Bonusvault Review

For this Bonusvault review, here is a summary of the upsells you will encounter before you reach the checkout.


The front end cost of Bonusvault is a one-off charge of $27. Unlike most bonus libraries out there, it is not an on-going monthly subscription.

Thereu2019s an upsell for $37 for 17 Master Resell Rights video courses with an optional downsell of just 7 video course for $21.

Finally, thereu2019s an upsell for $67 if you want to brand the Bonusvault as your own and resell it.

For this my Bonusvault review thereu2019s really not a tremendous amount I can say.

Itu2019s an online vault. Itu2019s full of over 1000 bonus eBooks across 16 niches.

You can give them away as bonuses. Rebrand them and make them your own and itu2019s a huge time saver in that you donu2019t have to make your own bonuses. At least, not right away.

Letu2019s dig a little deeper though into my Bonusvault review by talking about value for money. At the time of writing this review, itu2019s $27 for over 1000 high quality, professionally written eBooks and itu2019s a one-off cost. No concerns about monthly subscriptions. These eBooks are yours. Period.

So, Iu2019m happy to give Bonusvault 10 hats out of 10 for value for money.

Next, letu2019s look at ease of use. The library simply sits online and anytime you want some new material, a new eBook to give away on any one of the 16 niches, you just go in and get one.

Very helpfully, the eBooks are grouped by category. Something that surprisingly seems to be beyond the comprehension of some of the more expensive subscription services. They tend as a rule, to rely upon you doing targeted searches rather than simply doing the categorising easily for you.

Itu2019s a trivial point, but when youu2019re searching through 1000u2019s of documents, it can, even with a targeted search, be rather time wasting. So, itu2019s nice to see that that has been taken care of.

And of course, you can if you wish, just download a whole load of the eBooks onto your own system for offline access, if thatu2019s your preference. So, again, I have no issue with giving for my Bonusvault review, 10 out of 10 hats for ease of use.

My overall impression though for this Bonusvault review, u00a0Iu2019m giving a much lower mark for.

For a start, the paid for services tend to include a considerable volume of video courses too. Thatu2019s something that has not been included at the front end of Bonusvault in favour of an optional upsell for up to 17 MRR video courses.

Thatu2019s not a deal breaker for me because of the great value for money youu2019re getting at the front end. You just need to bear in mind that this is JUST eBooks (and WP plugins) and very little in the way of videos which the larger libraries include.

But the main reason I am not giving Bonusvault full marks for u2018overall impressionu2019 is simply that I am concerned about the shelf life of the eBooks.

The whole point of the subscription model is that new material is being added all the time and we need that because nothing in the internet world remains static and things can go out of date quite quickly.

I couldnu2019t find any commitment in the marketing to say that they intended to keep up-dating the material. Now, they might! But I didnu2019t see that being offered as a significant benefit to buying Bonusvault.

Does this matter? For 27 bucks! Hell no! With over 1000 eBooks in there, that should be more than enough to keep you going for some considerable time. And so what if in a year or so you have to start shopping around again for up-to-date material.

One final point that led me to knock my u2018overall impressionu2019 for this Bonusvault review down to 7 hats out of 10, is the premise in the sales letter that it saves you from creating your own bonus content. Thatu2019s true!! But is it desirable or preferable?

In my opinion, you need a mix of both. Itu2019s my goal to create more and more bonus products myself and to add those into the bonus mix I offer on every review. If you think you can avoid doing that and rely entirely upon pre-made eBooks, in my experience, you are deluding yourself.

Remember you will be competing against other people who are often well known product creators in their own right and when their offers include self-made bonuses, tailored to the product they are promoting, you better hope your bonus offering can stack up against theirs. Bonusvault will help you. But itu2019s no replacement for professional and tailor self-made bonuses as well.

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