Welcome to the ProfitBuilder Review, where you will discover why the ProfitBuilder WordPress plugin and theme from Sean Donahoe, has been my 'go to' online marketing system for several years now and why I think it ought to be yours.


I will be explaining why I've tried several popular alternatives, particularly the excellent 'ClickFunnels' and why I always come back to ProfitBuilder.

I must stress though, this is NOT a 'ClickFunnels' review. It's a review of ProfitBuilder from Sean Donahoe.

Both products create pretty much identical looking and functioning sales funnels type websites. Both use modular, easy to use page editing tools and both have pre-done templates as part of the package.

ProfitBuilder though has an optional (included in the package) WordPress theme and can build regular websites.

ClickFunnels has integration with its own dedicated autoresponder, but for a LOT more money. I won't be reviewing that. It is a LOT more money!


There is no point in denying this. Russell Brunson is a marketing genius! If you haven't got his books, 'Dotcom Secrets' and 'Expert Secrets' and you're a serious online marketer, where have you been?!

Like ALL marketers, over the years Russell has made mistakes. To his credit, he is the first to own up to them and he does what all professional marketers should do; he learns from them and applies what he has learned.

In fact, ClickFunnels came about because he built up a huge business that was knocked sideways overnight. He had to lay off pretty much all his staff, wind up his business and start again.

So, why am I going on and on about ClickFunnels?

Well, despite everything that's positive and wonderful about it and I could go on and on about that too, there's a problem that just cannot be overcome.

Two in fact!

One: ClickFunnels costs $97 per month for the basic package!

Two: If you stop paying your monthly subscription you lose EVERYTHING. Your entire sales funnel(s)!

This is of course, relative.

If you can generate profitable income from the funnels you create in ClickFunnels, then $97 starts to look like small change. And that's really Russell's point.

Personally, I don't begrudge Russell the money he's making out of ClickFunnels at all when that happens.

$97 a month is small potatoes ONCE you have a successful and consistently profitable funnel.

So, if you ALREADY have a sales funnel that is ALREADY profitable, but you're looking for a more flexible solution and/or are thinking about creating more funnels...

...AND you think that it's likely you can comfortably pay the ClickFunnels overhead out of profits; then by all means still take a look at my ProfitBuilder review...

ProfitBuilder is still worth looking at seriously; and then if you decide to go with ClickFunnels, personally, I have absolutely no problem with that and I wish you continued success!

I'm not going to knock ClickFunnels or Russell Brunson. I think they're both brilliant!

In my ProfitBuilder review though I am going to explain why you do not NEED ClickFunnels at all.

Why you do not need to part with nearly $1200 a year of your valuable cash to have an online, successful and professionally made and functional, unlimited amount of sales funnels.

Because, at the time of writing, Sean Donahoe is selling ProfitBuilder for just $67.67!

That's NOT monthly!

That's JUST a one-off $67.67!!

A one-off cost for the licence to download and use ProfitBuilder on up to 50 domains that you own!

Just Do The Maths! ProfitBuilder is Way Better Value For Money!

Let's pause a moment and just do the maths here. Just so you understand completely what I'm saying...

ClickFunnels is $97 a month!

That's just shy of $1200 at $1164 a year!

ProfitBuilder is $67 for a ONCE only purchase.

So, that's ummmm $67 for the first year and maybe never again!

In the interest of full disclosure here. I do recall Sean was musing some 18 months or so ago about changing his prices and charging around $67 per annum rather than just as a one-off cost.

I hope; because I like to save money, not spend it, that he never does that! However, even if he did, how would that change our math?

$1164 per annum for ClickFunnels vs $67 per year for ProfitBuilder?

If Sean ever decides to do that, it's still really a no brainer cost wise, to go with ProfitBuilder.

ProfitBuilder Website Download & Training Page

The other thing I REALLY do NOT like about ClickFunnels is that it's a hosted for you service.

In other words, if you stop paying for it. You lose EVERYTHING. ALL your work, ALL your online sales funnels you were hosting with it.


Sure, you can pay a nominal monthly cost to pause your ClickFunnels account. It goes offline, but at least all is not lost!

However, the salient point here is, if you just don't want to use ClickFunnels any more, you can't just move your stuff (and all your hard work!) somewhere else.

Everything you need is provided in-house. Move out of ClickFunnels for good and you have lost it all.

Whereas, ProfitBuilder is just a WordPress plugin with an optional theme included.

