The Tube Funnel Review

What is THE TUBE FUNNEL all about?

Every now and then, when I'm doing a review, like this The Tube Funnel Review, in going over my review copy I come across a something of real quality and depth.


Yes, that's what I've found with The Tube Funnel and that's what I'm happy to report to you. Some reviews I do are products that contain little more than one simple idea. I've done a few of those this month. Others have literally hours and hours of tutorials that go over what will be for you, hours and hours of work. I've done a couple of those too.

For this The Tube Funnel review I've found something that kinda sits in the middle. It's actually a very simple idea, but in the execution of that idea, the initial setup requires quite a bit of work. It's a serious but doable project.

Fortunately, and I must congratulate creator Mark Wightley on this, The Tube Funnel has all bases covered. From basic domain registration all the way up to quite sophisticated web page design, Mark has thought of it all.

He's even thrown in alternative tutorials depending upon which web page creator you are using. He recommends Opitmizepress, but appreciates that there's a not inconsiderable initial outlay for that. So he's got that covered by including in The Tube Funnel a free web page designer. It's basic, but it does the job and Mark thought of doing that and included it! That's classy!

I must also applaud Mark, in my The Tube Funnel review for the way he has layered the training to suit all budgets when buying it. From a simple, but very comprehensive 94 page long PDF of the entire The Tube Funnel method at the Front End, very, very inexpensive price, to the next level of video trainings for the main upgrade and then on to the entire method done for you (DFY) as a copy and paste upgrade.

He's even included an audio version in the basic version.

Now, I did think at this point I was going to be suggesting, if you can grin and bear it and just get the front end PDF of The Tube Funnel method that that would be sufficient. So, when I went through my The Tube Funnel review copy, I was expecting to see the PDF script and the video scripts to be pretty much the same.

But no! Mark has thought of that and like me, I think he knows that's kinda cheating his customers if he were to do that. Instead, the video version contains much more material than you will find in the PDF and even though the PDF is pretty comprehensive, you're not just getting the videoed version of the PDF when you upgrade.

Add the extra bonuses and then the upgrade again to the copy and paste method, with even more bonuses and I have to say I absolutely loved this product and for this my The Tube Funnel Review I simply must give it 30 hats out of 30 for ease of use, value for money and overall impression!

I for one am looking forward to going over The Tube Funnel again and incorporating its method in my own business. Anyone can do it. But will you?

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