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Torstenu2019s Private Label Rights Masterclass is aptly named. As I have come to expect with Torsten, this is indeed a masterclass and in this Private Label Rights Masterclass review Iu2019m going to explain to you what I love about this course and what Iu2019m not so keen on.

In fact, letu2019s get to the downside of the Private Label Rights Masterclass first, because it needs to be aired and then we can focus on whatu2019s great about it.

Torsten makes the assumption that you will be using the same quite sophisticated software tools that he uses. Specifically, he takes you through over the shoulder trainings, in great detail, using Optimizepress, Membership Sonics and Camtasia Studio.

Now, whilst all of these products are excellent, there are alternatives and if you already have them you may not appreciate the fact that you will have to u2018translateu2019 what you see Torsten doing in the training to what you will need to do using your existing software tools.

That said, if you are just starting out, and youu2019re serious about creating your first product from PLR then you could do a lot worse than investing in these software packages.

Itu2019s certainly not a reason to simply refuse to buy this training. In fact, had Torsten tried to give you an over the shoulder training using every possible variation of the tools that are out there, that would have been simply ridiculous and unworkable.

So, that said for the rest of this Private Label Rights Masterclass review, letu2019s talk about the good stuff.

First, Torsten is nothing if not thorough! You get the feeling from the very beginning that heu2019s going to literally cover everything you could possibly want to know about creating a Private Label Rights product. Itu2019s practically encyclopaedic in its coverage and I would have no problem recommending this to anyone asking me for the best training about using PLR for product creation.

In fact, my business associate and I have already discussed following Torstenu2019s exact trainings in producing our next product. Thatu2019s how much we respect Torsten and his products.

Itu2019s visually well presented (he teaches you how to do this). It flows logically (he teaches you how to do this). It stays on course and never deviates from what it promises to deliver (he teaches you how to do this) Are you getting my point?

Youu2019re in very good hands when you buy a product created by Torsten. And of course, he is walking his talk! He used PLR to help create the product he was producing for the over the shoulder demonstrations and Iu2019ve reviewed that product in the recent past and it was as excellent as you would expect.

The final thing to say in this Private Label Rights Masterclass review is that sometimes you may feel that if anything, there might be just too much detail.

But I have come to think of Torstenu2019s trainings as I would think of a reference book. Itu2019s all in there! I donu2019t have to go through every minute of every training, every time, but itu2019s great to know that the information is there, if and when I need it.

My conclusion for my Private Label Rights Masterclass is that itu2019s really not for the complete beginner. There are simpler methods of creating products. Not better. But simpler for sure. And thereu2019s quite a workload if you undertake to follow Torstenu2019s system. But everything he teaches has a point and a purpose and what you will create will be well, quality! And that is something that all too often is lacking in other products.

I have reviewed maybe a dozen products in the last handful of weeks. Some were so bad I couldnu2019t publish a review for them. Most were fine. The content was good. But only a couple were outstanding and I would happily include Torstenu2019s in that category.

So, for this Private Label Masterclass review I'm going to say without hesitation that I recommend you get this product and I heartily also recommend the upsells too. Especially the product you watched him create, Launching Blueprint. Why? Because, youu2019re going to need it once youu2019ve finished creating your first product from PLR and itu2019s encyclopaedic in its coverage! Thatu2019s why!

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