Ray Higdon

EXCLUSIVE! Number One MLM Earner Ray Higdon, Admits Making Money is Easier Than Making Breakfast!

by Robin J Emdon

News has reached us today that Ray Higdon, the number one earner in his network marketing company has conceded that he finds making money easier than making breakfast!

Ray Higdon

After a particularly difficult morning for Ray which began with him kicking over the dog food bowl, he attempted to make breakfast for his wife, Jessica…

“So after dropping an egg, kicking over the dogs food bowl and flipping a spatula full of eggs onto myself, was finally successful in making my wife breakfast (this cooking stuff is hard!)” said Ray Higdon on his Facebook page.

Ray Higdon joined his current network marketing company three years ago. It was his 11th attempt at MLM and at the time his booming property business, damaged by the collapsing housing market, had hit the skids and he was facing foreclosure on several properties.

Faced with the prospect of financial ruin, Ray Higdon put his nose to the grindstone and committed himself to speaking to as many people as possible, every single day, about his new network marketing venture.

  • He was and is a disciplined and focused networker. But he has always kept what he does very, very simple and his personal posture, very, very strong.
  • He committed to share his business opportunity with as many people as possible, as efficiently as possible, (using the tools his company provided for him) every single day
  • No’s did not bother him at all. In fact he welcomed them.
  • Negativity did not touch him – he had more than enough positive energy, determination and belief in himself and what he was recommending to overcome it all.
  • Failure was NEVER an option. His then girlfriend (now Ray’s lovely wife, Jessica and the recipient of said breakfast!) had taken a job just to pay the bills and Ray Higdon was determined to network and earn his way out of debt. His commitment and resolve was completely unshakable. It didn’t matter how many people or how many ‘no’s’, he got, Ray Higdon was never going to quit.
  • In his mind, before he even signed up one person, he was already visualising his successful life. And before too long, that mindset was a reality in dollars and abundance is all the areas of his life.
  • Finally, he taught himself to handle ‘rejection’ with absolute equanimity. In other words, he never took it personally, he never saw it as a setback, he let go of the outcome and he never, never, never allowed it to emotionally connect with him. For Ray, it was and is, just part of the job.  Some will, some won’t – so what!

But today, Ray Higdon nearly met his match!

He had to fry some eggs for his wife.

After dropping one egg on the floor, kicking over the dog food, flipping another egg onto himself, Ray finally achieved his perhaps over egged and ambitious goal!

“Making money is def(sic) easier than making breakfast! ” – said Ray after he finally succeeded!

So all in all, if for Ray Higdon, (the number one earner in his network marketing company), making breakfast is HARDER than all the things he did to turn his financial life around… the rejection, the hours, the sacrifice, the commitment….


  • Then either Ray has a serious issue with flipping eggs OR
  • Ray after 11 failed attempts at MLM and after staring ruin in the face with foreclosures all around him, finally got it… that making money is much easier than you might think! Maybe, even easier than making breakfast!

Hmmmmm… food for thought?


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  • Ray Higdon

    LOL, love it bro!

  • Katie Hughes

    I know that the most successful sales people get the most “yes”s and they also get the most “no”s. What a skill it is to let those no’s wash over you without changing your mood or affecting your next contacts! That sounds like a skill we all should work more on.


    • Hi Katie!

      Thank you for your comment! And yes, it certainly is a skill – but like any other it can be learnt. If you haven’t already read it I highly recommend the book ‘Go For No’ by Richard Fenton & Andrea Waltz. Some terrific mindset shifts in there about just how VALUABLE a ‘no’ is to get you fired up and motivated to go for even more of them!


  • Great post. I just found your blog yesterday, and this is the first posting I’ve read! Love It! I’m a big fan of Ray (and a little more so every time I hear something new from him), and this is a great take on the “Egg Incident” and how he got to that unfortunate point in his life!

    • Hi Jon!

      Yes – it must have been quite a low when he dropped the first egg! I’m surprised he didn’t need to a lie down for 10 minutes! Just shows the sheer determination of the man! 😉

      Thanks for dropping in Jon – do come again!


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