What Attraction Marketing is NOT! If You Do This… Just STOP IT!!!

Non-Attraction Marketing People Look out! He’s gonna blow!!

OK – I’m going to have a little rant here! But bear with me, because I have a VERY serious point to make about attraction marketing!

If you are one of the clowns who keep sending out random, scatter gun messages to anyone and everyone with a link to your business/product will you please STOP IT!!!

It’s not clever.

It’s not professional.

It doesn’t work and

It’s getting our profession a seriously bad name!

I get this kind of message hitting my inbox and Facebook wall, every single hour of every single day…

“Hi, how are you? Take a look at my incredible, spectacular business opportunity (or product) – here’s the link”

Right! I’m going to drop everything I’m doing and rush off to take a look!


Or I get a direct message from someone – they’re ALWAYS variations of the same tactic…

“Hi Robin, how are you today?”

“I’m good thanks, and you?” I reply

“Great, thanks for asking! Listen would you be interested in taking a look at my latest whizz bang, super duper incredible business opportunity? – Here’s the link…..”

“Oh, what’s that? Why don’t you tell me about it?” I ask (for the zillionth time this week!)

“Well, it’s about how my super duper company, with it’s amazing products and awesome leaders can make you very, very rich… (blah, blah, blah), does that sound like something you might be interested in?”

I usually then reply to the effect of…

“Who wouldn’t be interested in that… but tell me – what do you know about ME?”

They hurriedly check my profile and rattle off a few facts that make it look like they know loads!

But the reality is they know NOTHING about me because they did not take the trouble to TALK TO ME and BUILD A RELATIONSHIP with me!

No… they just saw me as a ‘NUMBER’ (it’s a numbers game they’ve been told!) and thought that if they randomly pitched me I would be more than happy to spend thousands with them or I’d say ‘NO’ (and ‘no’ is good! They’ve been told!)

Then when I challenge them… and ask them “why are you pitching me when you know NOTHING about me, my needs, my wants, my wounds… NOTHING?”

They ALWAYS deny it!!!

“Oh I’m sorry…. I wasn’t pitching your Robin – honest!”


NOW they are LYING to me (and possibly themselves!) to save face!

But when they do THAT – I get seriously wound up! (ask my kids! Lying is a guaranteed method for getting Daddy to explode!)

“You’ve been caught out chum! At least have the decency to admit it… and then MAYBE, just maybe we can have a proper talk about your lack of marketing skills!!!”

Because – RANT OVER (you can come out from under the table now) – to be fair… it’s marketing skills they lack – NOT decency or honesty (well in most cases) or a burning desire to be successful!

And if they stop and listen… I or some other attraction marketing professional CAN help them!

My challenge to you today, IF you are one the people who does this (by the way- full disclosure!… I USED to do it, before I changed company and got some DECENT training!)  is to;

a)      Just STOP IT!!!

Seriously! Immediately! Go to Jail, Do NOT pass ‘Go’, do NOT collect $200 (not that you were ever going to anyway using THAT tactic)! – Just STOP IT!!!

b)      Commit from THIS moment on to being an ‘Attraction Marketing Professional’!

Attraction Marketing Professional

It is I believe, the great and hugely respected Eric Worre who popularises the description ‘Network Marketing Professional’ (check out his EXCELLENT website here!).

Eric champions GOOD practises in our $100 billion profession and I support his desire to ‘clean-up’ our profession 100%!

A ‘Network Marketing Professional’ in ALL spheres of marketing, whether it’s offline OR online, always conducts their business in a decent, fair, honest and PROFESSIONAL way!

However, if you are going to market your primary MLM business ONLINE – the way to go… without a doubt, is ATTRACTION MARKETING!

And you NEED to be PROFESSIONAL about this too!

Eric Worre  makes a distinction which I don’t entirely agree with though. He calls the same clowns I just ranted about, ‘Attraction Marketers’ too.

For the avoidance of doubt folks – they are NOT!!!

No more than a person who fills your garage with stock you cannot sell, to get you a ‘promotion’ in your MLM business compensation plan, is a ‘network marketer’ (yep… had that done TO me too!).

People who do that are at best, deluding themselves into thinking this will work for you (and them) and at worst – con artists who are only interested in filling their bank accounts with YOUR hard earned cash! They are NOT network marketers!

Eric wants these sharp practises GONE from our industry! I totally agree with him!

Equally, clowns who randomly pitch their business and products online are NOT Attraction Marketers.

Actually, in the main, folks who do this (see what I did there… I stopped calling them clowns!) are just BADLY trained! It’s NOT their fault!

And if they have the grace and the wherewithal to swallow their pride and admit it… we (other Attraction Marketing PROFESSIONALS) can help them! LOTS!

Eric’s core message for Network Marketing Professionals is IDENTICAL to the core message of Attraction Marketing Professionals (the online incarnation of the broader network marketing methodology)


That’s what PROFESSIONAL marketers do!

They take the time, the trouble and the PLEASURE to get to KNOW people!

Pitching them could not be FURTHER from their minds when they first engage someone in conversation!

BOTH offline and online attraction marketing techniques work once someone comes to;


The ONLY difference is how people FIND you!

In the offline world, the initial approach USUALLY comes from you!

You have to find them. You have to open the dialogue with them and you are the one researching (through rapport and good conversation skills) them. Finding out their needs, wants and wounds and seeing if potentially, you might have something that COULD be a good fit for them?

In the ONLINE world though, we use ATTRACTION MARKETING.

We put ourselves ‘out there’ – we make ourselves approachable, friendly and helpful and we let people COME FIND US!!

We NEVER pitch!

We might suggest, we might include links in articles like this… but we DO NOT get in their face and bare faced PITCH THEM!


Attraction Marketing Professionals Do It Backwards!

People come to us ASKING to partner with us!

Not enough space here to explain why… but the bottom line is… the internet works backwards.

People go LOOKING for what they need, want or desire online.

Attraction Marketing Professionals make it EASY for THOSE people to find us!

(in the offline world – marketers have to find YOU! – see – the other way round!)

OK – get it now? STOP clowning around sending out random pitches!

It doesn’t work!!

Become an Attraction Marketing Professional!


Remember, if you want change in your life,

The Change Begins With You!

Robin J Emdon





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