The 95% Fail at Network Marketing Myth – Busted!!!

by Robin J Emdon

‘95% of people who join a Network Marketing Company fail’ – we are told! Well, from my own experience and stories told by others I’d say THAT’S TRUE!


What does that prove?

It proves two things things.

  1. 5% DON’T! And we (and they) can build a substantial residual income by engaging in the skills training and working their business
  2. The 95% that ‘fail’ – simply failed to engage in learning the skills and working the business and they QUIT!

Here’s my very simple point!

When someone says, they “tried Network Marketing and it didn’t work.”

What they REALLY mean is…

  • They didn’t fully engage in the skills trainings or
  • They did, but they didn’t follow through and APPLY what they had learnt or
  • The training they got sucked! (sad but true – it happens!) or
  • They found a reason to quit, for example…
    • “my upline abandoned me!”
    • “my upline knew nothing”
    • “my upline exploited me – but failed to teach me how to do the business!”
    • “ I hated being told ‘no’!”
    • “I didn’t like the products”
    • “The products were too expensive”
    • “I didn’t get a ‘result’ with the products”
    • “I didn’t know enough people to talk to”
    • “I didn’t know what to say to people”
    • “I alienated my friends and colleagues and made a fool of myself”
    • Add your own here – the list is almost endless!!!


So what about the 5% who didn’t quit?


Why did it work for them?

  • They fully engaged in learning AND applying the skill sets
  • They were happy to make mistakes!
  • They learned to handle ‘rejection’ and not take it personally
  • They realised it was a serious business and took their work seriously
  • They applied themselves to the task of building their team – no matter how long it took!
  • They never quit!
  • Add your own here – again – the list is almost endless!!!

Two Key Takeaways:

The ONLY difference between the 95% who quit Network Marketing and failed and the 5% who don’t quit and ultimately succeed is…their ATTITUDE!

The next time someone says to you… “95% of people who do Network Marketing fail, therefore it doesn’t work” – Blame the people who FAILED TO PROPERLY ENGAGE and learn the skills and APPLY them!

DON’T blame the industry!


One final key takeaway…

Working in Network Marketing – the 95% myth happens to come up a lot!

However… 95% of people who undertake ANY new business venture, for a multitude of reasons, FAIL!

That’s just life!

Work with the 5% who engage – and make sure YOU are one of the 5% – ATTITUDE!!!!

Leave your comments below if you agree and disagree with any of the above!

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Remember, if you want change in your life….
The Change Begins With YOU!

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