You'll need to pay for at least one domain name annually (under 10 bucks!) and you'll need a hosting provider. However, you can get that for well under 10 bucks a month when you're just starting out too.

Well under!

Create backups of it all, so you have your own copy and even if you stop paying for hosting for a while, effectively pausing your business, you can always for very little money, get things back online quickly and entirely under your own control and within your own current financial means.

Plus, you have the flexibility of moving your hosting (multiple times!) if for any reason you're not happy with the one you're with.

In other words, by using WordPress with ProfitBuilder you retain COMPLETE control of your work, your sales funnels, YOUR BUSINESS and you can keep your costs manageable.

Creating & Editing Pages

That brings us then to ease of use and functionality for this ProfitBuilder review of both ProfitBuilder and for comparison, ClickFunnels

Both are I would say only moderately easy to use.

The complete novice, raw beginner may prefer ClickFunnels because Russell has created an extensive training video program to get you started using his platform. It's very good. A lot to learn, but he's clearly put a lot of effort into providing training.

However, seriously, if you ARE a complete novice, just starting out in online marketing, where are you going to get $97 a month from?

Please don't tell me you're just going to keep paying it until you discover how to make money. This is, except in very, very rare cases, delusional!

So many people have thrown everything into hoping that if they create enough online momentum, they'll make money.u00a0

They often max out their credit limits doing this. They're often encouraged to do this!

Sorry, it doesn't work like that.

Russell does talk about how he is uncomfortable taking your money if you don't know what you are doing to begin with.

To be fair to Russell too, he cannot and won't stop you joining his service (why should he?) and he certainly provides a ton of brilliant training (including his books which can get anyway without having to buy ClickFunnels) to try to help get you up to speed.

However, really, his ideal client is someone who already has a strong product or service they are ready to put into a sales funnel. Someone who already has an established market and just wants to up his or her game.

A Sample Selection of Templates Included With ProfitBuilder

ClickFunnels scores extremely well on the actual sequencing of funnels because Russell provides pre-made templates for you, covering all the funnel sequences he describes in his two books.

However, with ProfitBuilder, whilst the actual funnel sequences Russell describes in his books are not created for you, it's actually relatively simple to replicate them in almost every detail.

In fact, for this ProfitBuilder review I did exactly that.

I took a sample page from ClickFunnels 'Hero' Funnel, put that on one side of my screen, and then set about re-creating it on ProfitBuilder on the other side of my screen.

I think you'll see from the pictures I got pretty darn close! There are some minor differences that I could with a bit more time sort out and a couple of very minor differences, which will have to remain. However, the salient point is, I could do it and it wasn't difficult.

In fact both ClickFunnels and ProfitBuilder use WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) modular editors. Where you can literally build pages from scratch with ZERO knowledge of code!

Both use editors that are cut and paste jobs, with the sophistication of being able to manipulate every element you drop into your page.

No Coding!

NO coding involved. Just buttons to check, sliders to slide, images to add the url for and text to write and format.

At the editor level, both products are incredibly, spookily, similar in fact.

In both cases, a top tip for you: I recommend you create your pages in 'mobile' mode. As in, how people on smart phones will see it and then check your work looks okay on the bigger screen before publishing.

This is simply because of the dominance now of smart phones and how if your website doesn't look right on a smart phone, you are really costing yourself a lot of potential money!

In this ProfitBuilder review I should also point out that whilst it doesn't come complete with pre-made funnels like ClickFunnels does. ProfitBuilder does come with dozens of pre-made, business, funnel type templates for landing pages, squeeze pages and so on.

As well as an optional monthly club where you can access even more templates (ClickFunnels offers this too, on top of your $97 a month that is!)

ProfitBuilder Builds Funnels!

ProfitBuilder is also 'funnel' friendly. What do I mean by this?

Well, a sales funnel is simply a sequence of pages, linked together to take you through a process of signing up for more information or all the way through to sale.

Each page has to be individually created, but then it is linked to the next page or another different page, depending on decisions the visitor makes on each page.

ProfitBuilder and ClickFunnels both do this very easily of course. What is equally important for us marketers though are two other things.

First, we need to be able to 'split-test' our pages.

In other words, can we ask our server to serve one version of the page to the first visitor and a second, slightly different version to the next visitor and then keep them alternately rotating.

Marketers need to do this to test for the best performing page and constantly tweak them and improve our marketing. It's common practise for a professional marketer.

