Seo Youtube -7 Tips For Optimizing Your Videos for Best Ranking

by Robin J Emdon

In this video Robin explains his top 7 tips for optimizing your You Tube video for SEO in their valuable search engine.  SEO YouTube is an invaluable tool and these 7 tips are a good place to start!

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SEO Youtube tip number one:  Put the keyword you want to rank for in the video title. Ideally put your keyword first. YouTube search engine will see that first. If for example your video is about ‘How to do Fly Fishing’ and your keyword is ‘Fly Fishing’ – write your video title as ‘Fly Fishing, How to do it’.

SEO YouTube tip number two: Name your video upload file with your keyword e.g. fly_fishing.mp4. This flags up to the YouTube search engine another reason to rank your video for your chosen keyword.

SEO YouTube tip number three: Put a full link to the website you want your viewers to go in the FIRST line of your description. Make sure it is the full address or else YouTube won’t recognise it’s a link. So for example, put – NOT Anything you put in the first line of your description will be seen by your viewers, irrespective of whether they choose to read the description underneath.

SEO YouTube tip number four: Write and 250-500 word description underneath, that contains your keyword, ideally to a density of 1 to 3%. This all helps YouTube recognise the relevance of your video to your chosen keyword.

SEO YouTube tip number five: Put your chosen web link at the very end of your description. Sometimes your description can be picked up and copied onto other websites and hopefully, if they are ethical, they will include your web link, providing you with a valuable backlink!

SEO YouTube tip number six: Make sure you remember to put your keyword(s) in your YouTube tags. If you forget to do this when you upload it, you can always go back and do it later.

SEO YouTube tip number seven: Keep your videos short! Ideally no more than 2 to 4 minutes! Why does this matter? Because a) YouTube ranks videos higher that have been watched all the way to the end! b) your video is more likely to be watched to the end if it is short!

If you have more things to say than you can cover in a short video, no problem… make several short videos! This is preferable to making one long one! For example, if your content is 9 minutes, break it down into three 3-minute videos. I know that’s more work, but you stand a better chance of getting seen and ranked higher if you do that!


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