What Do You Do When Your Upline Is a Disappointment & Let’s You Down?

And Why a Life Coach Should Be In Every Successful Entrepreneurs Armoury!

I’ve got to be brutally honest with you here or else I would be failing in serving you with the best possible way of thinking about this very common and complicated issue.

So I shall begin with a question for you.

Did your upline let you down or did YOU let them down?

Because these are two very different ways at looking at the same challenge and towards the end of the article I will be offering you THREE very powerful solutions to this very common challenge.

Let’s assume for a moment though that they let YOU down, and then later, we’ll tackle the thorny issue of maybe you let THEM down!

I’m not going to get into the many and varied reasons about why you think your upline let you down.

I’m quite sure many of the reasons you have are justified and perfectly reasonable. Just because they are your upline doesn’t mean they are perfect!

Besides, these things are often very emotive and it’s not my purpose here to re-engage you with the negative feelings you may harbour towards your former (or current) upline.

That would serve no useful function. So as you read on and suspend any negative feelings you may have had, hopefully the solutions will inspire you.

I want to focus your mind instead on the ‘BIGGER picture’ here.

Your upline sponsored you into a great company with fantastic products!

Now seriously, if you DON’T think THAT’S true – then really… why waste any more time and energy on that particular sponsor OR their company.

If you haven’t already moved on to a better company – do it now!

No point in hanging around whingeing and whining about a company or products you don’t believe in!

Utterly pointless!!

But I digress; assuming you DO think you have a great company and fantastic products; BUT you have issues with your upline?

Well, I’m going to be honest again here… if you are network marketing offline – your options are limited but still empowering.

1)      Go to your upline’s upline! Find the leaders in your upline team and work with them!

In the age of the ‘interweb’ (internet – world wide web) there’s really no excuse for not being able to find and work with your upline family wherever they may be, however

2)      If this is problematic for you – this does NOT change the fact you own your own business! There’s nothing and no one preventing you from the doing the business by yourself!

BUT, this option is HARD! I’m not going to pretend it isn’t – however, if you really love your company and its products but your upline and upline team is really unworkable for you… then you absolutely CAN build your own business YOUR way!


If you do this… a) keep it duplicatable!

DON’T try to re-invent the wheel… use the systems your MLM company has given you. Borrow, beg and even steal the methods you see other ‘successful’ teams in your company using.

b)  Working by yourself IS a last resort – and it only lasts for as long as it takes to build your own team BUT be prepared to POSITION YOURSELF AS IT’S LEADER from day one – or else you will fail.

So… now to that tricky matter of what if YOU were a disappointment to your upline?

First of all… well done for owning up and accepting it may have been issues with yourself that soured the relationship.

Second… ENOUGH!!!

Stop beating yourself up about it!

I have written other articles about the kinds of behaviour we use to sabotage ourselves (see here) – so I’m not going to dwell upon here. Once again – in this context – it’s not helpful!

What you need are solutions!

So… here are my top three tips.

1)      Get yourself a Life Coach!

OK, OK I’m biased! Being a trained Life Coach I’m bound to say this!

However, this is not a hard sell. This is a matter of practicality.

You need a mentor!

i)                    Someone who is 100% on your side

ii)                   Someone who holds you accountable

iii)                 Someone who works with you on your goals and plans how to achieve them

iv)                 Someone who you speak to at regular scheduled times – so you have targets and time frames to work to

v)                  Someone who gives you honest, tough love. Praise when it’s deserved and facts about what could be better when things aren’t going so well!

vi)                 Someone other than your upline (whether they are good or not) who will willingly enter your model of the world, find the inconsistencies and help you fix them according to your own values and beliefs.


2)      Get your network marketing (MLM) business recruiting firmly established online!

Use a duplicatable systemto take the donkey work out of building a funnel.

Do your own blog and work hard on creating your own unique brand YOU!

3)      Join the ‘interweb’ family, network, connect and build relationships with people all over the world – see them as your extended family.

Irrespective of whether you get on with your upline or not, you now have literally at your fingertips access to MILLIONS of people!

Some you will forge supportive relationships with. Where you can help each other – even if you are not in the same MLM company. And others will become prospective clients and business partners.

So the bottom line is this.

Don’t get hung up on issues around your upline. They might be brilliant! Awesome! Fantastic! And they might horrendous! Awful! Ego-centric bullies! All about them! (yes – I’ve met and worked with all of those!)

Instead – remain focused on what YOU can do to create for YOURSELF a highly successful, duplicatable MLM (network marketing) business!

Remember, if you want change in your life….
The Change Begins With YOU!

Robin J Emdon






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Robin J Emdon

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  • Fiona

    Some sage advice here – we’re never been in MLM’s but will remember this post if ever we experience such ‘quandry’!

  • Ryan Biddulph

    Hi Robin,

    Study your mentor and program before joining. Demand a duplicable system. Mentors – even really helpful ones – are busy as hell, growing massive teams, prospecting, and living a life outside of business. Enter duplication. Smart tips here.

    Follow a system so simple to follow that you can do it on your own, without hand holding. I stick to a simple system. Create value. Make connections. Easy peasy, and yields nice results as you work the system daily.

    No need to re-create. Simply follow a system and prosper, and your mentor’s lack of involvement will not affect you adversely.

    Thanks Robin!


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