Second, in order for this A/B split-testing to work, we need to be able to gather statistics on the effectiveness of the various pages.

ProfitBuilder does this with a purpose designed 'funnels' feature.

In ProfitBuilders case, there's just a very simple extra step involved. In that, once you have created your funnel pages for your sequence, there is a 'funnel setup' tab for specifying which pages are in a named funnel.

ProfitBuilder, like ClickFunnels, will then automatically collect and collate the all-important statistics you need to evaluate your marketing and set up future variations.

What's more, for split-testing, where you are likely only going to be changing one element on a page (e.g. the headline) you can very easily 'clone' pages you have built with Profitbuilder once (or already had the template for) as many times as you like.

The ProfitBuilder Sales Funnel - What Offers You Can Expect When You Decide to Purchase ProfitBuilder

I created the page in example below by copying visually the template on ClickFunnels. Or as Russell calls it, I funnel 'hacked' his funnel!

Which simply means; find a successful sales funnel, copy it, make it your own (with your own words and pictures) and then roll it out live to see if it will work for you too?

Now it's created, ProfitBuilder will let me save it both as a page and as a template and then I can export the template to any other website I own with ProfitBuilder on it. Which remember I can have up to 50 domains under the one licence!

How cool is that!?

In fact, if you are really determined, and have the time, there's nothing stopping you taking out a 14-day trial of ClickFunnels, picking the funnel templates you like and/or need the most, and re-creating them (funnel hacking!) on your own ProfitBuilder website.

CLICK HERE for more information on how to get a 14-day trial of ClickFunnels

Then, save them as templates and export them across to your other domains as much as you like.

That would be a bit laborious in terms of time and effort, but it can be done because ProfitBuilder is versatile enough to do this.

Personally, I recommend as a minimum, you get Russell's books, DotCom Secrets and Expert Secrets, in which he describes the funnels in detail. What each of them is for and how to sequence them.

It's nice to see how he's created them on the actual ClickFunnels site, but as long as you know what pages go where; what elements you need to include in each page, then with ProfitBuilder, you are all set to go at an absolute fraction of the cost!

'Hacked' Copy of ClickFunnels Opt-In Page Created For This ProfitBuilder Review

ClickFunnels Original Opt-In Page

ProfitBuilder can though be a bit quirky and it's not entirely bug free. However, when talking to people who are regular users of ClickFunnels, that is a common experience with ClickFunnels too!

What matters then is how good customer support is and are the bugs sorted out in a regular and timely fashion?

With ClickFunnels you're talking about a fast growing company with an already huge customer base. So, yes, they have strong customer support, the time and the resources (money!) tp do deal with the bugs.

With ProfitBuilder, you're talking about a dude called Sean Donohue and a small team of people he uses for support.

However, he has a very active Facebook group that you can join once you're a customer and in my own experience, he's very attentive to it. Questions asked in there are quickly responded to, usually by him and often within minutes or hours.

Great Technical Support!

If it is support you need, he has people that take of care of that and usually in a timely fashion.

If it's a bug I have literally seen Sean acknowledge it and issue an update that deals with the bug within hours!

Of course, he can't do that every time, but it's clear he has a direct line to his developers and they are very responsive.

Currently, at the time of writing, WordPress is about to launch a major new update. People are already asking questions in the Facebook group as to whether or not it might break ProfitBuilder and Sean has replied that they have known about it for some time and have already prepared ProfitBuilder for it. Therefore, they are bang up-to-date!

Bear in mind when I am telling you this that at the time of writing Sean is selling ProfitBuilder for a one-off price of $67!

NOT $97 a month! So, I think, not only is the support outstanding, but I think it's actually quite remarkable that he does for the price he charges!

I have owned ProfitBuilder for several years now and so far, I've never had to pay for an up-date or up-grade. In fact, there was a big up-grade not too long ago, when Sean took ProfitBuilder from version 1 to 2 and that was free of charge to existing customers.

When you consider the huge and well-funded resources behind the much larger ClickFunnels and when I tell you that in my experience the ProfitBuilder support is very favourably comparable to ClickFunnels that is some feat!

The Kinds of Pages and Websites You Can Create Using ProfitBuilder Including FULL Regular Websites

In this ProfitBuilder review I have talked a lot about ClickFunnels. That's was not unintentional. If you want to open a theme park, being compared to the Disney theme parks is a good thing! If you want to build a sports car, being compared to Ferrari is a good thing! And if you want to build marketing funnels and commercial websites, being compared to ClickFunnels is also, a good thing!

