Goals – Setting Yourself Up For Success and Avoiding The Pitfalls of Writing Your Goals

by Robin J Emdon

If you are ready to take your life to the next the level, to achieve a level of fulfillment that may have previously eluded you, then you need three things:

1)      You must be very clear about what you want to achieve? What is the result you seek? You must answer the question: What do I REALLY want?

2)      Why do you want it? Don’t be deceived by this simple question – it is THE key to success! It’s not enough to say you would like a big house, unless you are completely engaged with the purpose behind WHY that big house means so much to you?

3)      Take MASSIVE SMART action! There are MANY ways to achieve your results, but unless you do SOMETHING, the only results you are guaranteed to get – are frustration and failure.

Now it’s not enough simply to write down your goals. Whilst it’s true that in so doing you are now in only 2% of the population who bother, there’s still no guarantee you will achieve them unless you become EMOTIONALLY attached to them!

For example, suppose your goal is to “throw a surprise birthday party for your partner”. Does that inspire you? Do you feel excited or in any way emotionally driven to WANT that goal? Let’s re-word it.

How about…”We’re going to have the most incredible birthday party full of laughter, surprises and happy reunions with some of our best friends. We will drink, dance and celebrate until we are overflowing with the joy of this wonderful occasion.”

OK – that’s probably a little over the top, but do you see my point? Which one are you more likely to feel some ‘emotional’ pull towards?

It’s crucial you understand this. Instead of stating a goal in drab, matter of fact way, you are making the goal emotionally compelling, which brings us to the second point about your ‘why?’

Presumably, if you are putting on a surprise birthday party for your partner it’s because you love them? So in this instance – there’s your why? In fact, I would suggest you go further than just saying you love someone…

Take me for example for instance. I’m a single parent to two amazing boys’. Now if ever there was a ‘why?’ – This must be a good one! I don’t simply want things like a better house, more money, and a nicer car; though these things are all in my goal list – obviously!

What I REALLY want, what gets me out of bed every morning looking forward to another day, is the dream that I can provide my children with a better life experience. Open more doors of opportunity for them. Give them a happy, healthy and fun-filled life.

If you’re a parent you don’t need me to labour the point and if you a human, you remember being a kid don’t you? It wasn’t just the material things that made a difference; it was how you FELT that mattered didn’t it?

And finally, there’s taking MASSIVE SMART ACTION! You really can’t achieve anything much by being a couch potato, drinking rancid beer and shouting at a football match on the idiot box – can you? (If you answer is ‘yes’ – please promise to NEVER contact me!) You have to take action. There are an infinite number of ways to work to achieve your goals, many or most will involve hard work – and the ones you utilise should above all, involve SMART work! Think about it – if hard work alone made you a wealthy person – then every road digger, builder and labourer in the world should be a millionaire!

Smart work – is hard work intelligently designed to save you time, money and labour but achieve massive results!

It is NOT specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely – (S.M.A.R.T.) – I’m really not a fan of this idea that you no doubt will have seen plastered over hundreds (thousands) of other articles!

Be specific – Yes! And Measurable is good too. But if you had said to Donald Trump when he was $900 million in personal debt Donald you have to be ‘realistic’ and work only for what is ‘attainable’ and you don’t have much ‘time’… blah, blah, blah…” well, can you imagine the reception  you would have got from him? He probably would have suggested now is a good time to learn to fly as he hurled you out of his Penthouse suite on the top of Trump Tower! The ONLY ‘reality’ that mattered to him (and it should to you too) is the one he created! He got himself into that mess – and history has proved he got himself conclusively and remarkably, out of it!

I’m not saying be ‘unrealistic’ – if you think something is unrealistic – then guess what? It is! However, if YOU believe it IS realistic – then whatever anyone else thinks – is absolutely irrelevant!

The mark of some the greatest leaders of our times has been their unwillingness to accept restrictions. If you like – their ability to be incredibly unreasonable when everyone else is telling them to ‘be reasonable’!

I’m not encouraging to you set goals that you deep down believe you could never achieve – for that my friend – will become a self-fulfilling prophecy. I’m just inviting you to consider that ‘reality’ is what YOU believe it is!

And that’s my final tip for today. DON’T tell anyone your goals! Seriously! They are YOURS – YOU believe in them, you FEEL them, you work SMART for them by leveraging your time, planning your actions and coming up with a flexible game plan. What others think – is irrelevant! They have their OWN reality to live in – you be happy with yours and leave them to be happy in theirs.

Remember, if you want change in your life….
The Change Begins With YOU!

Robin J Emdon

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  • Some great advice on goal setting. Most people have a ‘dream’, but aren’t then clear enough on what actually they want. Writing it down is a great way of helping that!

    • Robin J Emdon

      Hi Greg, thanks for taking the time to leave a comment 🙂

  • Globex Writing

    Hey Robin,
    Wonderful advice. Thanks for this

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