yourself work really, really REALLY hard and it has a very strong chance of amounting to nothing!

 Final tip… what this MLM Marketing Secrets article has been building to…

 CHOOSE the people you work with CAREFULLY!

Remember, if you want change in your life….
The Change Begins With YOU!

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  • Charles Holmes

    I like your idea about being careful who you work with and prospect. Working with the wrong people is a big mistake. Another good tip that you shared is to talk to more people. That’s hands down the biggest mistake that most people face.

    Great blog here.


    • Hi Chuck!

      Thanks for your comments – you have quite rightly picked up working with the RIGHT people and talking to MORE people! Can never say this too many times!


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