Three Empowering Mindset Network Marketing Tips From Life Coach Robin J Emdon Part Three

If You’re Looking For Network Marketing Tips You’re About To Discover THE THIRD of Three of The Most Important Ones You’re Ever Likely To.

And All of Them Are About YOU!

In parts one and two I reminded you about the 80/20 rule and how the 20%, YOUR mindset creates 80% of the results you are getting!

I then covered the first two mindset network marketing tips which you can read about if you missed them here for part one and here for part two.

In this article I’m going to introduce you through a true story to the third and final crucial element of your mindset that you need to be successful in network marketing.

My teacher Anthony Robbins tells the story of his friend movie actor and screenwriter, Sylvester Stallone. Stallone who was deformed by the forceps used during his birth (which is why he looks and sounds so strange) was a struggling and highly unlikely actor for a leading role in the movies.

This was a problem because his dream for as long as he could remember was to be in the movies. In fact so determined was he to get a job in the movies he went to 1500 agents (Not that there are 1500 agents in Hollywood; he just kept going back four, five, six times or whatever he thought it would take!) before he was offered a single job and that only happened because he sat in an agent’s office all night and the agent took pity on him and gave him a small bit part in a movie.

The reality was that he was horribly broke and had only done extremely minor often un-credited film and TV work before and nothing that would ever prepare him for a major starring role, and let’s be honest he wasn’t the most obvious person to cast as a lead role.

After getting some very small ‘thug character’ type roles (well he looked the part didn’t he!), he was still broke and hungry and his wife was screaming at him to get a job.

Which he refused to do because he knew that once he lost his hunger he would lose his burning desire to live his dream.

So he was broke and fighting with his wife because they were cold and hungry.

He decided to change his approach and starting writing scripts. He made a few dollars doing that but never enough. Soon he was even more broke and he pawned his wife’s jewellery (for which she never forgave him) and finally absolutely desperate for money, he sold his beloved dog for $25 to a total stranger outside a liquor store.

A couple of weeks later he was watching a boxing match on TV between Muhammad Ali and Chuck Wepner. Stallone was inspired by the fact that no matter how much the better and stronger Ali thumped Wepner, he just kept coming back for more.

He wrote his script in 20 straight hours and took it to several agents who turned it down. But two film producers, Robert Chartoff and Irwin Winkler loved it. They offered him $125,000 for it. Which for 20 hours work and for someone who was literally starving, was an incredible fortune!

But just getting money for his script was NOT his outcome. Even though he was literally starving, he marriage was in tatters and he had sold his dog just to eat that week, he told the producers his outcome was to be the star of his own movie.

They refused point blank. They had in mind Ryan O’Neil, not some unknown ugly ‘thug’ actor with an almost incomprehensible voice. Stallone walked away with nothing.

A while later they called him and doubled their offer to a quarter of a million dollars NOT to star in the movie! He turned them down again.

So they upped the offer to $325,000 NOT to star in the movie and still, he refused! Remember, in case you had forgotten, this was a man who had NOTHING. But he did have his dream and he was refusing to give it up!

Finally they relented, they dropped their offer to $35,000 and offered him the starring role. The offer was so low because they didn’t think with him as the lead the movie would do so well and they wanted to limit their expenses.

They spent a million dollars making the movie and it went on to take over $200 million at the box office and it won three Oscars including ‘Best Picture’ and Oscar nominations for Sly Stallone’s acting and script.

But that’s not the end of the story.

Six weeks before Stallone sold his script for $35,000 he had sold his dog for $25.

He went back to the liquor store and waited there for three days until the man he had sold his dog to came back. He begged the man to sell him his dog back. He knew the man loved his dog too so he offered him $100. The man refused. Stallone upped his offer to $500. Again the man refused.

But Stallone was completely fixed on his outcome and was not going to accept ‘no’ for an answer. So he upped his offer again to $1000!

Again the man refused.

Stallone DID get his dog back though. In the end he paid the man $15,000 out of his $35,000 AND had to give the man a part in the film!

An incredible story I’m sure you will agree!

PACKED with more than just the one empowering mindset tool I wanted to give you. I like to over deliver, what can I say!

Let’s look at some of the lessons in this story…

1)      KNOW your outcome!

2)      If things are not working – change your approach

3)      Even when times are hard – it IS a choice – either you breakdown or breakthrough!

4)      PERSISTENCE!!!! – Never, ever, ever, ever, ever and did I say ‘ever’?… never ever give up!

That’s really the huge over-riding moral of this amazing story isn’t it?

PERSISTENCE – not once did Stallone falter in his determination to keep going.

Not when he was turned down by agents over 1500 times!

Not when he fell out with his wife for selling her jewellery.

Not when he went to the library during the daytime just to keep warm (see the full story in the video below)

Not when he had to sell his dog because he couldn’t afford to feed it and was starving himself.

Not when they offered him ever increasing FORTUNES for only HALF of his outcome!

And not even when, he had to part with $15,000 to get his dog back he had sold 6 weeks earlier for $25!

Finally, I’ve included a video of Tony Robbins telling the entire story I’ve outlined above. Listen to it and be inspired!

Remember, if you want change in your life….
The Change Begins With YOU!

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