The 7 Bad Habits of Highly Ineffective People!

If you’ve ever read the very excellent book ‘The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People’ by Stephen Covey then you’ll understand that success leaves clues!

The 7 habits Stephen discusses are used by successful people in all walks of life.

Conversely, there are of course habits that make us ineffective!

In this article I am going to NAME and SHAME them… because a big part of making the shift from an unsuccessful person to a successful one is KNOWING when you are indulging in habits that are not going to serve you!

So here they are…

1)      Procrastination

The procrastinator is simply paralysed by an inability to decide on the best cause of action.

They worry about ‘doing the right thing’ – they allow a profound FEAR OF FAILING to undermine every attempt they make to change things.

Everything they begin remains unfinished for fear it will not work and paradoxically, when things DO begin to work, they quit, fearing the consequences of SUCCESS!

The procrastinator will not take risks.

Preferring instead to live with the familiar pain of living a life they deem to be unsuccessful, rather than risk what they see as ‘everything’ for the potential pleasures of greater success.

2)      Distraction

There’s ALWAYS something else to be doing!

Household chores, making another coffee, something good on the TV.

Yep… the distraction master is King or Queen of doing ANYTHING but what REALLY matters!

It is of course a tool of the professional procrastinator, but warrants a mention in its own right, since ‘distraction’ is such a pungently effective method of sabotaging your success.

3)      Training! Training! Training!

This is the marketer’s dream of the perpetual student!

Yet another tool of The Procrastinator and in the same league as the Distraction Master, the perpetual student never believes they know enough!

Marketers LOVE these people! They are always willing to buy yet another e-book, course or seminar.

This habit is financially the most costly (profitable if you are the Marketer!) and it works on the mind of the victim like a drug. The more they learn, the more they realise they don’t yet know!

They go on a course about ‘how to use wordpress’ and then realise, they don’t know enough about SEO (search engine optimisation). So then they buy a course on SEO and then they realise they don’t know enough about PPC (pay per click campaigns).

Once again they become paralysed with self-doubt… “I don’t know enough…” and fail to engage in REAL activity that could, with ‘hands-on’ practise, time and effort begin to generate income for themselves.

4)      The Grass Is Always Greener!

Ah yes, yet ANOTHER fabulous tool of the procrastinator!

This person is always looking for the next best thing! The next big meal ticket! The next big wave to ride!

This habit is a very dangerous one to indulge in for two reasons.

One: It means you become a jack of all trades and a master of none! ALL legitimate business’s take TIME and effort to build. The Network Marketing business model is a particular extreme example of where things take time to evolve into profitable income streams.

Most people who fail in Network Marketing (MLM) fail because they quit too soon and are on to the next ‘grass is greener’ project before ever giving the original MLM business time to grow.

Two: It destroys your credibility! An experienced recruiter in MLM is looking for a track record of commitment, persistence and discipline. Fair enough you may have made some unlucky choices with the people or the companies you have worked with, but if they get a whiff of ‘opportunism’ and/or always onto the next BIG thing… it makes them VERY nervous!

After all… who’s to say that once the ‘novelty’ has worn off and the recruiter has already invested a huge amount of time and effort into getting you up and running; that you won’t be running off to the next ‘big’ thing?

5)      Perfectionism!

The perfectionist streak runs through a lot of these ineffective habits.

It is a curse!

Nothing is ever quite ready to begin.

You’ve never quite got enough training!

You don’t YET have your own unique style and brand completely worked out!

Your writing isn’t yet up to scratch.

You need more time to perfect this and that….

And on and on and on it goes!

I say again… Perfectionism is a curse!!!

NOTHING can ever be perfect! Get used to that fact!


6)      Be Reactive!

This is the antithesis of Stephen Covey’s – Be Proactive Habit!

A reactor is always checking and responding to their emails.

They are firefighters – almost never productive.

They go to the wire on last minute deadlines and never seem to have the time to do anything proactive precisely because they are too busy Reacting to events and circumstances, many of which are simply situations they lost control of, because they were NOT proactive in the first place.

Of course many crises are unavoidable. But that’s not what we’re talking about here.

Being Reactive is yet another example of the Procrastinator!


7)      Overwhelm

Most people who indulge in the habits of highly ineffective people will complain from time to time of overwhelm.

It’s true, that even with the most basic training in online marketing, sometimes things may feel a little overwhelming and as a Life Coach I’m experienced in coaching people through such a crisis.

However, overwhelm is often self-inflicted by last minuting projects, doing too many trainings at once and failing simply to take decisive action for fear of it being the ‘wrong’ action.


An article like this cannot go into the kind of detail about each of the 7 Habits of Highly Ineffective People that you might like.

However, I hope I’ve given you a simple summary of just some of the key bad habits people develop that keep them from the success they need!

Now I’m NOT saying that YOU personally suffer from any of these 7 bad habits… however, maybe you KNOW someone who does and who might like to be made aware of them so they can get them handled once and for all?

From time to time I do take on new personal clients, with my Life Coaching hat on! If you would like to enquire as to availability of places and my fees, feel free to drop me a line!

[email protected] or skype me: lifemaestro

Remember, if you want change in your life….
The Change Begins With YOU!

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