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Three Empowering Mindset Network Marketing Tips From Life Coach Robin J Emdon Part Two

If You’re Looking For Network Marketing Tips You’re About To Discover THE SECOND of Three of The Most Important Ones You’re Ever Likely To.

And All of Them Are About YOU!

In part one I reminded you about the 80/20 rule and how the 20%, YOUR mindset creates 80% of the results you are getting!

Hint: If the results you are getting are not yet what you want them to be then whilst the technical skills you have – could always be improved by doing yet more training and courses; I encourage you to always look to your MINDSET to see what’s going on there, first!

OK – let’s get on with the SECOND empowering mindset network marketing tip.

Which is…


Yes, I DID mention in the first part that this is NOT rocket science!

However, you’ll be surprised how hard it is for some people to be decisive!

Even harder, once the decision is made, to see it through, without questioning and wondering if you oughta, shoulda, coulda have done things differently!

So allow me if you please to explain how simple decision making ought, should and could be!

Tom Shepherd was the head of a very large and successful department within his company. For 18 years he ran a large team of dedicated and talented people, who always achieved their objectives and made the department one of the most profitable in the whole company.

Tom was particularly respected because of his highly decisive nature and how however he ‘called’ something, he seemed to always make the ‘right’ call!

But now Tom was retiring and another respected and talented member of his team, Mary Pearle, had been chosen to take his position.

But as the final day of Tom’s tenure was approaching, Mary who knew almost all there was to know about her new role, was becoming increasingly nervous about what the department would make of her judgement calls, when it inevitably came to the time when her leadership and her decision was needed.

What if she were to make the ‘wrong’ decision? The department would lose money and credibility and she would lose the respect of her team. She thought.

What if she made a decision and then second guessed it and changed it just as the team were getting going on it? They would see her as weak and indecisive. She thought.

What if….? What if…? What if…? questions began to dominate her mind.

Tom’s final day came and there was a party of course. Tales of happy days were recounted, the xmas parties when everyone got a little too drunk and familiar and finally, the time came for a final private chat between Tom and Mary to complete the handover.

Tom could see Mary was upset he was leaving, they were good friends as well as colleagues, but he sensed in her a deeper fear and he asked her what was troubling her?

She talked to him about his legendary decision making, about how he ALWAYS seemed to make the right call and how no matter how tough things got, he was always proved right in the end. She said that he would in that respect, be a hard act to follow.

“Oh that!” he exclaimed… “is that all that is troubling you?” and he roared with laughter.

He put his hand in his pocket and pulled out two pebbles. Identical in shape and size – but one was black and one was white.

“Here!” he said, offering the pebbles to Mary, “take them!” – these two pebbles will make you into the wisest, cleverest and most legendary decision maker the company has ever seen – apart from me that is!”

“I don’t understand” Mary said quizzically.

Tom explained to Mary that it was of course a big part of his job to be the decision maker for the whole department. But that by the time the decision got to him, the choice was often well thought out and very difficult to make.

So, he would put his hand in his pocket with the pebbles in, look like he was deep in thought as he paced up and down for a while and then he would pull one pebble from his pocket, sneak a peek to see if it was the black or the white one and announce his decision, based on which choice he had mentally assigned to each colour.

Mary was open mouthed and speechless!

Tom laughed out loud again and said “think about it Mary, by time the team brought a decision to me either solution COULD have been right. The decisions were often hard if not impossible to make, which is why they brought them to me!”

 “But!” Mary now discovering her ability to speak was returning, “that’s so irresponsible, what if you had made the WRONG decision? it could have cost us millions!”

Tom replied, “I simply learned a long time ago Mary, that there are no ‘wrong’ or ‘bad’ decisions.

Just a failure to MAKE a decision. And that in itself IS a decision; to do nothing! Which has its own often dire consequences!”

“Once the decision was made Mary, the team MADE IT HAPPEN!” he shouted! “Think about it! The team believed so much in my ability to make the right call, they became unstoppable, no matter what happened, they always got fully behind it and they made it happen!”

“I must admit I can remember a few times, when it was a close run thing Mary – but who’s to say the alternative would have been any better? And on the occasions when things did just go completely wrong, all that was needed was a simple course correction, a NEW decision that would get us right back on track!”

Mary’s mouth slowly shut from its former agape pose as she took in the wisdom of his words.

Tom left the office for the final time and Mary deep in thought grabbed a pen and paper and wrote down what she had learnt and her own conclusions…

1)      Being decisive is just a matter of picking one intelligent option over the other and then working full out to MAKE IT HAPPEN!

2)      It’s ok to make further ‘course corrections’ further down the road. It doesn’t mean the original decision was necessarily wrong – it just means that now you have more facts and evidence available to you which have materially changed the situation.

3)      NOT making a decision is worse than making a decision; it too has its own repercussions and they are typically well outside of your control

4)      If you really CAN’T decide… then just use the pebbles and go for it!

I appreciate I’m not going to win any accolades for my story telling – however, I do hope this article has helped you to get some clarity about how simple decision making ought, could and should be!

Let go of the fear and just keep moving forward!

In my next article I will publish the third in this series of mindset network marketing tips!

Remember, if you want change in your life….
The Change Begins With YOU!

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