How To Conquer Overwhelm!

by Robin J Emdon

As a Life Coach a challenge I come across again and again is ‘overwhelm’!

Network marketers desperate to get their new business moving attend every company training they can get to.

Their upline (if they’re any good) give their new recruits projects and tasks to complete.

They want to learn everything about their product range, their compensation plan, their marketing plan.

Then they get into online marketing and that’s when if it hasn’t already, the overwhelm really kicks in!

Before not very long, the enthusiasm that got them fired up at the beginning begins to wane and feelings of inadequacy (“I don’t know enough!”) and not knowing where to start, creep in.

Online marketers have to learn all about domain registration, wordpress blogs, plugins, social media, PPC and on and on in an almost limitless list of things you need to know about!

If there was a word that described how overwhelming overwhelm can become, I’d be using that by now!

The bottom line though is that overwhelm is easy to spot.

The victim of overwhelm, not knowing where to begin, becomes paralysed with inactivity or endless unproductive activity like attending more trainings, buying more e-books, attending more webinars and reading endless emails – all of which, ironically, adds to the overwhelm!

Ultimately, overwhelm can have fatal consequences, with the victim feeling unable to continue and thus surrendering to many more years of their drab, wretched lives dogged by lack of progress and feelings of guilt that they could have done more, if only they had mastered all those trainings!

As a Life Coach I am very familiar with this predicament and I’m happy to say there is a cure!

I like to think of it like a recipe – so here’s my recipe for overcoming overwhelm!

1)      Get yourself someone you can hold yourself accountable too! – A best friend, your upline or ideally, a Life Coach! (Hey, I have to say that don’t I!)

2)      Write down a list of all the things that are overwhelming you – including all the extraneous factors such as looking after the kids, the day job, your important relationships and so on.

3)      Prioritise your list. Clearly, practical things like looking after the kids and making time for your important relationships are going to be at the top! (HINT: If they’re not – they should be!)

4)      Focusing on the items on the list that are all about wealth creation – i.e. your business and your online marketing – make sure you have some semblance of order as to what you really need to master before moving on to the next step (N.B. This is really where having a mentor or Life Coach can be useful, because part of your overwhelm may be present because you can’t completely get a handle on exactly WHAT it is you need to prioritise!)

5)      Now focused on items that really need to get done FIRST before OTHER items can be effectively exploited (e.g. No point in writing a blog article if you haven’t got a domain, hosting and blog template in place!)… begin the process of CHUNKING DOWN!

6)      Chunking Down – This is your KEY takeaway from this recipe! (see what I did there? Hehe) – The NUMBER ONE method of dealing with overwhelm is taking something that just feels too big and chunking it down into nice bite size pieces.

7)      Schedule your chunked down items into your re-prioritised life

8)      Eliminate ALL distractions – Discipline! – You have to be disciplined about working through things methodically this means…

  1. Only respond to emails a couple of times a day – and NEVER BEFORE you’ve made a schedule for the day
  2. Turn off the ‘idiot box’ (TV!), radio and the kids!
  3. Work to YOUR agenda! Don’t get sucked into other people’s agendas! If it’s another webinar, another course, another chat (that’s NOT anything to do with your PRODUCTIVE work) – stay away! Schedule them if they are something you really MUST get around to doing… but DON’T break your schedule to work someone elses!

9)      STOP enrolling in MORE course, buying MORE e-books, attending MORE webinars UNLESS there is either:

  1. An immediate gap in your knowledge that MUST be filled before you can continue or
  2. It’s something that is actually PART of your CHUNKING DOWN plan!

10)   The minute you start feeling overwhelmed again – for instance – your schedule slips and you feel like your falling behind…. regroup, chunk down and go right back to step one!


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