The MLM Recruiting System Your ‘Upline’ Doesn’t Know About (and is too scared to find out!)

If you are still looking for the perfect MLM Recruiting System online, more than likely it is because your upline either doesn’t know about it – or is too scared to find out.

I was talking to a friend in another MLM company the other day. BUT the leaders in that company got where they are by using a MLM Recruiting System that works well OFFLINE. The minute you mention ONLINE to them, their eyes glaze over and they start telling you to ‘just follow the system’ we teach and stop worrying about the ‘fancy’ online stuff. ‘We did it without online marketing – we and therefore you, don’t need it!’

An Offline MLM Recruiting System Is Fine Too!

Now I’m not going to knock any offline MLM Recruiting Systems as such. They DO work! And even though I am pre-dominantly an online marketer – I still do offline strategies as well and always will. However, correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the number one thing you are looking for when you are searching for prospects are people who have a ‘need’ or a ‘want’ for something more than they are currently getting from their lives?

So, your upline and your company will have trained you more than likely to  F.O.R.M  them or a variation of this of which there are many…

F – Family – (Married, Kids, Grandkids)
O – Occupation – ( What do they do, do they like what they do, how long)
R – Recreation – (What they do for fun, travel, hobbies)
M – Message – (how your business opportunity can add value to those areas, show and explain how)

Well, that’s great! But if you take a look at profiles on Facebook for example – ALL that information is posted on their profiles! Not only that – but by taking a gander down their timeline – you can get a pretty good idea of who this person is and how serious they might be about making money? For example, if their timeline is plastered with ‘Farmville’ type games – hello!!!  This isn’t likely to be your hottest prospect!

So before you even speak to your prospect, you already know where to lead the conversation! For example.. “I love those pictures of your Kids they look awesome – you must be very proud!?” – Immediately you have an ‘in’!

Facebook has over 27 million users here in the UK – that’s nearly HALF the population! And on average 60% of them log in for 20 minutes a day!  Why would ANYONE ignore that? But be careful, Facebook is a SOCIAL site – so BE social on there! Don’t see it as a marketing mailing list! You’ll get banned! It’s a PART of you MLM recruiting system – it’s NOT the system itself!

The Best MLM Recruiting Systems Online should include 

FIVE critical components:

1)      It doesn’t distract your downline from staying focused on their Primary MLM*

2)      It teaches you to GENERATE LEADS (hundreds a day)

3)      It has AUTOMATED PRESENTATIONS that run on auto pilot 24/7

4)      It has AUTOMATED FOLLOW-UP systems

5)      It has all the TOOLS & TRAINING you need to sponsor and recruit into your Primary MLM

*Most MLM companies require you NOT to use their brands and trade marks or to do anything that might bring them into disrepute… this is fair and reasonable of them to say. This particular MLM Recruiting System used properly, is compliant with most MLM companies that I’ve come across and personally, I wouldn’t join an MLM Company that actively discourages MLM recruiting online! Or as I prefer to call them… dinosaurs!


Remember, if you want change in your life….
The Change Begins With YOU!

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