Never Mind The Discovery of The Higgs Boson – What You Need NOW Is The Amazing Attraction Marketing Formula!

Seriously, it could be decades before serious fortunes are made from the discovery of the Higgs Boson particle! And I’m guessing you need income NOW! So here’s a FAST START Amazing Attraction Marketing Formula!

The Amazing Attraction Marketing Formula

Step One:

Learn what attraction marketing is! Get yourself a copy of Mike Dillard’s ‘Magnetic Sponsoring’ and READ it cover to cover!

It won’t take long… but contained within its pages are paradigm shifting, mind blowing, COMMON SENSE revelations about how marketing works online.

This book is an ESSENTIAL tool for any successful attraction marketer.


Step Two:

DECIDE you ARE a leader!

This step in the Amazing Attraction Marketing Formula is all about your MINDSET!

You really have to understand and ACT upon the maxim that people buy YOU before they buy your products and business opportunity!

In order to make this a reality you have to adopt the Attraction Marketing Formula POSTURE of a leader!

The need for brevity means I can’t go into much detail here, however as Life Coach I can reveal that the top three qualities you need to work on in order for others to see you as a leader are;

a)      Certainty!

When others see you are a person who is CERTAIN about what you are doing, they are inspired by your drive, your enthusiasm and your confidence that certainty exudes.

What do you have to be certain about?

Your success!

It’s not about you knowing lots of things, being an ‘expert’ or pretending to be something you are not.

It’s simply about you being certain you are going to be successful in your venture.

Convey that and others will want to follow you!

b)      Be Authentic!

It’s vital you have your OWN voice!

Don’t try to copy other leaders. No matter how brilliant you might think they are!

Speak with your own authentic voice!

People respond warmly to hearing you speak authentically.

They quickly pick up on frauds i.e. people who are just copying someone else’s style and that’s a huge turnoff.

c)       Be Courageous

Leaders take risks!

I’m not suggesting you take reckless risks (that’s not part of the Amazing Attraction Marketing Formula at all!) – but calculated, informed risks are vital if you are going to succeed!

Not everything will work, but then neither does doing nothing!

When others see you are a courageous leader, it inspires them to do likewise! To them, you are a leader and when they see you taking intelligent risks, they will respect you.


Step Three:

Create your own unique blog! – Branding!

People who know me will know that I’m a big fan of systemising everything and this is absolutely a key element of the Amazing Attraction Marketing Formula!

After all, when you have good systems, you have something you can duplicate!

And when you have duplicatable systems in place – you can recruit people safe in the knowledge that they too will be successful, if they do the work – obviously!

However, the ONE thing you cannot buy from any ‘system’ is personality!

Remember what I said in step two? ‘People buy YOU before they buy your products or services’.

Now you may have a fantastic MLM (Network Marketing) business that has systems running through everything from presentations to delivered products/services.

And you may have the best systemised online marketing system in the world (I certainly believe I’ve got a good one!)

But unless people can relate to you as an individual human being, who’s got leadership quality and an authentic personality, NO Amazing Attraction Marketing Formula is going to work for you long-term.

You have got to have a blog! Through your blog you open a direct line of information about you and communication with you.

You can express your views, educate, communicate, promote and recommend and just show the world you are a decent, real human being!

Naturally, in any Attraction Marketing Formula I’m going to urge you to think about your target audience. If you are looking for struggling network marketers and offering them a better way of working that will bring them success; there’s no point in endlessly blogging about your interest in golf!

Warning: Beware of online marketing systems that encourage you to promote OTHER people!

I urge you to be wary of online marketing ‘gurus’. There’s a BIG difference between taking advice from any number of online marketing ‘gurus’ and buying into their ‘exclusive’ online marketing systems.

Rule of thumb: If the online marketing system you are using encourages you to have your own blog, and to build, build, build and build YOUR own brand, then it’s probably a good one!

If however, it encourages you to become part of an edifying cult of not just a ‘system’ but of a ‘guru’ who runs the system – this is a very, very foolish strategy.

Why? Because key to the Amazing Attraction Marketing System is in investing YOUR time in building YOUR brand!

Key point: Online marketing systems and MLM companies come and go. Often when we least expect it, the rug is pulled from under our feet as a company or a system collapses. If however, you have invested your time and money into building your strong, solid, good reputable brand – Brand YOU! No one can take THAT away from you!

So there you have it… three steps in the Amazing Attraction Marketing Formula.

Step One:

Educate yourself – learn what the Attraction Marketing part of the Amazing Attraction Marketing Formula is – get Mike Dillard’s book, ‘Magnetic Sponsoring’

Step Two:

Be  a Leader!

Step Three:

Brand yourself – create a blog!

And finally, in this Amazing Attraction Marketing Formula remember… keep your feet on the ground, don’t join any internet marketing guru cults.

Keep your feet on the ground and focus on BRAND YOU!

Remember, if you want change in your life….
The Change Begins With YOU!

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