The Secret of Think and Grow Rich

by Robin J Emdon

What do you think ‘The Secret’ of Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill is?

Napoleon Hill

Is it the same as the secret revealed in Rhonda Byrne’s movie ‘The Secret’?

 The Law of Attraction!

Surprisingly…. NO, it isn’t!

Over the years there have many reprints of Think and Grow Rich, but did you realise that the publishers methodically removed ‘The Secret’ from the 1960 2nd Edition and EVERY reprint thereafter.

In total they removed around a 100 pages of the 1937 original classic and in truth, to some it is a hard read with old fashioned language and with racial and sexual incorrectness (not that I believe Hill was either of those things, he was simply writing in the style of his generation).

But more seriously, it appears the publishers got ‘cold feet’ and simply removed ‘The Secret’ that Hill promises you will repeatedly discover in every chapter of this magnificent book. Perhaps they thought the buying public were not ready for it? I don’t know.

Nevertheless, this writer believes that ‘Think and Grow Rich’ is probably the greatest ‘shelf development’ book of all time! PROVIDED you read the ORIGINAL edition!

Seriously, I have read literally hundreds of ‘shelf development’ books and if I had a penny for every time I heard myself say… “oh! Napoleon Hill said the same thing in ‘Think and Grow Rich’!” – I would have accumulated great wealth from those pennies alone!

In fact I’d go as far as to say, if you read the original edition and NO other  ‘shelf development’ book ever – you would not be doing yourself any kind of disservice at all.

It is simply, a masterpiece!

But what is this great secret that Hill promises will reveal itself to you in every chapter of Think & Grow Rich?

Well, the first time I read Think and Grow Rich I must confess I was somewhat perplexed! And for many years I thought I was just being very stupid for not really understanding.

In the end I concluded it was indeed ‘The Law of Attraction’ and left it, somewhat dissatisfied, at that.

For much that the Law of Attraction has to offer, I do not believe it is what all those ‘successful’ people understood, in order to gain their great wealth. It is NOT the Pandora’s box of tricks that transforms your life. No… ‘The Secret’ is something far more subtle, yet hugely powerful!

I discovered this when I stumbled across an authentic reprint of the original 1st edition, and oh my goodness! This was a totally different book!

‘The Secret’ is indeed revealed within its pages. I’ve seen it mentioned by name nearly 60 times (ALL of which were deleted from the 2nd edition!).

So now it’s your turn to discover ‘The Secret’ for yourself!

What? Am I not going to tell you what it is?

Heck no! And rob you of the pleasure of discovering it within the pages of this masterpiece!

I will say this though, removing ‘The Secret’ wasn’t the only thing the publishers took out. They also took out a key message, which is, whilst when we talk about ‘rich’ we normally think of money, Hill made it clear he meant ‘richness’ in health, spirituality, emotions and ALL aspects of your life.

Why the publishers edited that out I really don’t understand! The title of the book alone has been a barrier to many potential readers who believed that it was just about money. It’s not!

So, without further ado… get yourself a copy of the original 1st Edition published in 1937!

To make that easier for you, if you want to start reading it right away, you can download it from this site. All you need to do is fill in the form below and you’ll get it instantly available for reading on your e-reader or PC.

Remember, if you want change in your life….

The change begins with YOU!

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