I have used ProfitBuilder too, to build websites for clients who weren't interested in creating funnels.

The brilliant ProfitBuilder editor with it's simple to use modular website building means that I can pretty much build any kind of website style with it.

Now that's something that you cannot do easily with ClickFunnels, because it's a one-trick pony really.

The clients I've built regular websites for aren't even aware that I've used ProfitBuilder. It's just so simple to use and responsive in the correct use of the term i.e. it looks good across all screen sizes.

Why would I use anything else?

For this ProfitBuilder review I admit, I have said that using it is 'simple' quite a few times. I need to expand upon that a bit, because I don't want to mislead you in any way.

If you are a total raw beginner who has simply never created any kind of website page before, then perhaps the word 'simple' isn't correct.

There IS a learning curve with both platforms. The tuition with ClickFunnels is great! And I predict you would likely be up and running more quickly with ClickFunnels than with ProfitBuilder.

However, remember, you are paying for this. A lot!

And once you are up and running with ProfitBuilder and have become familiar with using it, it's really not much different to ClickFunnels. In fact, not enough to make a difference!

Let's not forget, your website(s) are the engines that drive your business.

You can't afford to commit to something that you will later come to regret. ClickFunnels with all its bells and whistles and very sophisticated marketing encouraging you to buy that in preference to anything else. It comes at a price. And a not insignificant price at that!

Read Russell Brunson's books which you can pick up from him relatively cheaply. And by all means have a look under the hood and indulge yourself in his 14-day trial.

If nothing else, there are some great marketing video trainings in there.

But then, be sensible, take a step back, contemplate everything you've learned from this ProfitBuilder review, breathe, gather your thoughts and then invest a much more modest sum of money in ProfitBuilder.

As I have outlined in some detail for you in this ProfitBuilder review, ProfitBuilder will reward you with much lower overheads and greater versatility, portability and active support for the foreseeable future.

The WordPress based ProfitBuilder plugin represents OUTSTANDING value for money when compared with the hosted service, ClickFunnels.

$67.67 for a licence to use ProfitBuilder on up to 50 domains vs $97 per month for ClickFunnels.

There's just no way you're getting that much extra value from ClickFunnels!


I highly recommend you buy both of Russell Brunsons books,

'DotCom Secrets' and

'Expert Secrets' and if you have the time, by all means

Trial ClickFunnels for 14-days.

The books are very cheap - just shipping costs and the training Russell provides in the books and in his 14-day trial, is outstanding.

Just be very aware of two facts:

First:u00a0Russell REALLY knows how to sell! You will LOVE ClickFunnels! He will see to that!

Second: You can do pretty much everything on ProfitBuilder that ClickFunnels does for just the one-off price of $67 compared to $1164 per year!

So, unless you're very confident that you will definitely see a return on your investment, stick with ProfitBuilder, at least until you KNOW you have sales funnels that generate profitable sales. Then,u00a0maybe review your decision.

With ProfitBuilder you never lose your website pages and sales funnels.

Just back them up and you can migrate them to any host as your business grows.

With ClickFunnels, you stop paying for the service - you lose all your funnels!

You're going to need an autoresponder service as well. Russell has one that's called 'Actionetics' and is available as an optional upgrade to his next price point of $297 per month! ($3564 per year!)

Compare that to say Aweber - still a market dominant autoresponder service, which starts at about $20 per month.

N.B. 'Actionetics' by the way is very sophisticated piece of software, much more than just a simple autoresponder service and I'm not reviewing it here.

However, if you live in the European Union or intend to market into the European Union, make sure you use it responsibly and in full compliance with the EU's GDPR 2018 regulations. That's YOUR responsibility, not Russells! Don't say I didn't warn you.

So, my strongest recommendation for this ProfitBuilder review is that you should definitely get the WordPress ProfitBuilder website creation software. It's tremendous value for money and does pretty much everything a professional online marketer needs.

There's a learning curve as with all of these things and ProfitBuilder has its quirks that you just have learn about as you use it. But then, so too does ClickFunnels.

Use the links on this page and lock in your exclusive extra bonuses that you can only get from me too.

You Also Get This Exclusive Bonus Package:

{VALUE $97}

{VALUE $37}

{VALUE $37}

{VALUE $67}

{VALUE $77}

Help Us Spread The Word...

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