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In this my IM Emails review Iu2019m going to tell you about the good, the not so good and yes, the bad (though, itu2019s not so bad!).


One of the first principles of marketing is model the best. Which is another way of saying, if something is working, donu2019t try to re-invent it, just copy it! So whenever you come across anyone who is a seriously committed marketer you can be sure they will have boxes full of junk mail they never threw away and thousands of megabytes of files containing examples of marketing they have seen online that they learned something from.

IM Emails is a rare and almost unique chance to model one of the best online marketers and in the process, save yourself potentially hundreds of hours of sweat and tears and if youu2019re not up for it, hundreds of dollars paying someone else.

Kevin Fahey has become a very successful internet marketer since he began in 2007 and I discovered for this IM Emails review that he is releasing over a 1100 emails and subject lines that he has written over his most successful and productive years. Along with the actual autoresponder statistics on u2018open-ratesu2019 and u2018click-through ratesu2019.

If I were to show you my private email inbox you would see that I have a collection of 1000u2019s and 1000u2019s of marketing emails going back more than 15 years. Why? Because I was taught a long time ago to collect them as my own personal u2018swipeu2019 files.

The problem is... how to sort them. How to find the exact emails I want to emulate; to reverse engineer the sequence and to know how successful they were for the original sender.

The answer is u2013 itu2019s damn near impossible. For a start I will never know the open-rates and click-through rates for other peoples campaigns. They donu2019t share them. Why would they. And reverse engineering a sequence of emails and then adapting them... takes forevvvver!

Thank goodness for Kevin Fahey! I wasnu2019t sure when before commencing this IM Emails review exactly what Iu2019d be getting and for an incredibly generous low price u2013 what Iu2019m getting is not just a swipe file.. but a searchable swipe file that I can order according to topic, click through rate and open rate! In a word... MARVELLOUS!

Now in this IM Emails review letu2019s talk about the price and the whole offer before going further into the content you get besides the 1100 virtual swipe files.

At the front end you get at the time of writing this IM Email review for 7 bucks around 1100 email subject lines and their u2018open ratesu2019 across a whole raft of topics including affiliate marketing, high ticket webinars, promotions and much more.

Now, you can SEE the click through rates too, but for 7 bucks you donu2019t get to read (and copy!) the emails that generated that all important click! For that, you need to upgrade for another 27 bucks.

When I first saw this I thought what Iu2019d be saying here is that really, you should think of IM Emails as a swipe file of successful emails you can emulate for the combined price of $34. And to be honest, I was content with that. Thatu2019s a fair price for what is a HUGELY valuable resource both in money and time saved.

Oh my goodness.. the TIME you will save! Not having to create every single email from scratch! Itu2019s true you will need to change the wording of each email to make it relevant to your own content and brand... but to simply have what is basically 1100 templates AND the sequence in which they go out AND the successful subject lines for JUST 34 bucks!


I did think I was going to suggest in this IM Email review that you donu2019t bother with just getting the 7 bucks deal of just the 1100 subject. Not because thatu2019s not good. Actually, itu2019s AMAZING value for what you get. When you consider the hundreds and thousands youu2019d have to pay a copy writer for the same material if you wanted it originated just for you.

But then I realised that everyoneu2019s needs are different and that just having the subject lines without the inside copy of the emails for many will be more than enough. You may be very comfortable writing your own email copy and know what you want to say. But, having the subject line handled by having over 1100 to search through u2013 all complete with statistical u2018open-ratesu2019 u2013 thatu2019s more than half the battle won before you write a single word, right?

Just getting the reader to open your email u2013 is the hardest step!

So, if you are happy writing every word of your email yourself u2013 and many are u2013 then just get the 7 buck u2018subject headingu2019 option.

On the other hand, personally, I will be getting the emails too. Iu2019m basically lazy! I wonu2019t be copying them word for word u2013 thatu2019s too lazy and not practical! But to have the template in front of me on one side of the screen, whilst I turn it into my own words on the other side... that appeals to my u2018lazyu2019 nature enormously. Not least because it will save me sooo much time!

The other upgrades are in the illustrations and Iu2019m going to leave it up to you to decide after reading about them if you want them. Personally, for my IM Emails Review, I am more than happy to recommend you get the basic 7 dollar package AND the 27 upgrade

Finally, for this IM Email review, letu2019s talk about the other material Kevin has thrown in. Aside from some tutorials on how to use the email software, which isnu2019t rocket science. Heu2019s also thrown in some extra tutorials. Thereu2019s a brilliant one on how he sets up his autoresponder services to minimise his autoresponder costs whilst building very focused lists of buyers and non-buyers.

Kevin also includes a quite old sequence of tutorials about solo ads, which he clearly states in a side box on the page that he is no longer a lover of. I agree with him. They are not what they used to be. But he included the tutorials really by way of information for you. But he, like me, is not recommending you get involved in solo ads at the present time. Their day seems to have come and gone for now.

My IM Email review summary is as follows. Ease of use, Iu2019m giving it 9 hats out of 10. The interface is a little bit clunky and confusing to navigate, initially. But only initially. So, Iu2019ve knocked a hat off for that. Value for money, 10 hats out of 10! Even with the upgrade bringing the total price to 34 bucks u2013 itu2019s a steal! You will save soooo much time and money using this!

And my IM Email review overall impression, 9 out 10. I thought Kevin was including a few more tutorials of relevance to email marketing than he did. In the end, youu2019re basically getting a virtual swipe file which is more than good enough. But for 10 out 10 I would have liked to see more education on how to use emails than he offered here.

Seriously though, for this IM Email review, I am going to conclude by saying; If you are serious about internet marketing you are going to need IM Emails! Youu2019d be nuts to pass up on this! Itu2019s a total no-brainer! You have to be like a magpie, taking every opportunity to master the best and most successful and this is just such an opportunity!

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