Illegal Pyramid/Ponzi Schemes Vs The Real Deal – Can YOU Tell The Difference?

by Robin J Emdon

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last few months you cannot have helped but noticed the plethora of business opportunities and making money investment schemes that are constantly sweeping through the internet. But how can you tell the difference between a legitimate MLM (or Network Marketing) business, and a Ponzi scheme OR an illegal pyramid scam.

First things first. There IS such a thing as a booming, healthy and LEGAL (Multi-Level Marketing) MLM industry.

It’s vast, (estimated to be worth $100 billion per annum)  it’s powerful and it’s highly lucrative for anyone who takes the time and the trouble to learn how to it well.

It is ALSO surprise, surprise, very ethical!

Unfortunately there are some involved in legitimate MLM who get the industry a bad name. I’ve written about them before and I will again, but not in this article.. The BIGGEST problem with the industry is how it gets mis-identified with Ponzi schemes and illegal pyramids (yes they are different things!) and of course, no illegal pyramid or Ponzi scam is going to ADVERTISE that it’s illegal!

They don’t put a big banner across their website telling you they are going to take all your money or that they will eventually be closed down, after the owners have fled the country with great big wedges of your money.

So in this article I am going to outline for you some of the key things you need to know, so you can avoid the pitfalls and get yourself into some solid, ethical and strong business opportunities.

Illegal Pyramid Scheme vs Legal Pyramid Schemes

Basically, an ILLEGAL Pyramid scheme is where you are recruited by somebody on the understanding that you will pay for the right solely to recruit others and receive compensation (money!) for doing so.

This is NOT to be confused with the multitude of LEGAL Pyramids there are out there. Just because a business has a ‘triangular’ or ‘pyramid’ structure, does NOT mean it’s illegal.

MOST MLM companies operate a distributor structure that resembles a pyramid where a TOTALLY LEGAL & LEGITIMATE distributor network sells a range of products and/or services.

This does NOT mean they are in violation of the law. That happens when their PRIMARY focus is PAYMENT for the recruitment of others.

Unfortunately, ILLEGAL pyramid schemes are not likely to advertise the fact that they are illegal! On the contrary, they can be very sophisticated at hiding their true identity behind a smokescreen of legitimate MLM activity.

That makes our job, as innocent business opportunity seekers somewhat complicated and frustrating.

However, a couple of simple rules of thumbs are:

1) If NO discernible product/service is changing hands and there are very few true retail sales to the non distributing public (with the majority of sales only coming from the distributors themselves) – then it could be an illegal pyramid scheme and/or

2) If there IS a discernible retail product/service but it’s price appears HIGHLY inflated against COMPARABLE* products and services then again, it could be illegal.  

(*comparable means just that – don’t compare a high quality MLM company shampoo for example with a cheap supermarket one – your comparison must be fair and realistic)

Ultimately such judgments can of course be very hard for an individual to make. However, if alarm bells start to ring for you based on one or both of the guidelines I’ve outlined, I would advise extreme caution on your part.

And if that’s not enough for you. Consider this, it is illegal to benefit from the proceeds of being a part of an illegal pyramid scheme.

In other words, IF you choose to work with an MLM that turns out much later to be an illegal pyramid, then you could well be liable for the proceeds of your activity with that company and may be forced to repay them!

ILLEGAL Pyramid Schemes don’t usually collapse. Typically they are investigated by the authorities and then shut down through due legal process if they are found to be in breach of the law.  So there’s no time limit on how long it will take for an illegal pyramid scheme to fold, it can be anything from months to years.

Ponzi schemes on the other hand, always collapse eventually…


Ponzi Schemes

Charles Ponzi an Italian immigrant in 1920’s America discovered the lucrative nature of ‘robbing Peter to pay Paul’ with an elaborate scheme based on the different values of postage stamps around the world.

For now, all we need to know is that a Ponzi scheme is basically the term given to any money making scam where the proceeds from new investors joining is used by the scammers to pay inflated and unusually high returns to those already who joined and  invested earlier on.

There are countless reasons why they might THINK their returns are so good, maybe like in the case of Bernard Madoff they just think he is a genius investor who beats the stock market odds consistently or they are told that the profits come from some other kind of brilliant investment strategy that the owners have discovered and that the more you invest, the more you get back!

As long as investors receive the promised high returns on their investments (paid unbeknownst to them from the multitude of NEW recruits), then word spreads like wildfire and more and more and more people want to join!

There’s always a ‘story’ and it is always a darn convincing one that gets people investing and once news of high returns spread, then the story becomes less important than the returns!

People aren’t necessarily stupid – Ponzi schemes rely less on stupidity and more on greed! (and yes I know – greed is stupid!)

Eventually, ALL Ponzi scams collapse, leaving hundreds and thousands out of pocket. They’ve even been know to bring down economies!

They collapse because eventually the numbers don’t add up. The numbers of people who’ve been in the longest expecting high returns can no longer be paid out of the investments of new people joining. Once that happens, the game is up and the whole thing comes tumbling down.

What Are the Warning Signals

If you are being pitched to join an MLM – make sure you;

a) know what they are selling 

b) that the price for what they are selling is NOT inflated

c) are there any retail sales taking place to people OUTSIDE of the distributorship network

d) are the distributors being HIGHLY paid for recruitment 


And here’s a big one I am seeing more and more, particularly on the internet…

Are potential distributors being DISCOURAGED from asking DUE DILIGENCE questions such as those I’ve outlined above?

Are they being told to stop being a ‘wuss’ or ‘don’t be so negative’ or ‘go away and deal with your own fears’?

Why on earth would ANYONE go into business with anyone else WITHOUT knowing the facts of what they are getting involved with?

Fair enough you can’t know it all from day one… it takes time to learn a new business and I’m all for learning whilst you grow your business – BUT if questioners are discouraged (and I’ve personally seen them mocked and bullied!) – then RUN AWAY – run hard, run far!!!

There are PLENTY of GOOD MLM companies out there – you do NOT need to be involved in the hyped, ask no questions, just join ones!

And if you are being solicited to join a company or an investment scheme that promises high returns that;

a) seem unrealistically high or 

b) too good to be true

They probably ARE too good to be TRUE!


Key Takeaway:

The MLM Industry is a GREAT industry and I’m proud to be associated with it!

However, have your wits about you in selecting who you work with and which company you choose to work with.

And BEWARE if you are desperate for money and/or greedy for large returns (I know, no one likes being called ‘greedy’ – but everyone knows what I mean – right!?) – then you are ESPECIALLY vulnerable to illegal pyramid’s and/or ponzi schemes.

Get involved with one of these and a bad or dire situation will sadly, only get MUCH worse!

Do your due diligence before joining any MLM business or investment scheme. The legal ones are well worth your undivided attention and hopefully I’ve given you some pointers on how to spot the illegal ones!

If you’ve found this article useful please feel free to leave your comments below.


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