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When I first heard about Traffic Laze for my Traffic Laze review I genuinely had no clue what it could possibly be about. Jono Armstrong just asked a few people if they would be prepared to beta test it and naturally I jumped at the chance.


My first impression of Traffic Laze, which is a piece of software and a tutorial on how generate endless leads and sales with the software, was that there was quite a bit of u2018setting upu2019 involved.

You definitely need patience to get all this set up. That said.. thereu2019s nothing difficult here. Just a willingness to do some minor repetitive chores to get all your ducks lined up and ready to go.

My second impression was that Traffic Laze is actually quite brilliant and clever and whomever thought it up and made it work should be awarded a medal for it.

Although the Traffic Laze system is breathtakingly simple, once everything is set up, like most simple things, you can tell that a lot of work went into getting it right.

So, for this Traffic Laze review letu2019s talk about one-time-offers (OTOu2019s) and what you get for your investment whether you take advantage of them or not.

At the time of writing, the basic price of the Traffic Laze software and training ably handled by Jono Armstrong is $12.95. I may as well say it right now, thatu2019s getting a big thumbs up from me for tremendous value for money.

There isnu2019t hundreds of hours of training in here. Thereu2019s a sweet piece of digital automation and a step-by-step tutorial on how to get it all in place and ready to go

The first OTO I didnu2019t see a review copy of, but I understand it is an advanced training which adds some layers of other things you can do to ramp up the effectiveness of your overall campaign. You donu2019t need it. But with a generous downsell discount of $20 from $37 to me, that seemed like the perfect package. The software, setup training for $12.95 and then some more advanced skill sets for another 17 bucks? Yes please!

The second OTO addresses the very serious question of all the setting up involved. Itu2019s a DFY package and as such, I believe thereu2019s a limited offer on how many of these they can do. It retails for $197 and thereu2019s a downsell,u00a0 but Iu2019m not really sure what the downsell is. I donu2019t think itu2019s a straight discount like the first OTO.

Should you get the DFY package? If you are still wrestling with finding your way round online, from a technical perspective or your time is precious, then absolutely, get this!

If on the other hand you are technically competent and donu2019t mind taking the time to go through everything you need to do, then you might prefer to save yourself some money.

The third OTO and a downsell (discounted) is a way of getting everything to run on autopilot. Again, I wasnu2019t able to review this.. but sounds good to me!

Finally, you can purchase the resell rights to the whole Traffic Laze system.

Talking of money that brings me nicely in my Traffic Laze review to the question of the other things you are going to need.

As will become clear when you go through the training. You will need to purchase certain other third party services at pretty nominal prices to make it all work.

Weu2019re not talking a lot of money here, but itu2019s not included in the price as the services you need are outside the scope of the Traffic Laze team.

For example, you will want (you donu2019t need u2013 but you WILL want) a click tracking service. Thereu2019s a monthly cost associated with this. You are going to need some other bits and pieces which will cost you a few dollars here and a few dollars there. I must stress, weu2019re not talking a lot of money. Not hundreds. Hard to be specific because it really depends on how quickly you scale things up using the Traffic Laze system.

You wonu2019t be shocked by the costs. I assure you. But you may not have been aware that there are incidental costs until I pointed this out in my Traffic Laze review for you.

The bottom line is were are talking very, very little money spent to acquire a great many potentially valuable leads that would normally cost you many dollars each through other systems and services. When taken in that context, the costs appear insignificant.

At the time of writing I am still beta testing Traffic Laze. Iu2019m not just reviewing it. Iu2019m trying it out for myself! There is a mandatory running in period, when you canu2019t expect results and Iu2019m in that period right now. Itu2019s only a few days.

I think though, for the purpose of a full Traffic Laze review I will need to give it at least a month and maybe up to three before forming a final conclusion as to my personal experience of its efficacy.

However, my message to you, is donu2019t wait for me. The cost of getting started is peanuts. The incidental costs are relatively speaking, trivial. By relative I am referring to the costs of other methods of generating profitable leads.

So, just do it. Get going with it and one final point.

Do NOT miss out any of the setting up steps. Jono makes it very clear why you need to do each step and what will happen if you donu2019t. Iu2019m not going to go into that now, except to say, if you miss something out from the very basic setup, Traffic Laze is guaranteed NOT to work for you and more than likely, you will only have yourself to blame for that.

Overall impression then, Iu2019m giving Traffic Laze 8 hats out of 10. I have knocked off 1 hat because I do think this a course that beginners could do, but itu2019s really for people with more intermediate skill sets as a minimum. Not because itu2019s hard, but because more experienced marketers will better understand what itu2019s all doing!

I knocked the other hat off because as I run through in my mind the quality and depth of material with other courses I u00a0have reviewed recently, itu2019s a little rough around the edges this one. A little, not much!

That still gives my Traffic Laze review 28 out of 30 hats! Thatu2019s rocking by any standard!

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