What’s the NUMBER ONE Mistake People Make When Selecting a Network Marketing Company?

What’s the NUMBER ONE mistake people make when selecting a network marketing company?

Here it is… They THINK the primary thing they need to do is select is a company that sells products THEY LIKE.

Honestly, this is just absolutely THE WRONG WAY to make a serious decision about how to choose a network marketing business because when deciding which opportunity you want to join – it needs to be a calculated hard-nosed BUSINESS decision.

When you decide to go for products you ‘like’ – you’re letting your emotions cloud your judgement.

It IS ok to fall in love with your company’s products LATER – once it’s passed all the other criteria for choosing a company and fortunately, most network marketing companies with a serious pedigree and solid base, get this way precisely BECAUSE their products are great!

Typically, the MOST successful entrepreneurs begin with little or no understanding of their ultimate product/service. What they bring to the table is the VISION and the marketing and they employ EXPERTS to get the product/service just right.

Fortunately, network marketing companies have done the product development for us! And if the company is a good one, you can trust the products without ever needing to be an EXPERT in them.

How many times have I heard people say… “when I’ve tried your health drink and seen results for MYSELF then I’ll consider buying into your company!”

No disrespect, but the last health and beauty company I was with had been around for over 30 yrs and had a SOLID reputation behind its products. What is one more person ‘getting a result’ with the products going to prove?


Now I know it’s important for THEM to be ‘sold’ themselves and for them to have gotten their OWN results before they can convincingly ‘sell’ the products themselves. And of course this IS a fair viewpoint.

However, there is an over-riding point that they are MISSING when they go down the ‘let me try the (already tried and tested) products for myself.’

And that is, that the products a bona fide network marketing company ‘sells’, are merely a means to an end.

They are the VEHICLE by which the network marketing company DELIVERS its ULTIMATE product, which is RESIDUAL INCOME (passive income from royalties earned, paid forever).

Residual Income is THE NUMBER ONE product of ALL network marketing companies.

No, I’m NOT talking about RETAIL here! If you want to make your income from retail sales, it doesn’t matter what company you join. It doesn’t matter if it’s a network marketing company or not.

You can get stuff wholesale from limitless numbers of companies and sell retail.

That’s a TOTALLY different business model and this article is not addressing that business model.

However, when you are deciding which NETWORK MARKETING COMPANY to join, your NUMBER ONE priority MUST be to examine how well structured the company and the team you are joining, is to deliver RESIDUAL INCOME!

So when I look at new network marketing company I consider the following five criteria;

1)      Is the company a credible, genuine network marketing company

2)      Is my sponsor (your sponsor doesn’t need to be the best ever – it’s their UPLINE that matters!) part of a dynamic team that is genuinely duplicating successful recruiting and

3)      Does my upline have a strong ONLINE recruiting system that I can use

4)      Is the compensation plan generous and fair to NEW recruits and

5)      Are the leaders of the company committed to building a long-term successful business that I’m investing my time and money in

Then at number SIX I would put – are the products sound, legal, tangible, credible and is there a market for them?

And at SEVEN I would add, is the monthly overhead (always a minimum qualifying purchase of products/services) an asset?

Now that last one is an interesting one.

It never used to be on my list. Why? Because I’ve been with several health and beauty network marketing companies and in all cases, the monthly autoship (overhead!) was consumable products.

Clearly not assets! But vital if I wanted to qualify for my monthly residual income!

However, recently I joined a network marketing company that has turned this idea on its head!

And for the first time I have realised, you CAN have your cake and eat it!

With my old health and beauty network marketing company I had to pay out something like $2000 a year on consumables and at the end of the year – I had a garage full of empty bottles and some ‘stock’ rapidly going out of date!

My current company delivers to me a product that not only HOLDS its value for AT LEAST five years (covered by a guarantee) but because it’s an item that is traded on the open market, it has the potential to INCREASE in value the longer I hold it.

In other words, IT’S AN ASSET!

Now I don’t know about you… but given the choice between spending $2000 a year on a garage full of empty bottles and $2000 a year that I would have had to spend anyway (overhead remember!) on an ASSET! For me, that was a no brainer!

Nevertheless, even this consideration lay OUTSIDE of my top 5 criteria already listed above.

Because remember, IRRESPECTIVE of the product your prospective network marketing company sells… that is ONLY the VEHICLE through which it delivers your PRIMARY objective!

Permanent, ongoing RESIDUAL income – and the life choices that income gives you!

Vacations, putting your kids through college, church donations, dream cars, charitable work… whatever it is that matters to you… PERMANENT RESIDUAL INCOME is the NUMBER ONE PRODUCT of a strong network marketing company.

Remember, if you want change in your life….
The Change Begins With YOU!

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