The REAL Maths of Network Marketing Exposed – The Diamond in the Rough!

by Robin J Emdon

The Real Maths of Network Marketing They Were Too Scared To Tell You!

By now you’ve all seen the maths of network marketing? The exponential growth?

You know… recruit 5, who recruit 5 – that becomes 25! Duplicate – it becomes 125 and again and it becomes 625 and on and on it goes.

You also know in the REAL world, it never works out like that! You might only recruit 3, two of whom drop out and the third only recruits 2 and so it imperfectly goes on!

But you KNOW THIS! It just proves the model isn’t perfect – but it still works – right?

Say ‘yes Robin – it’s right’!


But here’s the REAL maths of Network Marketing they forget to mention…

(I never understand why they forget this… but hey… I’m redressing the balance now!)

To become wealthy in network marketing the magic number you need to remember is…(drum roll please!)


Yep, that’s it… just FIVE!

Five what Robin?

Great question – glad you asked!

Five ‘Diamonds in the rough’ – that’s what!

Five people in your team that are total diamond geezers! i.e. Diamonds in the rough – i.e. LEADERS!

It doesn’t matter whether or not you have 5 people in your team. 500 hundred people in your team or 5,000 people in your team.

These 5 ‘Diamonds in the rough’ will make themselves and YOU very wealthy!

But how long does it take to find your 5?

Well, you might be lucky! You could sign one up in your first month! It might take you a year! Yikes… it might even take you TWO years!

The point is, it’s not predictable. You just know that your GOAL is to find them, nurture them, work with them and let them do their magic! Just like you are doing yours!! (btw… if you get this… really get this… you MUST be ONE of those DIAMONDS in the making! – yes?)

You ask ANY leader in ANY network marketing company and they will confirm what I’m telling you… that their fortunes really took off when they found their first ‘Diamonds in the rough’!

What exactly do I mean by a ‘Diamond in the Rough’?

Well, it’s not always immediately obvious who they are! If you are lucky they are an existing MLM leader who has retired from one company and moved into yours and maybe brought their team with them. But that’s rare, can be very lucky for you and is also fraught with dangers as well as potential gains.

No, what I’m talking about are people who just ‘get it’! People who are either natural leaders OR turn themselves into one!

They understand what MLM is. They understand what they have to do to make it work AND they take MASSIVE ACTION to make it happen!

And they just keep going…. and going… and going…

In time they identify themselves as top recruiters, top trainers, top leaders in their company. The go for and win the incentives. AND they run the duplicatable systems that guarantee their downline is going to grow irrespective of whether they are there or not – you don’t want them to be indispensible – that’s no good.

Now these ‘Diamonds in the rough’ could have begun as a humble housewife who joined to earn some pin money. They could be a business person with a portfolio of successful business’s behind them.

The problem is, until they join, get trained and go to work… you just can’t tell!

It’s their ACTIONS, not their words or their past deeds that identifies them to you!

Eventually, when you see their downline growing and their income (and yours!) growing as a result you will realise they are the real deal! And then you have FOUND your first one!

Now you’ll be looking around for numbers 2,3,4 and 5!

By the time you have 5 – our magic number! You are going to be a VERY happy bunny indeed! (passes you a gold carrot)

In my last article, I talked about how 95% of people who join an MLM drop out! Leaving just 5% who do something. Of those, possibly as few as 2% actually do well. And… if you’re lucky… very, very, very lucky…1% will be your ‘Diamond in the rough’!

In other words, for every 100 people who join your team, ONE could be your ‘Diamond’!

So if you want 5, you need a team of maybe 500 people!

But, as I said at the start of this article. The maths is not exact!  It might be you need to build a team (via duplication – you don’t have to recruit them all by yourself – obvs!) of 500 to find your 5, or a 1,000 or even 5,000 before you can clearly identify the 5 leaders in your team!

Ask your top leaders in your upline to be honest with you. How many ‘Diamonds in the rough’ have they found? Out of how many in their team?  I have no clue what they will say! So it will be a fascinating exercise! (post your answers below!).

But I am CERTAIN they will NOT tell you they found all 5 in their first 5 signups or even their first 100 signups!

Key Takeaway One:

You are looking for just 5 Leaders in your downline to be successful in your MLM.  It truly is a numbers business.

Key Takeaway Two:

Play the long game in MLM – It takes time to find those ‘Diamonds in the rough’ – keep duplicating your recruiting and training – and wait for them to emerge!


