Network Marketing – It’s Not About The Products Stupid!

Why are the products the LAST thing you should look at before joining a Network Marketing (MLM) company?

This is one of the HARDEST things for people new to MLM to understand. It doesn’t matter whether you market jungle juice, holidays (vacations for my American readers!), health and beauty products, cleaning products, legal pre-paid or whatever… NONE of these are the MAIN product of MLM companies.

I used to be a retailer with four high street type stores and I sold a lot of the above. And absolutely, I would have picked something from that list and said THAT is my main product (it was giftware in fact). But that is a TOTALLY different business model!

So, now I’m in MLM what IS the product I market now if it’s not coins or travel?

The answer is simple and is just two words… ‘LIFESTYLE FREEDOM’!

Yes!! ‘Lifestyle Freedom’ is THE product!

That’s the FREEDOM to live your live any way you please. To have what you want, when you want it and to have the means to go for and LIVE YOUR DREAMS!

It is created by the ‘passive residual income’ ALL MLM’s offer.

It is the one and only amazing, fabulous product that trumps ALL other PRODUCTS  and BUSINESS MODELS!

I used to be in health and beauty MLM Company and I found it incredibly frustrating dealing with all the folks who didn’t understand it wasn’t about the products! You see the products were REALLY good! And the profit margin from selling them RETAIL was REALLY good! And the Company and compensation plan was REALLY good!

But as a PROFESSIONAL Network Marketer I understand a principle many people new to network marketing do not AND many, many, many people involved IN network marketing have not yet fully grasped…

In network marketing the  only product is… LIFESTYLE FREEDOM!  Not ‘Jungle Juices’, silver coins, legal pre-paid, energy utilities, cosmetics etc., etc.

If you want to sell jungle juices, silver coins et al, go down the conventional routes and open a retail store in the high street or online. You do NOT need MLM to do retail! Just remember though, when the store is not open – you don’t make money and with a store you CANNOT leverage your effort by duplicating it and getting residual royalties from everyone you leveraged your retail system too.

Let me give you an analogy to explain my point because maybe you’re thinking I’ve lost the plot here…

Let’s suppose you live in a town called ‘Selling Your Time For Money’ and your destination is a town called ‘Lifestyle Freedom’.

Now suppose you want to get from the called ‘Selling Your Time For Money’ to ‘Lifestyle Freedom’... Well, you’re going to need a vehicle!

The vehicle – let’s say it’s a bus! The bus represents your MLM Company and the tangible products it sells (Jungle juices etc!)

The passengers are your team and YOU are the driver!

The more seats you sell on your bus, the bigger the bus and the faster it will go!

Do you see… the products – are just THE VEHICLE you use to get you and your team, from ‘Selling Your Time For Money’ to ‘Lifestyle Freedom’.

The vehicle is just a bus! It doesn’t matter who made it, it doesn’t matter if it has air conditioning, individual DVD movies and an on board lavatory as long as, it gets you from one town to the other!

Does this help?  It doesn’t matter what your MLM Company sells. What matters is, can you, by building a DUPLICATABLE  team, create a long-term passive residual income from NETWORK marketing?

Now I’m going to tread on some toes with what I say next…

It doesn’t even matter if you personally love the products your company sells!

Yikes!! That’s sacrilege!

I bet your company and your upline tells you all the time “You have to be a product of the product!” ; “How is anyone going to believe in buying your products if you don’t?”

I’m going to tell you the REAL reason you are told this… come closer… pay close attention… because I’m going to whisper it…

(Sotto voice) They want you to buy the products for your own use – because (looks to see if anyone else is listening) – YOU are the customer! (winks)

Yep! It’s true! The biggest customers in MLM companies are the ‘distributors’!

Is this a bad thing by the way?

No! Of course not… after all – if no sales of product take place, there would be no business and if there’s no business, there’s NO PASSIVE RESIDUAL INCOME – which means… NO vehicle to take you to Lifestyle Freedom!

Don’t get me wrong, a GOOD MLM will  encourage it distributors to get MORE retail customers and make it an integral part of their compensation plan.  AND this IS IMPORTANT for many good reasons!

HOWEVER, what IS a bad thing when people think that it means – it’s ALL about the products and too many get lost in retailing!!!

So, personally I changed company (or bus/vehicle!) because I wanted MY team to remain firmly focused on THE DESTINATION! I wanted a faster bus and I wanted people who understood from day one, why we were all on it!

Now don’t get me wrong, my MLM has great products – the coins and NOW budget luxury travel! Totally awesome products as it happens! Of course it does! AND I have no illusions – I AM the customer! And there are many reasons why it’s a good thing to buy it and yes, I RETAIL it too!

BUT… in my company (my bus!) more people than I know of in any other type of MLM business, want exactly the same thing as me…. to get to the town of LIFESTYLE FREEDOM! So, they DON’T get distracted by the products and get off the bus!! (to spend too much time retailing and falling in love with their products!)

I was talking to a friend the other night. She was telling me how much loved her health & beauty MLM Company’s products. I told her, I love her products too! In fact, I still buy them for my own use! BUT – I asked her the same question I’ve been asking you…

Do you now understand now, your products are just THE VEHICLE you use to get to Lifestyle Freedom?

If you fall too much in love with your products… you end up RETAILING – that’s OK! But it’s NOT MLM – it’s NOT building a team!!! And it WILL NOT give you PASSIVE RESIDUAL INCOME and then you can’t get your LIFESTYLE FREEDOM!

Worse… if the passengers on the bus you’re driving – keep getting off – stopping the bus – to go and do some retail – it’s going to take ages to get to ‘Lifestyle Freedom’! In fact a lot of your passengers will never get back on the bus!

Which is THEIR choice – but what a shame!

So, if you want YOUR bus to reach ‘Lifestyle Freedom’ – please get REALLY clear about this…

It doesn’t matter what the product that your MLM Company sells is! What matters is – how many passengers can you get and keep on your bus to Lifestyle Freedom!

Remember, if you want change in your life….

The change begins with YOU!

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P.S. BTW – I wasn’t calling you stupid! I was just trying to get your attention! – Sorry 😉

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