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Three Empowering Mindset Network Marketing Tips From Life Coach Robin J Emdon Part One

If You’re Looking For Network Marketing Tips You’re About To Discover Three of The Most Important Ones You’re Ever Likely To.

And All of Them Are About YOU!

That’s right. There must literally hundreds of thousands of articles out there that are about network marketing tips. Take it from me, I know and I’ve written my fair share of them and will likely continue to do so!

If you’ve read a few articles about network marketing tips then more than likely you will be highly familiar with the 80/20 rule.

Namely, that 80% of the results you get, comes from 20% of the effort and work you do.

This generalised rule of thumb can be applied to so many things.

Before I trained with Anthony Robbins to be a Life Coach, I was a retailer (yes, it was a big change!). And in retail 20% of the goods I sold accounted for 80% of my sales and profit. But, I still needed the other 80% or else my shops would have looked well, 80% empty! And that would have killed the urge to impulse buy which my particular niche, the gift market, was completely dependent upon.

In network marketing or MLM (multi-level marketing), a successful network marketer will see the 80/20 rule applied to many different aspects of the business, you’ve probably come across them as you’ve read other articles in your search for network marketing tips.

It’s likely that 20% of the product range will account for 80% of the sales (the percentages are never going to be precise – but I hope you see my point?).

However, it’s not products I am addressing in this article about network marketing tips. It’s all about YOUR mindset.

My contention is that ALL the product trainings you get and ALL the online marketing trainings you follow and ALL the advice you get from your upline and your team – in other words…

The SKILLS you learn – are the 80% of the things you MUST HAVE in order to be successful…

HOWEVER…without the 20% mindset network marketing tips I’m about to divulge to you – they don’t matter a bean!

Because, if your MIND is in the wrong place my friend, NO amount of skill sets, trainings and more training and more network marketing tips, will EVER be enough to make you successful!

And by the way, these three mindset network marketing tips – they are NOT rocket science! But don’t let that fool you!

Isn’t one of the mantra’s of network marketing (MLM) – ‘keep it duplicatable and simple’?

Well… these three mindset network marketing tips are exactly that – very simple and therefore highly duplicatable – because after all, you might already be doing extremely well in your business but maybe you have people in your team, who diligently attend every training, who read all the manuals and all the books and are still ‘stuck’ – maybe THEY need these three simple mindset network marketing tips.

Mindset Network Marketing Tip Number One:

Focus On Your Outcome, NEVER stray From It! NEVER get distracted from it! NEVER lose sight of it!

I learnt this one from General Schwarzkopf, the Commander-In-Chief of the allied forces during ‘Operation Desert Shield’ in 1990/91 to liberate Kuwait from the earlier Iraqi invasion.

I was privileged to attend one of his ‘Leadership’ speeches he delivered many years later in his retirement.

He explained that he oversaw 34 separate and diverse allied nations who had put together a military force with ONE outcome. The liberation of Kuwait from Iraqi military invasion.

Now please, let’s not get into the politics and the why’s and the wherefores of that war and the subsequent ones. That’s way outside of the scope of this article.

The key point was that the General understood his brief well. His job was to deliver the outcome his political masters had ordered him to deliver and to use the allied forces to do that job well and quickly.

But, he explained that every day there were challenges around the clash of cultures and ideas between the varied and disparate allied nations. For example, the Saudi Arabians raised the issue of the dress code of the French female soldiers stationed in Saudi Arabia for the action.

As the overall commander of the 34 nation force he was often asked to arbitrate to resolve such issues. His reply though was always the same…

‘Has this got anything to do with our PRIMARY OUTCOME – getting the Iraqi military out of Kuwait?’

His point was simple and firmly made… FOCUS ON THE OUTCOME!

Whatever differences the allies may have had with each other could be either ironed out later (after the war was over) or would go away, because once the war was over, everyone would go home anyway.

So, get CLEAR about what YOUR outcome is for your network marketing business. Write it down, look at it every day, put on the wall, in your diary, tattoo it on the back of your hand if you have too!

Just as long as you stay FOCUSED on it!

This is important, because as well as many of us being absolute experts at distracting ourselves from doing what matters (see my previous articles on ‘procrastination’) as you go through the countless trainings your company and your online marketing lead generation system provides, you will be constantly bombarded with “bigger and better” ways to make money and you’ll end up constantly chasing that elusive pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, instead of working at making your OWN pot of gold from your OWN hard work and FOCUSED attention!

In part two, I will reveal the second mindset network marketing tip – right now… if you haven’t done so…

Write down you ultimate outcome for your network marketing business!

Be very specific about what you want to achieve and WHY?

Give as many reasons as possible for WHY it matters to you! – This helps you become emotionally engaged in achieving it.

Until part two on mindset network marketing tips…

Remember, if you want change in your life….
The Change Begins With YOU!

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