Discover The 4 Step Formula For Getting the Gold OUT of Your Gold Mine!

So you’ve signed up with the ‘best’ network marketing company since the invention of the printing press!

You’ve gotten yourself THE most amazing online marketing recruiting funnel system since Steve Jobs invented the iPod and you’re still not succeeding!

Look, I live in the UK and for a couple of hundred pounds sterling (around US$300) I can sign you up to a super duper, best MLM opportunity in the world that, had you tried to start up a similar operation from scratch would easily have cost you hundreds and hundreds of thousands and months and years of toil, sweat and sleepless nights to get it up and running.

And yet for MUCH less than it costs to burn yourself to a crisp on a greasy sunbed, next to a swimming pool, drinking rancid hops,  in the ‘Costa Del Holiday’ for a week, you have literally at your fingertips (online) a well oiled (NOT the suntan kind of oil!), tried, tested and successful business – or gold mine! – just waiting for you to start digging!

“Even if you are sitting on a gold mine, you still gotta dig!” – Mike Wang

Yep that’s right… you’ve still gotta do the work folks!

Now if you’re already in an MLM business you probably already knew this!

So, the next thing you need is a well oiled, tried and tested online recruiting funnel.

OK – now what?!

Now… my friend… you have to DIG DEEPER!!!

You see, as an old friend of mine used to say more times than they’ve played the national anthem since the American War of Independence…

 “It’s simple, but it’s NOT easy!”

That’s right… signing into an MLM business opportunity is VERY simple!

Getting hold of their brochures, products, samples and setting up their website, is simple!

Showing it to your friends, relatives, neighbours, fire-fighters, mechanics, dogs, cats and the donkey in the field behind the hay barn, is simple!

Evaluating and joining an online recruiting funnel system is simple!

Setting it up… is even simpler!

But and this is a great big I’ve eaten 20 burgers for breakfast and I’m ready for a ton of pizza, washed down with 175 gallons of cola kind of BUTT…

It’s NOT easy!!!

You have to get out there and DO THE WORK!

And let’s get REAL specific about what that work is!

Cos my friend who used to tell me ‘It’s simple, but it’s not easy!” always neglected to tell me that bit… just WHAT is it, that’s NOT easy… that I’m supposed to be doing?!

So here’s is a ‘SIMPLE but not easy’ guide to what you need to be actually DOING!

1)      Connect with people

That’s lots and lots and lots and lots and did I say, lots of people!

Make ‘friends’ with people through social media – BUT!!! – don’t JUST ‘friend’ them – Noooooo!!! That’s BAD!!

Here’s a novel idea…

TALK to them first! THEN you can suggest ‘friending’ them because you need to…

2)      Build relationships with those people

i.e. get RAPPORT with them and become GENUINELY interested in them (fake this and you are sooo not gonna go the distance!) and ADD value to their lives JUST by being their friend!

3) As the relationship develops and the ‘know me, like me, trust me’ relationship grows, then (and ONLY then!) you can point them in the direction – if they haven’t found it already – of your business/products. (N.B. this is NOT appropriate in MANY cases, for many reasons… use your judgement – don’t just SPAM them – even if they ARE friends – they won’t be for long – if you do that!)

4) Accept you are going to get knocked down and just keep going

“When life slaps you down, get back out there and slap her back! Never quit!” – Joseph McClendon III

Now, that last point about ‘NEVER QUITTING’ is a doozy!

Because ‘quitting’ is THE number one reason people DON’T succeed in MLM (network marketing) and online marketing.

They got swept up in the emotion of thinking it was going to be simple!

Well, duh!!!! It IS!!!

But they didn’t get – it wasn’t going to be EASY!

So now YOU do and I’m passing you the pick axe and shovel…. get digging!!!


Remember, if you want change in your life….
The Change Begins With YOU!

Robin J Emdon






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Robin J Emdon

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  • Ken Kinstle

    Great stuff Robin, the gold doesnt rise to the top on its own huh, have to work. Keep helping others great tips!

  • Freddy Rodriguez

    Excellent post, Robin. Your writing style was quite entertaining. I completely agree with you that the things required to be successful in network marketing are simple. They’re designed to be simple to allow for duplication. BUT, they are not easy. If it was easy and everyone could do…there wouldn’t be an opportunity for us.

    • Yes! That’s very true Freddy! Though thank goodness – it’s a level playing field – it may NOT be easy – but for those that are prepared to work smart… it DOES work!

  • steve Barrow

    Great post… I understand your approach… it is simple but not easy. However, don’t you agree that easy is dependent on what you are comparing the work to?

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