How to Create Unlimited Supplies of Free MLM Leads

Discovering genuine Free MLM Leads in unlimited quantities has to be every network marketers dream!

There’s no shortage of so called services out there offering to ‘give’ away Free MLM Leads – but there’s always a catch (usually they want YOUR lead data) and the quality of the leads you get? Well frankly, calling random names out of the phone book would likely be just as productive!

But we’re brighter than that aren’t we?

We want QUALITY Free MLM Leads don’t we? People who might actually want to talk to us!

So how do we set about getting the very best Free MLM Leads that by definition, money can’t buy!

The best and easiest way is called ‘attraction marketing’ – this basically requires you to add value to the marketplace by;

a)      Finding out what problems people are struggling to solve and

b)      Solving it

It’s not as hard as you might think!

Even a cursory trawl through the forums and groups in the MLM niche will soon highlight a lot of the problems that are coming up again and again.

And you’ll be surprised how much some intelligent use of a search engine will offer some solutions!

All you have to do is repackage the ‘solution’ in the form of an article and/or a blog, place a tidy call to action that leads interested parties to your landing page at the end and voila…

You have begun the process of attracting Free MLM Leads.

Take the time and trouble to contribute to those same forums and other social media platforms wherever  you think your prospects might hang out.

And don’t restrict yourself to MLM – think outside the box… where do your prospects hang out?

  • Are they teachers?
  • Are they folks looking for work? Are they retired people struggling on their pension?
  • Are they small business people touting for business?
  • Are they real estate agents – they’re having a hard time at the moment!
  • Where do these folks hang out and how can you solve their problems?

Offer them free advice! They won’t yet be a Free MLM Lead – you have to capture their information before you can claim that.

But once you have gotten into the habit of;

  1. Finding out what your niche market problems are
  2. Offering them free advice and solutions to their problems
  3. Linked your free solutions to your landing/capture pages…

Congratulations, you have begun to build a Free MLM Leads machine!

Remember, if you want change in your life….
The Change Begins With YOU!

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