Wake Up and Smell The Coffee – Your MLM Business IS Worth a Fortune!

by Robin J Emdon
in MLM

A very simple but powerful message for you today. Even if you don’t have a single person in your MLM business, if you’ve yet to get one retail sale, do you really understand what you have at your fingertips?

Let me quantify it for you.

I’m going to work from two assumptions.

First, you want a long-term RESIDUAL INCOME from your Network Marketing business (i.e. your MLM Business). i.e. you want an income paid to you for the rest of your life regardless of whether or not you are working the business anymore.

Second, you are prepared to do whatever it takes to learn your trade and become successful at building your MLM Business until you have an annual average income of say $25,000 a year (this figure is intentionally cautious – of course you might and can earn a great deal more (or less!)).

A simple question. IF (and it’s a BIG ‘IF’) you could find a bank prepared to pay you 5% interest on your cash savings, how much CASH would you need to create and annual income of $25,000?

Answer: $500,000 – that’s right – HALF A MILLION dollars!

And that’s assuming you can a) find a bank that would pay you 5% consistently and b) you don’t want to leave ANY income invested to offset inflation eating away at your capital cash lump sum.

Do you see where I’m going here?

It’s so simple – and yet sooo many people just don’t get this very, very simple fact….

If you want to generate $25,000 a year income you EITHER have to have a lump sum of HALF A MILLION dollars to invest OR you can build through the leveraging principles of the MLM Business world a RESIDUAL income of $25,000 a year.

Think on this….

Let’s imagine you only have HALF that amount of residual income… $12,500 a year – or just over $1,000 a month.

To get a $1,000 a month you’d need a LUMP SUM of $250,000 CASH invested in some ‘magic’ bank a/c that generously pays you 5% per annum in interest.

Now if you have that kind of cash to invest in lump sums AND you can find a bank that will pay you 5% – Well done you! I wish you well and long may you prosper!

However, the vast majority of folks simply do NOT have that kind of money to play around with and yet, with a flourishing MLM Business they really can generated unlimited income potential.

Which leads me to my final and perhaps most important point…

If you start your MLM Business for a couple of hundred dollars – do you now realise that what you are ACTUALLY investing in is an INCOME GENERATING MACHINE worth maybe at least a QUARTER OF A MILLION DOLLARS and maybe as much as HALF A MILLION DOLLARS or MORE!!!

Would that make you think about what you are investing in differently?

Let me put it another way…

If you invested HALF A MILLION dollars of your own money in a business hoping to get AT LEAST $25,000 income per annum from it (more I would hope!), mightn’t you put on your PROFESSIONAL working clothes, enroll in suitable training programs to learn your trade, get your decently prepared sales tools professionally made and go to work on your business with an attitude of total dedication and did I already say it, PROFESSIONALISM?

Why then would you treat an MLM Business that cost you a couple of hundred dollars any differently?

The MLM Business saves you the trouble of having to find the HALF A MILLION dollars up front.

Instead, you get everything you need to get started for the price of a very small (very, very small!)  Tablet computer! And yet – you have opened up working on a business that will one day, be worth thousands, perhaps MILLIONS to you, because of the INCOME it generates for you, forever!

So my simple message – IF you are treating your MLM Business as a hobby, just something you dip in and out of – I urge you to think again!

You have at your fingertips something that is HUGELY valuable just waiting for you to PROFESSIONALLY take the reins and WORK IT LIKE A RENTED MULE until it pays you back in spades!

What have you got to lose? Certainly NOT the HALF MILLION you could have taken out of the bank to invest in a business that could have gone belly up anyways!

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Robin J Emdon

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  • Beth Hewitt

    Hi Robin,

    This is a really great way to explain the power of network marketing. People may be tempted to take their home based business for granted or treat it as a hobby, but it is really important to understand what they really have their finger tips.

    Thanks for sharing,

    Beth 🙂

    • Hey Beth,

      Absolutely Beth. It’s most definitely not a hobby for many, and I hope my article made it clear why it isn’t.

      It’s all too easy to not realise just what you have when you’re in MLM.

      My thanks for your comment.


  • Andy Piper

    Yet another awesome post Robin, nailed it – on the button, top stuff !

    With you all the way – as Jim Rohn says (and hope Im not over using this !) “working full time in my jjob, and part time on my fortune”


  • Eric Nelson

    Mindset and discipline are key. I don’t think you can expect to realistically build a fortune working only a couple hours a week when most people work 40+ for much less. Your business will return to you the same type of effort that you give it. Great post!

    • Hey Eric,

      Very true. Though don’t mistake ‘hard’ work for ‘smart’ work! If hard work online made you wealthy, digging the road would be a wealth creator! No, you have to work ‘smart’ too, which means plugging yourself into tried and tested systems that work, like MLM.


  • Hey Robin,
    Another great post – and a great explanation of the potential of Network Marketing, and what it can mean financially to an individual.
    I wish I could remember the phrase I heard one time – it was something like “Non-Asset Based Residual Income”. In other words, creating the income stream without having to have the Asset in a bank account, simply by building your MLM business.
    Same thing you’re teaching here!

    • Hey Jon! 🙂

      Yes absolutely, it’s just like have a million (or 10 million!) in the bank and living off the interest! Much easier to create that kind of income with MLM than it is to build the capital lump sum. And it’s a kind of chicken and egg situation, because of course, you can also put a good chunk of said income towards building a nice lump sum of capital anyway!


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