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In this Viper Cache review Iu2019m going to explain to you one simple fact; most caches in my personal experience either break your Wordpress website or are simply not consistent in speeding it up.


I havenu2019t been in the habit of reviewing plugins before, but with the changes made to Googleu2019s search algorithm in July 2018 which now includes a page speed loading assessment, I really NEEDED to do something about the speed of my own websites.

I have used free cache plugins for years. Iu2019ve often wondered why I bothered? 8 or 9 times out of 10, when my website(s) have been playing up itu2019s been because a theme I am using or a plugin I uploaded to the site was having issues with the cache plugin.

Sometimes the solution was pretty straightforward, other times it wasted hours of my time hunting down the solution.

When I decided to do this Viper Cache review, I confess, I was highly sceptical. Why I asked myself, would I want to pay for something I had been getting for free for years (I usually use the W3 Total Cache free plugin).


True, it was never glitch free. For example, u2018object cachingu2019 is something I simply had to abandon. Itu2019s known to slow you down when working on your website and youu2019re supposed to a) just know this! and b) pause it whilst you are working and then turn it back on when youu2019re done.

In my experience though I couldnu2019t see any appreciable benefit to using it at all and I was just annoyed that it had taken me literally months to work out that it was even the cause of my site running slow when I was working on it!

But for me, the epiphany came when I realised that even with object caching on u2013 using a free one u2013 my sites performance was just not consistent and could even make the site run slower!

When doing this Viper Cache review I decided not to rush to judgment, but instead to have it running on my website for several weeks before reaching a conclusion.

Sure, I noticed right away that my site was running faster and you can see the evidence of that in the video I made for my Viper Cache review and also in the company made one by its creators. But I wanted more evidence than that before I was prepared to buy it for myself and recommend it to you.

It needs to be said, if your Wordpress website is running slow, Viper Cache is not necessarily going to solve all the issues. Itu2019s not designed to do that. It canu2019t do that. You do need to look at other things too. Like the speed of your server? Are you on shared hosting or independent hosting? Are you image sizes optimised? Are you running a slider on your front page (pretty, but also pretty large!)?

And in fact, if you look at the website insights you get when you run the speed checker tool on you will get quite a few pointers at other things that might be slowing down your website.

Feature comparison with main competitors

In my personal experience and for my Viper Cache review I have to say, itu2019s an outstanding cache plugin.

But, itu2019s a cache plugin; not a website optimiser and you need to be realistic about that.

I have tried Viper Cache on two of my websites, both are hosted differently. And one is running much better than the other. I canu2019t put that down to Viper Cache, because in both cases Viper Cache is doing its job and improving the speed of both sites.

Interestingly, the Viper Cache creators have put together for you a very nice package of upgrades that are available as you go through the purchasing process. I havenu2019t personally felt the need to buy them, nor have I had review access them to them.

However, the first is exactly what you might need; a Wordpress optimiser that claims to diagnose and offer solutions to the 6 main issues that can affect Wordpress installation.

The second and third upgrades are all about the easier loading of pages and create marketing split testing pages for better results and avoiding Googles wrath, both look very interesting and I recommend you read the sales pages carefully to see if these might be a good fit for your needs?

But for this Viper Cache review Iu2019m not going to dwell on the upgrades and instead ask you to seriously consider the matter in hand here. If you want to be better ranked on the search engines and if you want your customer experience to be better too, then you are going to need a cache!

If you have just the one website, you do have options. At the time of writing, I have observed that a paid for plugin called u2018Rocketu2019 comes in at under $30 per year. But that is for just ONE website. I havenu2019t been able to review it but Iu2019m put off by the pricing structure right away.

3 websites are $75 and if you want unlimited itu2019s $150 a year! Iu2019m not certain, but I read their sales page as saying u2018websitesu2019 rather than domains. So, presumably the licence is per Wordpress installation.

In other words if you count sub-domains as u2018websitesu2019 then u2018Rocketu2019 starts to look like a serious amount of money for just a cache! Even if Iu2019m wrong u2013 at the time of writing youu2019re looking at under $45 for Viper Cache and thatu2019s for a personal licence that cover 25 websites!

Viper Cache Dasboard

My conclusion for this Viper Cache review? First, Viper Cache does exactly what it says on the tin. It just works! What more could you ask of it?u00a0

Second, it not only works, but it works well and it works consistently! Imagine if every time Google crawls your website for search engine ranking, that that is the exact moment the cache decides to be inconsistent.

When I turned Viper Cache off on one of my websites and turned on the free one Iu2019ve been using for years.. the free cache plugin actually made things worse than having no cache at all!

I mean, what the heck! Thatu2019s like hearing a sales person for Ford cars saying u201cwhatever you do, DONu2019T buy a Ford car u2013 they donu2019t work u2013 youu2019d be better off catching the bus!u201d

Iu2019m not saying that about the paid for competition in cache plugin world. But really, why pay more (a lot more!) for something that does the same thing? Either it works or it doesnu2019t. And for this Viper Cache review, I have to sayu00a0 it absolutely does work and it works well!u00a0 Iu2019m giving it full marks and thatu2019s not something I do very often!


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