Why Do So Many People Fail In Network Marketing?

by Robin J Emdon
in MLM

Actually, there are several reasons people fail in Network Marketing. Some you will already know, some, if you’ve already ‘failed’ up to this point you may feel uncomfortable owning up to, and some just happen because the training was just not good enough.

First off, let’s kick the ‘scam’ argument out the window. People do NOT fail because Network Marketing is a scam! It isn’t!

Listen, I’ve had first hand experience of scamming plumbers, builders, car mechanics, retailers, ebayers… in fact, you name it, ANYTHING that provides a product or service has its scammers!  True, there are scams within the Network Marketing industry, but that does not mean the entire industry is a scam! Anymore than any other.

No, the number ONE reason people fail at network marketing is because they are NOT coachable! And/or followed by a close second reason, they are not HUNGRY enough!

OK – I appreciate that’s a strong thing to say. However, there’s an hugely important reason people in Network Marketing who are coachable do way better than those who are not. And that is, that Network Marketing is NOT life traditional marketing and yet very, very few REALLY understand this!

The KEY difference between Network Marketing and traditional marketing is simple to explain, but it is very much harder to enact.

So, let me try with the ‘simple explanation’.

Traditional Marketing is all about ‘selling’ you something! So let’s say I sell Cruises (I do as a matter fact!). I can tell you all about the features of the Cruise; the size of the ship, the food, the luxury, the itinerary and so on and then I can tell you all about the benefits; it’s relaxing, everything is done for you, limitless choice of delicious foods to suit every palate, lots of time for gorgeous spa treatments and pampering and so on. Now, all you have to do is decide if this if for you, and buy it!

But if you’ve ever been to a Network Marketing meeting you’ll notice the high earners don’t try to ‘sell’ to you at all! No! What they do is work on BUILDING YOUR BELIEF that you can do what they are doing! Sure, they’ll have a powerpoint or a video that explains all about the ‘Cruises’ (or whatever their Company sells), but THEY will, through their example and what they say, be completely focused on demonstrating to you, just how SIMPLE what they do is!

Do you see the difference? It IS simple isn’t it? And yet, it is notoriously HARD to get people to integrate into their Network Marketing approach.

If you are from a strong selling background and you join a Network Marketing company, you’ll have NO PROBLEM recruiting people! Why? Because you SOLD it to them! But you WILL absolutely struggle to get the people you SOLD to, to duplicate what you did. You probably already know this… MOST people HATE selling! So of course, most people you SELL to are NOT going to make it work!

So, they fail at Network Marketing and decide the business model is faulty and a scam or if they are completely honest with themselves and others, they will just think it wasn’t anything they could do!

Or more than likely you do NOT have a background in sales, but the first thing you do is try to emulate the Company SALES strategies!

I used to be with a health and beauty Network Marketing Company and they had GREAT sales materials in the form of videos, powerpoint and brochures. And I was taught (wrongly in my opinion!), that all I needed to do was master ‘selling’ the products and business opportunity!

My eyes were opened when I left and joined a different Network Marketing Company, where once again the Sales tools were amazing, but this time my upline taught me… do NOT master SELLING the products and opportunity, LET THE COMPANY’S TOOLS do that! Instead, focus on demonstrating to everyone you expose this business too, just how SIMPLE what you do is! Or in other words, BUILD THEIR BELIEF that THEY can do what YOU are doing!

Get it?

So, as I was saying, you have to be ‘coachable’ to be successful in Network Marketing!

I appreciate, to go from defining the differences between ‘traditional marketing’ and ‘Network Marketing’ to being ‘coachable’ might appear to be a big leap in logic.

However, here’s why it matters… even IF you are already successful in your Network Marketing business, the VAST MAJORITY of people you recruit into it, will as we have said, BY DEFINITION, will NOT be! And in order for THEM to become successful, they need to be coachable! THEY need to be prepared to LEARN the simple and subtle ways that Network Marketing works in (a LOT of Network Marketing is in the subtlety!)….

And here’s the number ONE key takeaway:

Even the top leaders in Network Marketing are coachable!

Actually, I’d go further, they are DESPERATE to get good coaching! They seek it out! Every single day! They go to courses, they read books and listen or watch training programs. They REALLY get the value of being coached even IF they appear to have it all already!


Because they KNOW that it was being coachable that got them to where they are now AND that it will get the people they recruit there too! And the mark of a true leader is someone who never wants to stop learning, right?

Key takeaway number two:

Coaching keeps you on track!  A good coach strategizes with you, holds you accountable, keeps you focused on your outcomes and above all, keeps you humble!

The best leaders in my opinion are humble people. They do what they do, not because they are better, but because they have learnt ways that make them successful and they have a burning passion to teach that to others!

So, when you are coachable, you are OPEN to being taught by the very best!

That doesn’t mean you should not discriminate! Not all ‘coaches’ will resonate with all people and some coaches are (sadly) downright dishonest in their intentions! But when you are coachable AND you are HUNGRY to succeed, there’s NO REASON why you should not be successful in Network Marketing!

A LOT of people fail in Network Marketing. A LOT of people fail in a lot of things! But you are not a ‘LOT’ – you are an individual with a burning desire to succeed! Yes? So be smart, be coachable and be even more successful!


Remember, if you want change in your life….

The change begins with YOU!

Robin J Emdon






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