FB Masters Review

For this FB Masters review I didnu2019t get any of the OTO's to preview, but they are pretty self-explanatory.


For the first OTO youu2019ll be invited to join u2018Social Success Academyu2019 u2013 which grants you exclusive access to a private FB group; updates to the FB Masteru2019s program (this actually could be extremely important as FB is changing all the time!), bi-weekly streaming workshops, campaign reviews.

I canu2019t testify as to the usefulness of all this as I havenu2019t tested it, but thereu2019s a $1, 7-day trial downsell if you want to see for yourself. Personally, Iu2019d definitely do that. And then you will know!

The second OTO is over 100 DFY images optimized for Facebook ads for $47. I have mixed feelings about this one. As I havenu2019t seen the images I canu2019t comment on whether or not I think they are any good.

Personally, Iu2019d pass on this OTO as I am quite competent at finding my own royalty free images. That said, if these images are of a very high standard u2013 in terms of being compelling images that catch the eye, then I might regret that decision. But I would not buy them without seeing them first.

Thereu2019s a downsell to $37 if you decline at $47.

Finally, thereu2019s a bootcamp for the seriously committed at $497 with a downsell to $197. Again, I have literally no way of knowing if this will beu00a0 beneficial to you or not. I would say, if you are a raw beginner, and the $197 downsell delivers more or less the whole package offered at $497, then it could be worth your time to immerse yourself for a few weeks in mastering the skills.

From time to time when Iu2019m doing my reviews I come across products I just canu2019t say anything good about. I simply donu2019t publish a review about those. For the most part, I review products that are fit for purpose and good enough.

Rarely, and this is one of those occasions, I stumble upon something of genuinely outstanding quality!

In my FB Masters review I am going to explain to you why I have reached this conclusion. What FB Masteru2019s training program is all about. What the one time offers (at the time of review) are (see above!). And whether or not I think it will be a good purchase for you.

First, letu2019s say from the outset, this is an educational program that it is not a money-making, get rich quick system or even a get rich slow system. I donu2019t believe thereu2019s any such thing as a legit u2018get rich quicku2019 system, but there are certainly a lot of u2018get richu2019 slowly systems out there. However, FB Masteru2019s training program is neither of those things.

What it is; is educational, informational and a MUST HAVE for anyone who is serious about learning online marketing and in particular, paying for advertising that generate leads and sales on the worldu2019s largest social media platform, Facebook.

In doing this FB Masters review I dutifully dear reader, sat down to go through every single piece of review material Jaykay (its creator) had kindly sent me. I soon found that with over 13 hours of video material alone, that even watching at more than double speed; this was simply a fantastic amount of material to be going through.

Itu2019s so frustrating when the hype doesnu2019t live up to the execution. Thatu2019s absolutely not the case here. Jaykay definitely delivers exactly what he promises. I donu2019t know if this is the most comprehensive training on FB PPC marketing out there, but if it isnu2019t, Iu2019m struggling to imagine what heu2019s left out?

Itu2019s all extremely helpful and educational material and I didnu2019t spot much waffle and where I did you have to think about how Jaykay intends you to use this course. It wasnu2019t really u2018waffleu2019 it was really repetition or a reminder of material gone over earlier that it was appropriate to be reminding you about in order to better understand what the current module was teaching.

For my FB Masters review I tried to work through each of the 6 modules, methodically. Taking each video in turn and watching them all the way through. And I can recommend, if you have the time and the patience to do this, it is worthwhile. I nearly made it all the way through!

However, I soon realised in doing my FB Masters review, you donu2019t have to do it this way. Each module is designed so that you can jump straight in to the piece you want today. It works well like a reference book you can dip in and out of, rather than a narrative you have to follow from beginning to end. I recommend you do that first time, but then you donu2019t have to do that ever again if you donu2019t want to.

The beauty of FB Masteru2019s training program is that each module comes with a comprehensive module summary PDF. Itu2019s ALL in there. Almost like having an index in a reference book. u00a0Everything you see illustrated in the videos is in the PDFu2019s. So, what you have at your fingertips is both an educational tool that you can systematically work through; from the very basics of how marketing works and why itu2019s important to understand it, to how the exact rules of Facebook; how to follow them and how to avoid ads being turned down or worse, your account being closed.

(matter of fact at the time of writing this FB Masteru2019s review, module 5 is an exception where the PDF in my review copy was noticeably shorter than all the other modules. I donu2019t know if thatu2019s because it wasnu2019t finished or if because Jaykay just felt the material was covered in other modules and module 5 was really just bringing the previous modules together? In any case, it wasnu2019t really an issue or a problem, but for clarity, I wanted you to know).

I thought I knew quite a bit about Facebook advertising prior to doing this FB Masters review. I was wrong!u00a0 FB Masteru2019s training program has taught meu00a0 a great deal about Facebook advertising and I urge you to secure your copy before Jaykay either puts the price up or pulls it completely. Youu2019ll be kicking yourself if you missed it.

So, for my FB Masters review, I gave FB Masteru2019s training program an easy 30 out of 30 hats!

With over 13 hours of quality training, PDFu2019s and worksheets, itu2019s a steal at under $20 of anyoneu2019s money. Itu2019s very easy to use and my overall impression is I wish more of the products I review were of this high a standard!

You Also Get This Exclusive Bonus Package:

{VALUE $67}

{VALUE $197}

{VALUE $47}

{VALUE $227}

{VALUE $137}

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