Remember, if you want change in your life….
The Change Begins With YOU!

Robin J Emdon






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  • To find the Diamonds is the key to success. To get your diamonds you need to lead by example. Only then you will find them and your team can develop themselves to a diamond.

    • Hey Bruno!

      If there was an Oscar for ‘great comments’ – you just nailed yourself a nomination! Well said sir!


  • Great Post. Ultimately it is a numbers game to find those people who overcome their fears and internal resistance to push on until they achieve success. Training, support and a system can help, but it’s up to the person.
    Your “click here’ at the end for your system doesn’t work, btw. 🙂

    • Hi Jon!

      Thank you for your most valued comment! Yup – it absolutely IS up to the person! You are 100% right!

      Thanks for the heads up on the broken link – (growls at wordpress!) – I KNOW I set that up – but sometimes it doesn’t upload when I publish! Another thing to remember to check! LOL – All fixed now!


  • Hi Robin

    Great advice and explanation. I know a couple of people who have found their main people very early in their career but I think that is not the norm.

    I think the most important thing is not to judge and think we know who is going to excel. I used to have this “he/she would be great” in my head and I was almost always wrong.

    For me it has been the most difficult thing in Network Marketing to find people who stay and duplicate. I know it is possible as I see many successful people so it is a matter of perseverance.

    Bruno did nail it with his comment to lead by example. That is key of course. Ray Higdon is such a shining example of that I think.

    Thanks for a great blog Robin.


    • Hey Sue!

      That’s soo true! You can almost NEVER tell who the next ‘diamond’ is going to be!

      As to ‘staying and duplicating’ – well the key there Sue is to resist the temptation to be constantly re-inventing the wheel. If you have a good duplication system a) stick to it and b) drill it into your team – they MUST stick to it too! For example, in Numis they now have a 3 step lead generation system. It’s simple to use, easy to learn and because it is Company created, HIGHLY duplicatable.

      The minute someome in your team says… “nah, I’m not doing it that way… I’m doing it THIS way!” you have lost duplication! The only thing they will duplicate with a maverick approach like that is – more mavericks! And uh oh, the whole system breaks down. Then they wonder why it isn’t working. New folks just get confused, because they don’t see a system at all and that’s why they end up quitting.

      Bruno’s point about leading by example has to be right. And the example you need to set is… “I follow the system and you must too!”.

      Of course if the system itself is failing – then you might need to make some changes. But such changes need to be done in an organised way. i.e. the WHOLE team needs to be told… up until January 31st we use THIS tool for recruiting, but on February 1st we ALL move over to using THAT tool!

      People are free to NOT to follow you naturally, but then I’d say to them, ‘no problem and when you want to to work with the team again, just come back and let us know. In the meantime, good luck!’

      It has to be THAT strict! Duplication is the sacred cow of MLM! (oooh I feel a blog coming on here! LOL).

      Thanks for the awesome feedback Sue!


  • Well explained post Robin!

    Although I am not from the marketing niche, but I do have lots of friend’s who are into MLM or network marketing, and yes, that’s what it all comes down to – finding your diamonds and setting an example that you would want others to follow.

    Thanks for sharing this with us. 🙂

    • Hey Harleena!

      Thanks for your thoughtful comment! Kind of you to drop in and make it. I very much appreciate you for doing that!


  • Hi Robin,
    Good to know what to shoot for! I liked this blog post. I have heard this before but you know it does make sense. Jim Rohn says that 20% do all the work, it’s the 20/80 rule.
    Thanks for sharing this, I needed to hear it.

    • Hey Tonya!

      Yeah, you really have to know the maths or it will get to you! Jim Rohn’s 80/20 is well made as a general principle – and I think it’s more like 95/5!!! Still works though.


  • Lisa

    Hi Robin!

    I agree with all you’ve pointed out here. Every top MLMer that I’ve met, has gone through similar numbers. That’s why it’s so important to connect with as many people as possible. You never know if that “Diamond in the rough” is the person behind you in line at the market or someone you met in social media. The point is, don’t judge or be fearful to talk about your business because you may be missing out on your next superstar!

    Thanks again!

    • Hi Lisa!

      How very well said! It really is just impossible to know!

      Thanks for dropping by and taking the trouble to leave a comment.

      I appreciate it!


  • Titus Hauer

    Wow that’s an impressive post. Some heavyweight insights :D.

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