The 95% Fail at Network Marketing Myth – Busted!!!

by Robin J Emdon

‘95% of people who join a Network Marketing Company fail’ – we are told! Well, from my own experience and stories told by others I’d say THAT’S TRUE!


What does that prove?

It proves two things things.

  1. 5% DON’T! And we (and they) can build a substantial residual income by engaging in the skills training and working their business
  2. The 95% that ‘fail’ – simply failed to engage in learning the skills and working the business and they QUIT!

Here’s my very simple point!

When someone says, they “tried Network Marketing and it didn’t work.”

What they REALLY mean is…

  • They didn’t fully engage in the skills trainings or
  • They did, but they didn’t follow through and APPLY what they had learnt or
  • The training they got sucked! (sad but true – it happens!) or
  • They found a reason to quit, for example…
    • “my upline abandoned me!”
    • “my upline knew nothing”
    • “my upline exploited me – but failed to teach me how to do the business!”
    • “ I hated being told ‘no’!”
    • “I didn’t like the products”
    • “The products were too expensive”
    • “I didn’t get a ‘result’ with the products”
    • “I didn’t know enough people to talk to”
    • “I didn’t know what to say to people”
    • “I alienated my friends and colleagues and made a fool of myself”
    • Add your own here – the list is almost endless!!!


So what about the 5% who didn’t quit?


Why did it work for them?

  • They fully engaged in learning AND applying the skill sets
  • They were happy to make mistakes!
  • They learned to handle ‘rejection’ and not take it personally
  • They realised it was a serious business and took their work seriously
  • They applied themselves to the task of building their team – no matter how long it took!
  • They never quit!
  • Add your own here – again – the list is almost endless!!!

Two Key Takeaways:

The ONLY difference between the 95% who quit Network Marketing and failed and the 5% who don’t quit and ultimately succeed is…their ATTITUDE!

The next time someone says to you… “95% of people who do Network Marketing fail, therefore it doesn’t work” – Blame the people who FAILED TO PROPERLY ENGAGE and learn the skills and APPLY them!

DON’T blame the industry!


One final key takeaway…

Working in Network Marketing – the 95% myth happens to come up a lot!

However… 95% of people who undertake ANY new business venture, for a multitude of reasons, FAIL!

That’s just life!

Work with the 5% who engage – and make sure YOU are one of the 5% – ATTITUDE!!!!

Leave your comments below if you agree and disagree with any of the above!

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Remember, if you want change in your life….
The Change Begins With YOU!

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Robin J Emdon

Life Coach, Professional Online Marketer & Coffee Snob
Online Marketer - Entrepreneur - Bad Joke Teller - Life Coach - Interweb Addict - Single Dad - Retired Retail Stores Owner - Honest to a fault - Dream Builder - Straight Talking - Works From Home - Student of Philosophy and Psychology - Passionate About Life - All Round Good Guy & Cappuccino Lover.

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  • To be successful in network marketing you have to learn all the skill needed. And for that you need time. To get a lawyer you have to study several years before you earn money. In network marketing people think you get rich over night. It need work and commitment.

    • Very true Bruno! Not too sure about the lawyer analogy… network marketing is a respectable profession after all! lol ~Robin~

  • I get to see Myth Busters too!!

    Brilliant post – the 95% / 5% ratio actually identifies most opportunities in life ( just like you said) – it’s the vision, commitment and individual willingness to change habits and mindset that strips out the successful from the samplers and give-uppers. Network Marketing is just a choice of business / career and it’s no different to any other job / business EXCEPT you make your own plan to work at home and that is often a stumbling block. Managing one’s time and learning the skills necessary are where most people trip up in their own businesses – it’s more about going in with your eyes open and choosing to make Network Marketing work for you.
    I think you hit the nail on the head here Robin 🙂

    • Robin J

      Hi Jacs!

      Thank you for your valued and thoughtful comment. And absolutely, Network Marketing IS just a choice. The problem perhaps is that some folks just don’t get that the choice they have made is such an important one. They are trading hard work for high income. Not unlike some other career choices in life. BUT in Network Marketing the rewards just takes months and years, not decades!

      Thanks again for taking the time to comment.

      I appreciate you!


  • Adrienne

    I’ll probably be one of those you’ll disagree with Robin but I’m one of the 95% you’re lumping in the failure category. The difference with me is I’m not blaming others for my failures. I also didn’t “quit” for some of the reasons you shared and I did learn the skills needed. I think it’s just a different experience for different people. I also believe that network marketing is not for everyone.

    That’s just my two cents worth at least.


    • Hey Adrienne!

      Actually Adrienne I think you raise a fair point! The article was written to give hope to those who still want MLM to work for them to take heart that the 95% who quit for a plethora of reasons, were always going to quit and don’t panic!

      Because the 5% who stay are all you need to be successful in your venture.

      No question, some like yourself, quit not because it isn’t working but because they made a conscious decision to walk away. Some of those later change their minds and try again with a new company and a new team and others like yourself move successfully onto new ventures.

      Those that were successful in building a team and creating a decent residual income, such as yourself I’m assuming, and then leave are somewhat rarer. But that doesn’t change my material point, those that remain and really work the business, (the 5%) can find it very hard when people drop out. Just knowing this gives heart and also highlights your final point that network marketing is not for everyone. If you cannot handle the attrition rate, then you are right.

      My final point though is that the attrition rate is high across ALL business ventures. The problem for MLM’ers is they WITNESS it happening physically in their downline, so it is more noticable and petentially damaging for their morale, unless they understand its significance. As long as duplication is going on and those that WANT to engage CAN get the support they need whenever they need it, then it remains a strong business model.

      Your two cents Adrienne, warmly and gratefully received!


  • Jean-Francois Gemme

    Great post! Totally agree altough I would say 98% instead of 95… but you’re right they don’t fail they QUIT….

    • Hey Jean-Francois,

      98%? 95%? You may well be correct! Either way, it is a punishing amount to cope with you see people dropping out of your downline. And my article was intended to give hope to those who solider on, that whilst it’s always uncomfortable to watch, it is normal!

      The thing to watch for is WHY are people dropping out? You need to make certain there is EFFECTIVE recuiting & training duplication going on throughout your team. If people are dropping out because they are not getting proper training, then that is NOT attrition, that is poor leadership.

      So as long as you are satisfied that everyone joining your team is plugged into a strong, duplicatable recruiting and training system, (my own Company excels at this – shameless plug!) then there’s not a lot you can do to save the rest who quite.

      Thanks for you valued comment Jean-Francois!


  • I read many articles today in research for a future blog series. I Wanted to let you know yours was one that hit the problems with MLM people the strongest. I love some of the things you do on your site and blog.
    From one coach to another.

    Rock on

    • Hey Tim,

      Why thank you kind sir! You can come again! LOL

      Remember to share your good ideas too! 😉


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