Why Are You Looking For A Job Centre Website? Isn’t It Time You Took Charge Of Your Life?

If you are seeking the job centre website then it doesn’t require a huge leap of the imagination to suppose you might be looking for a job? (I worked that out all by myself!) First, let me wish you most sincerely, good luck with finding what you are looking for. And secondly, I have two questions for you…

Even if you find a job how long, in this dire economic climate, do you think realistically it will be before you are looking for another one?

And is it job you need or an income?

Who knows what the answer to the first question might be? Jobs are increasingly hard to find, leave alone hang on to!

And let’s be honest, unless you are one of the rare individuals who is lucky enough to be in a job you absolutely, positively love; more than likely, it’s simply a means to an end, that end being, money (income!).

Fortunately a job, the kind you would find on a job centre website, is only one way you can generate an income that bucks the recession.

  • If you have savings or a very good line of credit with a bank (assuming there still is such a thing these days?) then you could set yourself up in a business. You could buy a ‘turnkey’ type business like a franchise if you have a few hundred thousand to spare. Or you could set up as a self-employed tradesperson for (if you are lucky) a few tens of thousands.

Even if you DO set up in business, it is a well known fact that four out of five businesses’ fail in their first year. And of those that survive, nine out of ten of those fail to survive another five years!

Robert Kiyosaki author of the famous Rich Dad, Poor Dad book series says this startling statistic only tells him that in order to guarantee success in business, he needs to set up 10 business’s! ONE of them statistically is bound to succeed and it only takes one to make you very wealthy.

Now I have some empathy for Kiyosaki’s view. After all, compare it to the alternative figure often quoted, that the average school leaver today can expect to be made redundant and need to retrain up to 12 times in their 40 year plus career. I find this statistic horrifying!

  • Maybe you could invest in property? It’s a buyer’s market at the moment!  On the other hand, is this going to see any significant return if you are looking for income now? Even long-term, you could well be looking VERY long-term!
  • Let’s put winning the lottery and other forms of gambling to one side. Low or high risk, this is not an intelligent nor very likely solution to your income troubles.

So, what are we left with?


  • Well, maybe you are aware, if you weren’t you will be, there is a hundred billion dollar a year industry called network marketing!

Fortunately, a lot of the negative mythology about this is finally falling away and more and more people are learning that here is a viable, legal, ethical and rewarding business that costs pennies to set up (compared to the thousands of starting your own business from scratch). Is very, very low risk and above all, can be worked around the day job which presumably right now, the income from is essential.

The only significant problem that remains with network marketing or (multi-level marketing) is that if you are working at it hard and intelligently, it still takes time to grow a significant income. Not a lot of time, but long enough if you need to earn a crust in the meantime! And this is a big reason why those who don’t succeed in network marketing fail. They simply struggle to find the time around their day job to do it!

Happily, we are now in the age of 24 hours a day, 7 days a week social media (or web 2.0), because network marketing is a social business. The serious money is made by those who realise that they need to reach a LOT of people, (way beyond their current circle of friends and relatives) and they need to reach those people with rapport and integrity.

And there is a way (lots and lots of them) on the internet to reach hundreds, thousands! Just the like the real world, it takes time to build honest, decent relationships with people online, but unlike the real world, actually meeting and connecting with those people is simple!

So, if you are sociable, friendly and have an open mind willing to learn new skills then maybe the only job you need, is the one called ‘working for yourself’!

The bottom line is, for a few hours a week of smart working around your hard work day job, you really can build for yourself a significant (and permanent!) recession busting income!

Job centre website? Pah! You have in your hands right now an income busting, money-making machine! Your PC!

Remember, if you want change in your life….
The Change Begins With YOU!

Robin J Emdon

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